What if a panic attack happened to you at work

For millenialov work - the main source of stress, and if you are prone to panic attacks, your office - the last place where you would like to experience an attack. But according to "Anxiety and Depression Association", almost 30% of people have experienced a serious concern in the workplace, so to avoid this is not so simple.

When it's a panic attack, your sympathetic system switches to mode "overdrive": the heart beats, can not breathe, it seems as if you have a heart attack and what you are about to die. I worry about what is going to happen at work - only increases the probability of this event. But there are some simple strategies that you can use to cope with the panic:

Find the

What if a panic attack happened to you at work

If you feel that your panic attack coming, try to walk around the building or take in hand a piece of ice. This will prevent your brain from thinking about disasters, such as "I get fired for exactly what I'm weird!". Do something atypical for itself, because the new activity requires a certain concentration.

Go to a safe place

Find a space where you can be alone and just breathe. This can be someone's office, an empty conference room, parking or simply toilet.

Do not try to focus on your breathing before you will feel calm - because of the nervous air system may not be enough, that lead to increased panic.

Give items

If you've fallen into a state of panic, try slowly to name every object in the room. It helps the brain to focus and block the emergence of thinking "what if there is something wrong."

You see before you a table, chair, books, paintings and pen - called elementary items aloud. As soon as you will feel calmer, you can focus on your breathing and relaxation.

are grounded

What if a panic attack happened to you at work

When a panic attack retreats, people often feel a sense of shock and lethargy of the fact that they can not control their condition. Remember that you are standing with both feet on the ground. Push down each toe on the floor, move your weight from heel to toe. Takes a deep breath, imagining how the air moves from your heart to the legs and back.

Imagine the breath figures

An interesting method used by psychologists, is often called "breathing circle" or "square". Imagine a circle in front of the scheme, divided into two sectors. Four or five accounts breath - four or five exhale accounts. Then divide the circle into three parts and add a few to hold your breath after inhaling accounts. This simple way to help slow down the breath, and you can easily sit in a room full of people, and no one will not even notice what you're doing.

Use of

What if a panic attack happened to you at work

In 2018, there are applications for almost anything. Use them as an excellent resource for combating panic - it's available to you at any time. For example, Rootd app can act as a loyal friend who calls you and soothing voice will help tune in to the job.

Look for the application of meditation with a nice design, which may include relaxing music and remind you that you are waiting for positive developments.

What are you doing at work to calm down?