What you need to consider before you quit your job

What you need to consider before you quit your job

Sooner or later each of us is faced with a crisis at work. A sense of routine, boredom and lack of perspective can make an ordinary person of the most creative employees. But more often it happens that the work that people devote all their time, did not suit them, and it is high time to change something. Make it easy, because everyone is afraid to be on the rocks, and not everyone likes to rapid changes, preferring to hold on to old haunt. We decided to figure out how to approach the trade change more gently, and what questions to ask yourself before you leave the old place in the search for your dream job.

1. Are you getting enough recognition?

Before you leave work and devote myself finding things of his life, you must answer the simple question: Do you get enough recognition at current job? Constant feeling of undervaluation can lower your self-esteem and have a negative impact on the motivation and productivity. If you do your job properly, but constantly faced with the fact that your efforts no one notices, then maybe it's time to change something. In order not to face the same problem in a new place, try to start with the upgrade of your resume. Certainly over the years changed your professional qualities, and do you have grown as an employee. Make your resume more attractive to the new employer was able to appreciate all the things that for some reason does not matter to the old job. The lack of recognition can also point to the fact that your work is so does not make you happy, that you are no longer to improve and perform even the minimum that you to do. It is very difficult to be a valuable employee if you are constantly thinking about that you lose your time, and force yourself to do something for that receive money.

2. Do you have the opportunity to improve?

Another sign that it was time to change something - is the lack of career prospects. Everyone wants to develop, grow and eventually increase their status and influence in the professional environment. That is why the lack of opportunity to get a promotion or regular management's refusal to increase You may also affect your work, as well as the lack of recognition for your work. In this case, ask yourself whether you such guidance on the approach, but do not forget also about the fact that every employee himself is responsible for your career. If in a few years you have not budged, perhaps you are not doing enough to rise to the level above, or you work for a company in which the workers interests in what does not put.

Before leaving work, think about in what area you would like to develop and what kind of office would like to achieve, not to commit the same mistake again.

3. Temporary work has become a constant?

What you need to consider before you quit your job

Very often, chasing a big target and developing a business of their lives, people have to take on a "temporary" work to earn income, and there is elementary. This temporary work, in spite of its objective advantages, can become a swamp, which will delay you, demanding more and more responsibility. You begin to understand that the case, which should be easy to maintain your existence becomes a permanent job, no end in sight. Before you give up everything, think about how far you've gone in fulfilling the responsibility that alienate you from desirable. Have you had time to earn and set aside sufficient funds to quietly go away and do their work, and perhaps ideas about what to do next, you do not, in this case, depriving themselves of income, you do not save the situation.

Consider also how seriously you take things that do temporary work. Of course, any business requires responsibility and impact, but perhaps the fact that you just cover their rears while the dream is ready to implement, will help you get rid of stress and do not take to heart failure and difficulties.

4. Have you outgrown itself?

The desire to leave work and start doing something new can also be caused by the fact that you have grown yourself as a professional, we took every effort that could give you your job, staff and superiors, and now you are faced with the development of the crisis, even if you do not aware of it until the end. In this situation, you need to ask yourself whether on your site you are, in principle, may be, you need to increase for a long time or even necessary to change the scope of activities. If you understand that development and qualification you surpass even your boss, but for some reason, you still get less and doing a boring job, it really makes sense to think about the dismissal and change its trajectory. Perhaps you have long been thinking about how to change things, but for some reason think that is not good enough to take a higher position. Think back to when you started it feel "stuck" at a job that previously brought pleasure, and decide whether you want to continue to grow and realize their dreams and others, or give yourself to absorb routine.