How to build your triceps? Triceps exercises

To date, the sport is particularly fashionable. Many young people are gradually beginning to pay attention to yourself. Accordingly, the gyms are filled with newcomers more and more. However, not everyone knows how to properly approach to training specific muscle groups. And some have overlooked. To a large extent this affects just ignorance. However, there are novice athletes who are unaware of the importance of certain muscles. In this article we will look at the triceps. This muscle plays an important role in the formation of large and strong hands. However, in order to get some results, it is necessary to properly approach to the creation of training programs and to compliance with exercise equipment. This is what will be discussed in this review.

The muscles that need to train

How to build your triceps? Triceps exercises

Speaking of power in the hands of the sports disciplines, experienced athletes often involve the triceps and biceps. Accordingly, in order to increase the hand, it is necessary to pump a greater extent these muscles, as well as the shoulders and forearms.

How do I know which exercises are suitable for pumping triceps

How to build biceps and triceps? At the present stage there is a lot of variety of exercises for the hands. Beginners are sometimes quite difficult to remember certain types of training. And quite often confused training facilities aimed at pumping biceps, and those kinds of activities in which you can increase your triceps. It is worth to remember one simple thing. In that case, when the arm is bent at the elbow, breaking the load - swinging biceps. How to build your triceps? To do this, just need to begin to straighten your hands, fixing them in the weighting.

How to build your triceps? Triceps exercises

approach to the implementation of the training set should be reasonable to

Often newcomers spent hours in the gym and achieve the desired results can not. But the hand muscles are quite tender. Working on their increase, do not choose too complicated schemes. In addition, muscle pain may respond with a sharp increase in intensity. Virtually all beginners who are interested in the question of how to build triceps, keep your hands in a terrible overtraining. In this regard, the muscles simply do not grow. But after a week of rest can be seen good results.

How to build your triceps? This requires a regular, hard training and strict adherence to programming.

Bleeding triceps lighter

Triceps is one big difference from the biceps - it is easier to pump. Due to the fact that in order to increase biceps need to constantly change the exercise to muscle is not used to the same loads, then pumping the triceps can be done all the time the same training program.

Supersets should be rare

How to build your triceps? Triceps exercises

It should also be understood that a large number of approaches can not be performed. There should be a maximum of 4 for each individual exercise. No need to get involved in the Super Series. They need to carry out approximately every 6 workouts. Also need to know what exercises triceps with dumbbells can sometimes bring better results than with a barbell.

If you want to increase your hands? Begin to perform basic exercises

No less important role played by the overall body weight. If you have a desire to increase its arms and triceps pump, it is necessary to increase the total muscle mass. For this purpose it is necessary not to forget about such basic exercises like squats with a barbell deadlift, and bench press. Particular attention should be paid to the last exercise, as it affects the pumping triceps. In order to pump the muscle, one should resort to the push-ups on the narrow bars. The more weight you will use when performing basic exercises, the more strong and powerful hands will be. Do not forget about technique. If triceps exercises are performed correctly, and the effect will be more impressive. And if you want a strong hand, you have to forget about cheating.

This is such an important and invisible arm of

Some athletes often forget about triceps, doing their training program. Very often, this forgetfulness is common among beginners. They believe that the powerful hands can only be obtained when pumping biceps. However, this is a misconception. In the formation of the thickness of the hand and arm is the triceps play a huge role.

How to build your triceps? Triceps exercises

You can find this information, which states that there are exercises for the triceps, as a result of which the pumped individual muscle bundles. However, almost all training facilities are loaded once all the fibers. But this is understandable, since they function together.

Some exercises aimed at training the individual beams of

However, there are techniques by which you can shift the focus to a specific part of the muscle. To the main burden went on a long beam, should pay attention to such exercises triceps with dumbbells, which are carried out with their hands up and their care of the head. In order to load these bundles as medial and literal, it is necessary to begin raising your elbows in different directions in the performance of different types of training complexes.

For any athlete should be no secret that it is necessary to swing the triceps with the utmost care. Refer to cheating when performing special exercises is not desirable. In order to obtain a definite result, it is necessary to accurately adhere the art.

