8 problems faced millenialy

Most of the jokes about milennialov generation built on the fact that the problems of modern people seem to be completely not serious for those who are a little older. From this fact, they are no less real for young girls, and many of us have problems with food, concentration and burnout in the workplace seem to be an insurmountable wall. Editorial Heroine gathered a few non-obvious problems of modern women, poisoning the life of every day.

1. Useful things distract

8 problems faced millenialy

Preparation for the "total dictation", the new series "Queer Eye", Challenge on Twitter and useful longrid in your favorite channel telegrams about evidence-based medicine. A short break turns into a loss of working time, but your craving for new knowledge can not be stopped completely. Love millenialov to self-development plays a cruel joke: we are trying to learn all about the world around, but the more we learn, the more we understand how we do not have time for a normal life.

2. We need to force yourself to relax

From the media, we regularly learn new details and frightening statistics about burnout in the workplace, so begin to worry about how to get enough rest. Sometimes it turns into violent entertainment: you turn on the show and try to concentrate on what is happening on the screen, although I think that during this time could well meet the challenge, left the next day.

3. Sometimes it would be better this time off has not been

8 problems faced millenialy

Millenialov sometimes called a generation of Peter Pan, because the thought of growing up plunges us into a life crisis. We want to get enough fun in this life, but at the same time not to feel that the whole world is ahead of you and carries out those dreams that have been in your head. Instead remember that we have the same number of hours in a day, like any celebrity, we constantly feel the pressure and give in to it until completely not exhausting. Workaholism, impulse purchases, anxiety, lack of soil under your feet, panic disorder - so looks like a typical cycle of modern girls.

4. Nothing saves from irritation cork

No matter how you tried to remain calm during the trip to and from work, the mad traffic of cities is constantly violate it. You always know that public transport will be scored, and the car - to move at a snail's pace, but every time I wonder to this fact. In a traffic jam, few people able to concentrate on the positive things that even if you start to work or read a favorite book, still going back to the idea that people who do not need to go through the city, it is much more successful than you.

5. Create the perfect playlist currently impossible to

Algorithms music services are still not very well understood, what is your mood today, what do you want to hear and how you do not want to see in their playlists Joy Division songs, because they remind us of some sad period of your life. From time to time you are forced to listen to the same thing, just because your hands do not reach to create playlists for different events. Sometimes you decide to upgrade yet added tracks, you come into the charts - and was horrified to close them in a few clicks on the "Continue" button.

8 problems faced millenialy

6. You can not afford to postpone all cases

Part of your friends in Instagrame, especially if they are involved in telework, from time to time break on a trip to another city right on Thursday: "I just got off on a successful low-cost airlines, so I decided to give up work for a few days." In today's economy as much as possible to give up the work for which has already been paid money, and very close to the deadline? Fear for your reputation in the professional environment does not allow millenialam take such risky steps.

7. is necessary to carry too many things

8 problems faced millenialy

If you are trying to succeed in a few places during the day and you are extremely important to feel comfortable everywhere, most likely in your bag will be much more items than the mean jokes about stereotypical female bag. You take all that useful to you in different places: a change of clothes for the evening after work, sports equipment, healthy snacks for the long day and just five chargers and adapters.

8. It is difficult to maintain a healthy diet

The older generation ridicules millenialov for their commitment to a healthy lifestyle, but they are not going to deal with the consequences of environmental degradation and increases the risk of cancers developing. Modern girls think about their health and meticulously apply to products not just because such food in stylish looks Instagrame. But to find products that meet the criteria, it is practically impossible without unnecessary waste of time. Organic, vegan products manufactured in place of farming, - too many conditions for a happy life without worries. Worst of all else, and the fact that we constantly stumble on new ways to know the world better. Little-known fruit, vegetables and rare overseas amazing recipes in social networks constantly makes us want to spend even more money on food. But the main problem lies in the fact that most millenialov earnings level almost equal to the unemployment benefit in a developed country.

And what seemingly frivolous challenges you decide?