7 Tips to combat addiction to work

7 Tips to combat addiction to work

The moment a healthy excitement to perform work tasks mixed with constant frustration and guilt for dalliance, elusive. The euphoria of a successful project or a productive day quickly replaced by anxiety. All life outside of work seems secondary passes crumpled in a hurry and nervous desire to get back to business.

workaholism problem is not only that this state is difficult to recognize. Unlike other addictions - alcohol, drug, gambling - yearning for the society is encouraged, so very few people would think to fight it.

It is difficult to stop to drive themselves where constantly get in the back of the head cult success and productivity. None of us wants to die for the computer at age 30 of a heart attack, but that this prospect is real, too few people think.

If you feel that you completely ignore the difficult professional tasks, wherever you are, feel guilt for something that is not interested in working in her spare time - this is one of the first signs of workaholism. Here are a few tips to help you control the urge to work.

1. Admit the problem

Work takes out all the other spheres of life unnoticed. But to get rid of dependence, it requires a conscious effort. The first thing you should do is to recognize that your relationship with a career there is a problem. To justify the delay in the office, and overtime is simple - "I have asked the chief," "I want to put more effort into this project," "I can not refuse." We need to develop a habit to recognize that this is not the norm, and these things should be the exception rather than the rule.

2. Find a hobby

7 Tips to combat addiction to work

I had no distinction between work and the rest of life until I took up yoga. Initially I doubted whether I could wedge any other activities in your schedule. New hobby helped to understand that the complete working day should I myself, because things will not end ever. Three days a week I knew exactly what the evening has to be in the hall, just shut the computer and went to the gym. And you know, the world did not collapse, had not been fired, I did not become less productive.

By obsession work tend to those who are at home waiting for nothing other than dinner and bed. Find interests outside the office, and you will for what during the final day of work. It may seem that the work saves you from boredom, while it is useful to ordinary entertainment. The truth is that the constant immersion in the process of exhausting and can lead to emotional burnout.

3 is not canceled social plans due to work

How many times have you canceled the evening with friends or a trip to her parents because of work? During a busy week it seems that you should not be a time for personal life, but you'll be better the switch and relax, the better you can work. Try not to cross your social plans due to work. It is better to postpone the meeting for half an hour, than the following week.

4. Find something that will help you cope with anxiety

7 Tips to combat addiction to work

workaholic The problem is not that he can not take a day off, and that it is difficult not to suffer pangs of conscience at the time of idleness. The man literally does not know how to relax, so no matter how many days off he will be.

Try to find a weekend that calms you. For me - it is cleaning the house. I like to put things in order, and after wash my apartment, I feel that the day is not passed in vain and can quietly relax. It can be anything: reading a book, a good movie, meeting with friends - any of these activities no less important and useful, than a career. Try not to think that outside of work you are wasting time.

5. Restrict your maximalism

Workaholic almost always inclined to perfectionism. Moreover, that work hard to make everything perfect, time-consuming, often to these efforts in general to anybody except you do not care. You can not work for a maximum of seven days a week. Limit their perfectionistic tendencies and do not wait for the moment when you're completely satisfied with myself.

6. Start the day with something pleasant

7 Tips to combat addiction to work

We have already given you 6 reasons to get up at six in the morning, if you're a workaholic, you can add it to another. The right start to the day will help to correctly distribute tasks to reduce anxiety and give a reason to once again recall that outside the office, too, is life. Try to do something nice in the morning, and do not fill it, only charges for work.

7. Speak to the therapist

At the heart of any addiction lie deeper problems that a person replaces work, food or alcohol. Permanent employment makes it possible not to think that you have no family, or to avoid the conflicts that occur in it. Obsession career can talk about serious complexes and self-doubt. To understand the true reason according to you will only experienced specialist, so do not hesitate to contact a therapist. There is no disease "workaholic", but there are real problems that lead to this condition.