What infuriates your boss

It is unlikely that you ever intentionally infuriated his leadership, but at times, each of us does things that seem unprofessional and annoying. Here are seven simple mistakes that you make in the workplace than annoying boss.

You do not know how to prioritize

What infuriates your boss

The founder of the payment-service company Merchant Machine Ian Wright claims that there is nothing more annoying than an employee who has given priority to unimportant tasks, postponing the most important. You should not begin to answer the dumped mail in the morning, before performing its main tasks during the day, whatever they may be. E-mail does not benefit the business.

First, get dressed, and then asks if something needs to be more

You do not even realize how strange looks when you come into the coat to his boss, asking whether there is to see you still have any questions. However, he can not tell you "yes", because your computer is turned off, and you are giving non-verbal signals that it is ready to go.

practiced reverse delegation

Has it ever happened that you sent a draft back to his boss with so many questions that it was easier to do it yourself? Any employee should rely on themselves and to have on hand enough information to carry out a significant part of the job without having to consult.

You say, "I always did,"

What infuriates your boss

When your boss asks why you have to fulfill a certain task in a certain way, this is the most annoying response to one of those that you can give. It shows that you are lazy, not curious and do not have any desire to improve their performance and condition of the company. Such phrases may negatively affect even the best employees!

For too long you explain why late

First, just try not to be late. Secondly, if it is a problem there, no need to go into long discussions about how did this happen, trying to elicit sympathy boss and colleagues. Yes, the delay bad in themselves, but you really do not need to draw attention as soon as you're gone. It's just annoying others and prevent them from working.

You say that everything is clear, but in fact it is not

You do not want to be considered the head of your stupid, so you say that the instructions are clear, although in practice you do not clear. As the author of the bestseller "Managing annoying people," your boss wants you to perform a task, and it will not please such secrecy or the mistakes to which it will lead. So why not say, "I'm stuck" or "I'm confused," that time is not wasted; but there was no feeling that you are completely useless in this task.

Maintenance and do not forgive

What infuriates your boss

Do you think that the chief did not see you running another ten minutes before the end of the day? When the leader notices you, touch up makeup, although the job is done is not yet up to the end, he gets new thoughts about your priorities. Hint: they do not like your boss. Let management know in advance when you're going to leave early, and be sure to say goodbye every time.