Biozavivka eyelashes - the secret of expressive glance

It features modern women have a wide range of salon procedures to correct any touches in appearance to create an ideal and desirable image. A variety of such methods allows you to look gorgeous without significant material costs. At the same time across the entire spectrum of services is always preferable to choose a safe and healthy options, which fully applies to the creation of the bend eyelashes.

Curling eyelashes - a tempting offer beauty industry

If you frequently in the morning do not want to spend precious time on the make-up, it is worth paying attention to such a proposal, as a permanent beauty. This concept includes permanent makeup (eyelids, eyebrows, lips) contour makeup, as well as capacity and biozavivka eyelashes. Many women have discovered the method because it allows you to look gorgeous in the morning after sleeping in the pool, gym and many other situations.

The article is devoted biozavivka - curling eyelashes for women (and men) in order to give the look of expression. For this purpose, special preparations composed of natural ingredients, which means not only complete safety for the customer, but also the ability to improve the condition of lashes. People who suffer from hypersensitivity of eyes, increased lachrymation or allergy to any ingredient, it is desirable to refrain from such actions in the face.

For the procedure used to set biozavivki eyelashes. It includes 3 lotion (for biozavivki fixing restoring), adhesive, silicone curlers.

Biozavivka eyelashes - the secret of expressive glance

As the procedure


Usually clients are extremely excited about the safety of the procedures that are carried out near sensitive organs. In particular, the proximity of the eyes requires a very careful approach (use of natural-based and professional use), as there is a qualitative biozavivka eyelashes. Reviews indicate that it is preferable to trust their eyelashes master having the appropriate certificate, and good recommendations from clients.

The skilled artisan conducting the procedure is completely painless, and some salons even offer its customers as an excellent holiday in the relaxing music. The procedure lasts 40-60 minutes. How is curling?

  1. On the eyelashes of the lower eyelid glued strip that protects them from curling.
  2. On the upper eyelid applied special roller.
  3. In his carefully rolled around each eyelash.
  4. Top fixing is applied, and then fixing the bending tool.
  5. C on the rollers are washed away part of the eyelashes.
  6. Take curlers.
  7. On the eyelashes to apply nourishing mask.

used rolls visually resemble miniature rollers (their size is selected depending on the length of lashes), and they are used exactly one time. This method is somewhat similar to biozavivki hair procedure.

Biozavivka eyelashes - the secret of expressive glance

The advantages of the method

Whether or not to sign up for this procedure? This is an issue of interest to many women. Each person is determined by an acceptable method for yourself by comparing the benefits of biozavivka eyelashes, with their own personal physiological characteristics. The advantages of the method include:

  1. Adjustments to form eyes with heavy eyelids and drooping corners, which allows such people to achieve the effect of a more open look.
  2. Creating a desired curl to the holders of direct eyelash directed forward or down. Since this result in women can not be achieved using only one decorative ink.
  3. The availability of price.
  4. The ability for a long time not to use the ink due to the fact that the lashes look long, voluminous and beautifully curved.
  5. Save time in the morning.
  6. The separation of lashes and give them a spectacular view.
  7. No problem gluing eyelashes (as happens when painting their ink).
  8. Saving beautiful bend about five weeks, and sometimes up to three months.
Biozavivka eyelashes - the secret of expressive glance

How to care for eyelashes

There are some simple rules that must be performed to beautiful curve obtained through such procedure as biozavivka eyelashes (photos clearly show effect), it preserved the allotted time. they all boil down to the fact that during the day after curling eyelashes do not touch the hands, as well as further tighten up, mascara or use the sauna.

In the future, curved eyelashes do not require special care, which allows normal life: wearing lenses or glasses, swim in the pool, sleeping on your stomach. Is that the first two weeks is recommended to cover the eyelashes at night castor oil (containing vitamins A and E). It should be noted that it is permitted to remove make-up designed for this cosmetics. Handwritten morning twisting - such laborious alternative procedure as biozavivka eyelashes. Reviews suggest that some women find the best option quality ink, because they fear for the health of the eyes or a short inflammation of cosmetics. And, of course, every woman fears amateurs.

Semi-permanent mascara

Biozavivka eyelashes - the secret of expressive glance

The result of the procedure, despite the absence of hydrogen peroxide used in the composition of assets is often accompanied by lightening lashes. Therefore, after a few days after receiving the desired bending it is desirable to produce a permanent ink staining capable of lengthening, restore, attach and fix the volume effect that created biozavivka eyelashes.

The use of such a carcass is safer and more reliable way than painting. This makeup looks natural, not smeared and holds approximately 3 weeks. That is a permanent ink allows you to completely rid yourself of the hassle of constant morning around the eyelashes on a fairly long period.

Staining of the ink like the usual procedure for all of us, except for a few moments, for example, very fast drying. Therefore, to avoid gluing eyelashes, you need to have time to share them with tweezers.

The procedure takes about 30-40 minutes and must necessarily be carried out in the cabin, otherwise the result may be very far from the expected. As a consequence of the above, biozavivka semi-permanent eyelashes and mascara are able to create together a stunning effect.

Biozavivka eyelashes - the secret of expressive glance

is especially true of a wave

These rules allow you to control the implementation of procedures in the chosen cabin:

  1. Biowave eyelashes should only be performed using means without ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.
  2. The formulations are applied during the procedure does not have the lash line, as close to the middle, which completely eliminates the ingress of the composition to the skin of the eyelids or in the eye.
  3. The formation of the curl depends on the thickness of the roller. If you use thick curlers for long eyelashes, bending becomes languid fluidity. A short eyelashes ideal thin rolls.
  4. Securing means are washed with unexpunged rollers.
  5. Be sure to use the lock, allowing to fix the curl for a long time.

Spectacular bend that gives biozavivka eyelashes (photos confirm it) is stored for a long time, that is, the correction takes about 2 months. Judging by the reviews, the procedure is very attracted to women who dream of an expressive, catchy and very nice looking.