Weekend deal: Spend the day like a star

For those who used to live spontaneously, offer to plan the weekend may seem a disaster. But if you want to achieve success in everything you need to have at least a rough idea of ​​how it should be spent free time. Heroine tells how successful women spend weekends, weekdays which scored less than a minute.

Meghan Markle

Weekend deal: Spend the day like a star

Recently, the girls are not so many royal duties - first because of the expectations of birth and the fact that now it is necessary to pay much attention to the Crown Prince. But usually on weekends, she walks in the parks, and keeps a diary, like all simple people looking missing on Netflix.

We are all incredibly busy and doing a lot of things, but I always needed an hour to just lie down, flip through the channels, pet dogs and enjoy a glass of wine. This is part of an investment - for the sake of balance.

Furthermore, even on trips she usually looks for an opportunity to see all the sights, considering it a great way to shake things up.

Victoria Beckham

Weekend deal: Spend the day like a star

The designer, known for its frightening discipline, does not leave itself free time on weekdays and does not plan anything important on the weekend. Her best friend Eva Longoria says that Beckham likes to have fun, and even in the media always looks cold weekend it is always open and smiling and surrounded by their loved ones. Sometimes they go on picnics, horseback riding or just watch soap operas all day. Periodically, she shares her instagrame storiz funny about how she spends time with her son, trying to catch a moment that she had to spend with the family is not. And sometimes specifically removes the phone away so as not to spoil the day.

Anna Wintour

Weekend deal: Spend the day like a star

Even on weekends Vogue editor in chief of waking up at 4 am and said that if you stand in the 5 - all is lost. Previously, on weekends she regularly played tennis, but now says he can not devote time to the game as before - because of their age.

Their weekends she spends with her family, and the details are not trying to spread. This only reinforces the myth that Anna Wintour - Superman who thinks only about the success of the publishing house.

I love my job, I love everything about it. I love the increased responsibility that I carry as artistic director, and I love journalism. My dad was an editor, my brother - political editor, is a world in which I am immersed. And, frankly, I do not think about the power or that it brings me. What this really brings? A good table at a restaurant?


Weekend deal: Spend the day like a star

Beyonce literally obsessed with his work, so that everything she does on weekends, should contribute to its success. The weekend focuses on meditation and spends time with his family. Her mother comes to brunch with her sister they discuss new productions, and in the evening fully given to her husband and children.

To relax, Beyonce draws. According to her, a new hobby can restore concentration. In addition, the weekend holds a special place sleep.

Appeasement, happiness and health - my definition of beauty. And you can not get any of it without sleep.

How do you usually spend your holidays?