What to consider in your training program

It is not necessary to train the triceps more than once a week. In this connection it should spend the time to create a good training program. These muscles like the triceps and chest, should be pumped at different days. In addition, for maximum effect loading arm muscles should be gently. After carrying out a complex training complex is necessary to rest the triceps in one week.

The most optimal exercises for the triceps are considered basic. For example, lying bench. To do this, just need to take up the post a narrow grip. Also a great option would be dips. If you are new to bodybuilding, then you should not apply for the first time to the insulating occupations.

The most popular and effective exercises

It should list the training facilities, with which beginners can pump up the muscles of the triceps.

How to build your triceps? Triceps exercises
  1. Enough effective is the French press. During its execution, will be developed all the muscle bundles. In addition, at the present stage, there are a variety of variations of this exercise.
  2. Bench press narrow grip. One of the best basic exercises. For its implementation does not require trainers with complex designs. In addition, it is quite convenient to perform. Involved will not only triceps but chest muscles.
  3. Dips. Exercise equipment is quite simple. To improve efficiency, you can use weights.
  4. Push-ups. With this exercise you can pump up the triceps at home. For its implementation is not necessary to have any sports equipment. This is a great warm-up exercise, in the course of which the burden falls not only on the triceps, but also on the back muscles, press, leg. You can also use weights.
  5. triceps push-ups in the lever simulator. Burden falls on the same muscles, as when using the boards.

The most effective exercise, which should be included in the training program

However, what if the gym is not possible to go, but at home, in addition to dumbbells, nothing? Despair is not necessary. There is a way, and from this position. Besides push-ups, there are special exercises for the triceps with dumbbells. It is necessary to talk about them in more detail.

The most effective occupation is hand extension. It falls into the category of insulating. With it you can pump not only the triceps muscle of the arm, but the triceps. As already mentioned, this muscle includes three beam - long loteralny and medial. When the extension of the hands of all the main burden will go largely to the long beam. Accordingly, this would lead to an increase in the amount of muscle. Extension of the hands is the best exercise on a par with the French zhimom. This exercise will also help to answer the question of how to build triceps girl.

What are the steps necessary to implement the

How to build your triceps? Triceps exercises

So, what technology is necessary to adhere to the beginner, doing exercises with dumbbells? Actions should be the following:

  1. It is necessary to sit on the bench. Legs at the same must stand firmly on the floor. In other words, we should not "chat" with his heels in the air. Back you must always keep in a straight position. This was necessary to watch carefully.
  2. required to take inventory in one hand. You can do it and two limbs. Set up your hands behind your head. Make sure that they have taken a straight position. It is necessary to take a dumbbell, which will not be too heavy for you. This is especially true beginners. Hands vary from overweight should not.
  3. After you have made the situation described above, it is necessary to slowly and carefully start to give up his head, bending at the elbows. Doing this requires up to such time as will not feel the maximum load and a large flow of blood directly to the muscles of the arms. During the descent it is necessary to breathe. The exhalation should be made at the moment when the hands will be discharged to the original position.

Caution by inaccuracies

Doing exercises on triceps dumbbell, many beginners make mistakes. The main of them is strong enough breeding elbows in different directions. It is necessary to avoid this. Keep the elbows kept as close as possible to each other. Only in this case, the maximum load can be obtained.

The level of professionalism and experience does not matter

The above exercise can be done for everybody, regardless of the level of professionalism. In that case, if you want to gain muscle mass, you need to perform about 12 reps. But not less than 8. The approach in this should be a maximum of 4. If you are in the drying step, the repetitions must be performed within 14 to 18 times. Wherein the number of sets may be 5.

should be a responsible approach to training

How to build your triceps? Triceps exercises

I hope that this review will help you to pump up the triceps. Photos posted in the article will also explain how to take a certain position required to perform a particular exercise. By doing training complex, the technique must be observed. Otherwise, you may not achieve the expected results. But beyond that, if improperly performed exercises can be injured. That you probably do not. So be responsible and approach to solving problems with the maximum accuracy and thoroughness. Good luck to you in your process improvement and success in acquiring strong and powerful hands to bleed the triceps!