Checklist: 7 signs that you are dependent on stress

The idea that someone wakes up with a view to definitely experience stress, funny enough, but some of us are doing it unconsciously. Millenialy regularly overload their own schedule, pursue the achievement of one, then another, and often fall into a crisis, not knowing what to do with my life on. Here are some ways to determine if you really can not live without stress.

1. Do you like the adrenaline and the stress

Checklist: 7 signs that you are dependent on stress

If you are dependent on the stress, it can be noted that often deliberately looking for exciting activities or just enjoy the moments during the day that pass the stress - it gives you the energy and self-confidence.

Despite the fact that in the tense moments you feel fine, the human body can not cope with the stress that lasts for more than an hour. The adrenal glands working with overdrive, rapidly depleted and you become not just excited but exhausted, and exhausted.

To get rid of this habit, add to your day more soothing activities to align the balance. Teach a few asanas and breathing techniques to reduce stress - even 20 minutes a day is enough to give your body a break.

2. overload yourself chores

Not every girl, whose busy schedule - dependent on stress. But pay attention to how often appear in your calendar, new businesses, and whether each item is really so important to you. Stressful addicts are often seen in the fact that adds to its graphics business, which is physically impossible to catch.

3. Quickly start to get bored

Checklist: 7 signs that you are dependent on stress

If you perceive your weekend as the most boring day of the week - the likelihood is high that you are dependent on stress or too accustomed to the hard life. Millenialam difficult to find serenity in the silence - the brain wants to solve hundreds of problems, and you can not enjoy the simple things such as a good book or a walk. To change their habits, adding more activities that do not have your smartphone will be involved, such as jogging or swimming. Give up reading during meals and concentrate on your food - apart from getting rid of stress, it will allow you to stimulate the digestive system.

4. You feel guilty when resting

If you're really dependent on the stress, most likely, you feel guilty for those moments when you're trying to relax and not do anything important. Each of us can easily feel the need to jump to your favorite couch and continue doing things from the list, but to give in to this feeling is not worth it. Learn how to truly relax is difficult, and in this, too, is practiced. Give yourself time to get used to the feeling of doing nothing, and focus on their emotions.

5. The set ourselves strict deadlines

Checklist: 7 signs that you are dependent on stress

Another important feature of addiction to stress, - you are creating stress in places where it may not be tightening terms of performance problems. People addicted to stress, creating pressure on their own, trying to justify the fact that just want to part with all the chores early. In some situations, it may indeed be true, but if you think about so all their duties - do not forget to keep a balance.

6. often irritate

Some millenialy prone to stress, consider their employment as a character trait or a face of the person and that justify their irritability. But if you use your stress as an excuse for bad emotions, it is a serious sign of an unhealthy relationship to your body and mental health.

If you are too difficult to deal with frequent mood swings, you can turn to a therapist who can help you find sources of your negative emotions.

7. The problems you find yourself

If you think that lately all around you is somehow wrong - drew attention to the fact that many people who are dependent on stress, attract problems. Your friends get caught in a serious problem and need your attention, the relationship with your partner begin to resemble a dramatic spectacle, and it all turns into one big movie that is not visible epilogue. If you get used to the constant rush and pressure, then you can catch yourself on what you want to change something in your life just for the sake of the task - and this is not the best way to improve your relationships with others.

Do you notice its dependence on stress?