The best profession for girls

Only 13% of people worldwide enjoy working, striving for growth in the company and are making every effort for its prosperity. The lowest figure among girls under 25, who are just looking for a suitable job for themselves.

Enjoy the work everyone gets different. For someone important salary, the other - a nice team. Someone may listen to sexist jokes for years, but eventually becomes the head and shatters all preconceptions. And there are those who still can not find a dream job. If you are of this category of people, I collected for you seven professions, which, according to experts, the girls are satisfied:

company founder

Not all girls are ready for a big company management. But when you're CEO, it does not mean that you have to work 24 hours a day and keep track of thousands of employees. Mostly women prefer a small business, especially one that do not require a lot of human interaction. The more mechanisms possible to automate the better.

The best profession for girls


Little-known writers do not earn much, and sometimes even have to invest in something that your novel published at least a small number of copies. But this is the work that can be performed from anywhere in the world. Writer suffer less from mental disorders and anxiety, which may indicate a therapeutic abilities letters. And there is nothing more beautiful than to receive feedback on their work: "Your book really affected me." Manager or administrator

According to research Fairygoodboss community women leaders are satisfied with their work on the 4, 5 points out of 5. Their salary is attractive and subordinates usually appreciate gender equality.

The best profession for girls

on the talent show manager

This profession is not taught in universities, but it is important for today's culture. According Fairygoodboss study, girls in this position are satisfied with their work on the 4, 6 points out of 5. This is a deeply social profession, where constantly having to meet new people and find great similarities in them. It sounds like a fairy tale.

Programmer or Technical Director of

In this sector reigns huge gender disparity, but in Russia, the situation began to improve after the universities have expanded their curriculum. If you really want to work in the IT world, do not need to pay attention to prejudice. Moreover, you can make a difference simply by showing how well you cope with this work.


Pediatrics has a reputation for working part-time, and is suitable for those who want to find a balance between career and family. Women make up 75% of all practicing pediatricians. Maybe it affects the fact that the pediatrician - work that saves lives, but it has almost no risk to your own.

The best profession for girls

bookstore employee

You can combine this career and the work of the company's founder - to open a store easier than the supply network. The whole day to be surrounded by your favorite books and be able to recommend them to the reader - that's fine. Another work in a bookshop can be combined with activities in publishing, writing books, or just to give work only half a day, and in the rest of the time to be with family.