How to build chest muscles dumbbells: exercises and tips

How to build chest muscles dumbbells? This question is asked not only novice bodybuilders, but also advanced athletes, both men and women. There are many effective exercises that will help you achieve the desired results. Only need to regularly exercise, adhere to proper nutrition, and then you will succeed.

The first steps

To start, you need a set of dumbbells of different weight, as well as a stool or table to perform bench presses. If you do not know how to pump up the pectoral muscles at home, we are happy to assist you with tips and recommendations. It is perfectly possible to use the means at hand for their workouts. For example, weights may be replaced pouches sewn from dense tissue and stuffed with sand.

How to build chest muscles dumbbells: exercises and tips

beginners should know that without increasing the load you will not get the desired results. Fine, if you can work with more weight at home, but the maximum effect of exercise you get in the gym. There you will be able to consult with a trainer and learn a lot of new information.

Tips for Women

Unfortunately, not all women lush nature gave odds. Dreaming of a beautiful breast? Then you need to go in for sports. Help increase breast exercises with dumbbells. You do not know how to pump up the dumbbell chest muscles? Then read this article. Surely you will find a lot of useful advice.

How to build chest muscles dumbbells?

If you've never played sports, work, first with free weights. The effect of training with them is different from the results of the work in the gym. The fact is that with the help of dumbbells you will be able to work out several muscle groups. Trainers are working every muscle in isolation. The main advantage of training with weights is that you can practice at home. To make the lesson more interesting, replace the usual bench fitball. The secret of how to pump up the dumbbell chest muscles, is technology. You do not need to work with heavy weights, but it should be aware of the correct exercises.

Breeding hands with dumbbells in hand

Basic exercises to work out the chest muscles is to breed with dumbbells in hand hand. To begin the exercise, sit on the bench and grab a dumbbell. Then lie down and raise them above themselves. This is the starting position. Hands slightly bend your elbows to reduce the stress in the joints. Do not hold the dumbbells above your head, they must be placed well above the breast. Feet firmly rests on the floor in order to take the most stable position. Inspiratory hands should be diluted to a parallel with the floor. Make a small pause, and then lift the dumbbells when you exhale on the same trajectory. In the process approach, the hands should be slightly bent at the elbows. Should not give them to relax and at the bottom. Avoid sudden movements. This is a very traumatic. If you feel a tremor in the muscles, stop. Take the dumbbell is easier to perform exercises. Pump up the pectoral muscles can be very fast, but you must follow the technique. Increase the weight gradually.

How to build chest muscles dumbbells: exercises and tips


Press of dumbbells to your chest

Sit on a fitball or training bench. Take dumbbells weighing three kilograms. Arrange the legs on both sides of the bench, bend at the knees at a right angle. Gently lie on your back. Now try to pull out in front of you and keep your hands on the same line. Slowly dilute elbows to the sides, and lower the dumbbells as close as possible to the chest. If you feel there is tension, be sure to perform exercises correctly. Take care that the waist was completely pressed against the bench or fitball. Eliminate the lumbar support. Hands should be straightened slowly to feel the muscles as much as possible. Firmly press the foot to the floor. In order to achieve the maximum result set should be performed every day for 8-10 repetitions. At rest it is given exactly one minute. If you are in the gym, turn bench dumbbell in your workout. Believe me, the result will not wait long.

This activity is very effective. Want to learn new information about how to pump up the pectoral muscles at home? Read the continuation of this article.

How to build chest muscles dumbbells: exercises and tips

How to quickly pump up the pectoral muscle man?

Experienced bodybuilders are advised to alternate bench press on an incline bench dumbbell bench press and barbell pullover. This complex is very effective. Consider the technique of each of the sets.

Set the bench at 15-30 degrees to the lift dumbbells in the slope. Take the starting position. Lie down, rest your feet on the floor, completely straighten your spine and press your lower back. Trough it should not be. Lift the dumbbell from the floor. Dilute elbows in different directions, and then vertically lift the forearm. Dumbbells should be just above the chest. It is recommended to perform three sets of 15-20 times. To complicate the exercises on a straight board. As you work through the slope of the upper chest. Before increasing the load will learn to confidently perform sets with small weights.

In this exercise, you can not bounce your hands. Spread the chest, lower your arms and shoulder blades, try to activate the beam trapezius and serratus muscle. For the reduction of dumbbells at the top between 15 cm should remain. Makes entry, the lowest point on exhalation lifting dumbbells. This exercise is aimed at how to build chest muscles dumbbells. Now we talk about the alternatives.

