Mom was right: 7 wisdoms that you know after 20

In a world of billions of people, but no one takes your life as much space as a mom. It does not matter whether it is your supporter or a fierce critic. This relationship can not be compared more than anything else. Over the years, she gave you a lot of advice, and that those in which it was completely right:

Mom was right: 7 wisdoms that you know after 20

1. He was not the one actually your friend

Maybe it was the fact that this relationship is never happy for you, or to communicate with you only when it was convenient. In any case, your mother talked about it for a long time. It took years to realize that this "friend" is causing a lot of pain. It is unclear whether the case in my mother's intuition, or in her experience, but she is never wrong about these things.

I wonder why it is so difficult to just take my mother's advice for the truth? The duty of mothers - to teach us, even if their view seems unreasonable point. On the other hand, as we have learned our lessons, if we did not have the freedom to make their own decisions?

2. The curfew will save your life

When in the morning I sit down in a taxi to get home from a party, ask a question: and as soon as I was able to have fun all night while at university? After midnight, I can easily imagine my mother's voice that tells me not to linger at a party. But now I do not need to talk about it twice - otherwise I shall sleep before going to work? Previously mom tips seem overprotective, but the older you get, the better you realize that this a lot of sense. You do not want to be sleepy in the morning? Get used to sleep early at a young age.

3. Do you want to impress people - be confident

"Your attitude to itself determines how you will be treated to the surrounding." These words as if imprinted in my mind, but I knew their meaning is not immediately. Easy to say, as a general to become confident in overnight? But the older I got, the better to cultivate confidence, learned from the mistakes and make progress.

4. The power of forgiveness in

If someone gave my idea for her - I came into a rage. Mama said to forgive and forget, move on. How can a blind eye to this injustice?

Mom was right: 7 wisdoms that you know after 20

reactions to situations can be set, but in all important approach. If you're constantly cling to past mistakes and others' schools, it will always be filled with this straining load. Do yourself a favor - take all the suddenness of fate and become a man who knows how to forgive.

5. It does not suit you

This ability comes together with the one that determines the bad friends. Even after a long time my mother keeps asking, why are you still dating. And once you really understand what you partner with each other do not approach. But she will always find words of comfort and will not repeat the "I told you." On the other hand, the case where the mother does not approve of your partner can turn into a serious problem. Just remember that she wants the best for you. And no matter what you yourself do not know what you want.

6. It is important to care for your skin every night

Starting from the evening washing and finishing with special masks, my mother has always paid attention to their appearance and made you spend time on it. But it's damn boring! And wash-ka morning.

At 14 you are not much aware how important it is to follow the skin, and just at the sight of another psihuesh pimple. Over the years, you have produced a real habit, which protects the appearance and health.

7. Life to explain everything

Mom was right: 7 wisdoms that you know after 20

In times of great career and personal failures I have often thought that the future and will not. Mom always see your abilities and believe in them even more than you yourself. Though you sometimes hit a wall, and the world collapses, you will survive, and your mother will rejoice this.