How to say beautiful?

How to say beautiful?

This man - this is his calling card. Nowadays, the ability to have a beautiful and well-constructed speech is essential. This skill will help you to convey thoughts to the people and motivate them to action, as he will be great help in career growth. In addition, your speech will say about you much more than clothes, and help your interlocutor easily form a first impression.

It's no secret that the person who speaks beautifully, you can listen for hours. But to achieve this, you need to spend a lot of time to improve their skills of oratory. To help you learn or improve oral communication skills, we have prepared six practical tips. Let's start!

Build phrases wisely!

To your speech, admired by many, it is important to talk intelligently. Before you say anything, think, and whether your proposal sounds? At first, you lose in speed, but then you catch up with his. It's better to speak properly than quickly.

Increase your vocabulary!

And why, indeed? Having a large vocabulary, you can easily build complex grammatical structures, making it more diverse, beautiful and flexible. Also, it will help to learn to communicate with people of different professions, ages and social groups. Reading a large number of classic literature, you automatically expand your vocabulary. Identify yourself at least pages for the daily reading and forth, take it myself in the habit.

Get rid of the word-parasites and repeats!

By word-parasites include: "general", "in general", "by the way". To completely get rid of the word-parasites, you can do the following: In your free time, record the speech on tape, and then listen for it and consider how many words you said parasites.

to speak in public!

It's one thing when you play in front of their friends, and quite another - when in front of hundreds or thousands of spectators. Try as often as possible to speak to the public, so that you become accustomed to it. Tip: You can speak with a stand-up for constant practice. All of their performance necessary to shoot at the camera, then to look at your mistakes and avoid in the future.

How to say beautiful?


Train your body language, facial expressions and intonation!

Honed skills of body language can help make your speech more dynamic, lively, and more understandable to the audience. Try to play with the intonation, tone do, then above, then below, depending on the text. Improve the skills of body language can help you mirror. Every day talk to yourself in the mirror, while observing the language of the body. Perhaps you too much zhestikuliruete during speech, and perhaps vice versa. Through observation, you will understand their mistakes.

identifies the main components of your speech!

Before beginning a public speech, highlight marker on paper, which is written your text, the main points of your speech. As a rule, it is some reasoning or determination. When you approach these moments, the speaking rate should be slower, but the tone and cadence measured, then the listener's brain will require less time to process Told your information, and the chance that it struck him, or that he did remember, will increase significantly. No need to emotionally without chattering all the text said. Acts as the last time!

In the end we want to note, in order to study the art of oratory, it is necessary to spend a lot of time and effort, but the result will justify everything. So do not give up and remember that great men are not born - they are!