What if the first time you became headmistress

According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 38% of employed reported that their leaders - their junior, and this trend has been observed for several years. Now you have many more opportunities to become a leader at a young age, but this chance should be able to take advantage of. We've put together a few tips to help you become the best chief for his subordinates.

to set boundaries

What if the first time you became headmistress

Each employee knows some great gossip about his head, but now, when you become a boss, you can no longer take part in any discussion of privacy of employees. Set boundaries and try to minimize the number of meetings with employees outside the company. You can always fine talk at dinner or on the day of birth, but to think of ways how not to create a conflict of interest.

Pre-negotiate important changes, you will not lose face in front of a team that can learn the nuances of your personal life, and show yourself a man, interested in the results of the common cause.

Be an example of

Behave the way you want them to behave your subordinates. For example, if you take a day off after a hard night at the bar, your colleagues may wish to similar privileges. If you're constantly flipping the phone tape at the meeting - be sure, after a few such meetings in the phone utknetsya entire company. Do not be shy to show their best qualities to be a subordinate like you.

set reasonable goals

What if the first time you became headmistress

Do not forget that the motivation of employees may be reduced if the amount of work seem unfeasible. Do not create chaos and tension, requiring the implementation of great plans. Put a small amount of clearly defined goals for the month, so the team had the motivation to finish them completely, and only then to discuss an increase in volumes.

eliminates the awkwardness of

Whenever your leader said that you have to talk, you're sweating palms. Now you know that the leaders also nervous during serious discussions tete-a-tete. If you need to issue a warning or a fine, to think in advance about how to build a dialogue, so as not to lose face.

Be honest, straightforward and transparent in relation to their own expectations. Focuses on the positive aspects of your cooperation, and clearly articulate their wishes. For example: "you are late three times this week, and I need you to be a productive part of the company."

Do not be afraid to ask questions

What if the first time you became headmistress

Even if you want to make an impression of a man who understands all the nuances of your department, you can lose sight of something important. Do not pretend to be omniscient - subordinates quickly notice the deception, and trust will be lost. Let your subordinates feel valuable personnel and did not hesitate to ask for advice.

Remember that you should not solve all

It may seem that it is your primary responsibility - to perform all the tasks that can not handle your subordinates. In reality, you have to look for employees who are able to reach a solution to the subtasks, and delegate them to the problem. Pay attention to the distribution of responsibilities in your team - too great a risk that you took on a large part of the cases, and the slave ceased to develop and learn new things.


Do your team a lot of talent - that's why they work in this company. Do not reject their ideas before they contract. Give every employee the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas, and even if they do not fit you - you can still find something useful for the current situation.

What would you do in the first place, if it has become a leader?