How to build chest muscles dumbbells: exercises and tips

Professional trainers recommend doing barbell bench press on an incline bench dumbbell bench press immediately after. These exercises are the best to bleed the upper part of the pectoral muscle. Make sure to tilt the bench was not more than 35 degrees. Otherwise you will not be able to pump the deltoid muscle.

The last exercise is aimed at how quickly pump up the pectoral muscles - a pullover. To execute it on a level bench dumbbell. Lie down perpendicularly. On the bench should be only your shoulders. Stable feet rest against the floor. The head should be pressed against the bench. Take a dumbbell and lift it over the breast. Arms straight. This is the starting position. Then inhale and slowly rewound his hands behind his head. You should feel the stretch in your chest muscles. Then slide the arm in the original position along the same path. There are several variations of this exercise. We advise you to use the EZ-bar. If desired, you can use two dumbbells at once. It is important to ensure that your palms are facing each other.

In carrying out this program, you can quickly achieve the desired results and inflated chest muscles in a week. The main thing - to properly perform exercises.

What other exercises to pump the chest muscles?

Very interesting exercise is bench dumbbell lying upside down on an incline bench. In the process of its implementation, you will learn how to build upper pecs, deltoids. As a result of a long training you will get a nice relief. To begin the exercise take a starting position. Lie down on an incline bench upside down. Take a dumbbell. Do not bend your wrist during the approach, you can damage the tendons. Lift the dumbbells evenly over the breast, not touching her. A common mistake beginners is that they have the arms above the head. It is not right. On outstretched arms lift dumbbells upward. Then return to its original position. It is important to know not only the technique of how to build the upper chest muscles, but also how to follow the breath. Performing dumbbell bench press on an incline bench, do not hold your breath for a long time. Small delays will be necessary only when you raise your hands and lower them. This will prevent the muscles to relax. It is very important to stabilize the body, keeping it in a stable position. Take a deep breath to lift weights and exhale at the bottom.

How to build chest muscles dumbbells: exercises and tips

It should be noted that the weights have to move along a path upwards. In no case do not make a long pause at the lowest point in order to break! This is due to the fact that increased blood flow can occur to the head. When do the approach, be sure to get up and mash. In this exercise, the dumbbell should take a neutral grip. This will allow the pump lower and upper part of the pectoralis major muscle.

Exercises on the bar

Functional training on a horizontal bar will maximize work out the chest muscles. Exercising regularly, you will cultivate endurance. Advanced athletes can take advantage of weighting or other additional weights. Performing seven reps for three sets on a daily basis, you will be able to pump up the pectoral muscles on the bar as fast as possible. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of training depends on your diet. Eat as much protein.

The flow of the lower pectoral muscles

All exercises are performed on the chest wide grip with locking elbow. It is necessary to isolate the triceps to work. Therein lies the secret of how to pump up the lower pectoral muscles. Try to mentally translate to their attention. In order to achieve greater effect, consciously tense pectoral muscles, make them work.

The complex exercise

To study the bottom of the suit on the bench press weights straight bench. You already know a lot of options, now it's time to get acquainted with the classic. Take a dumbbell in your hands, pull them out, then lower to her chest. Elbows should be positioned parallel to the floor. Perform ten times, then rest. Ideally, you need to perform four approaches.

How to build chest muscles dumbbells: exercises and tips

Wiring dumbbells on incline bench as well affects the lower pectoral muscles. Widely spread your arms, then lift them up. Let the dumbbells lightly touch. Perform each exercise eight times for four approaches.

Now you know everything about how to pump up the pectoral muscles dumbbells. We now turn to the alternative embodiment.

The effectiveness of training

So, as we have said, a horizontal bar provides an excellent opportunity to work in a complex group of all muscles of the chest. Perhaps someone thinks that the work with the iron brings a better result, but effectively develop endurance exercises on the horizontal bar. When it will be easy to carry out, then you can always buy at the sporting goods store special equipment, for example, the weighting. The main thing - the desire to achieve his goal and desire to work.

How to catch up?

Pulling up on the bar - a simple exercise. Embodiments there is quite a lot. You can choose what you like most of all - reverse grip, straight or parallel. Most are traditional medium, wide and narrow. Remember, the wider you have your hands on the bar, the greater the load on his back. To pump the chest muscles, it is necessary to use a narrow grip.

How to build chest muscles dumbbells: exercises and tips

In this article we describe in detail the exercises that help you to pump the chest muscles. Use our tips and achieve the desired results!