4 ways to leave the toxic work

4 ways to leave the toxic work

My mother used to say: "If you do something nice and fun - it's definitely not be called work." And yes, even the so-called work for a reason, it is important to maintain the health and resources, not to think only about money. And if your job is toxic, you also lose the motivation and energy to find a new place. To get out of such an environment, it is necessary to take some important steps.

1. Determine the toxicity of

Thomas Detsell, career coach and author of "Networking for the Novice, Nervous, or Naïve Job Seeker", says that there are many signs that you are on the toxic work:

  • strong turnover
  • unhealthy competition
  • the lack of support from the leadership of
  • the low morale of the whole team
  • discrimination
  • the inability to leave the hospital
  • unpaid processing
  • interference with privacy

Look back to that moment when you accept a job offer, and remember what you wanted from it initially. You want fast career growth? Relationships with people in this industry? Maybe you want to shine on meetings, demonstrating the progress reports? In addition, experts have one simple question, it allows us to understand how hard environment for you, and you're afraid to go to work? If you feel a constant sense of impending threat, a team reigns unhealthy competition, and the principal has no administrative abilities, you can not expect that everything will work out.

2. Seek new location

4 ways to leave the toxic work

Job search drains, it is time-consuming and emotionally exhausting. However, if you do not want to become a true slave of his current workplace, you need to look for other opportunities.

Use your current situation in their own interests. Remember those who met while working in the industry, to negotiate with them at lunch breaks. Get out of the office and discuss whether they have something to offer.

Remember that it should remain sufficiently confidential, and be sure to negotiate it with each new conversation. Relationship to other members you can change after your head know that you are looking for something better. In addition, the toxic media - the likely consequences for the employee.

3. Fight with anxiety

Prepare a file, which will indicate all that you have done for the period of work. Use all your resources and compile it into a single note. When you come to a new interview, you will be able to build on it, to show concrete facts and figures, and do not forget anything important. Do not think that there is nothing better than the present situation - in the world, millions of opportunities for a happy life and develop you as a professional.

4. Prepare a financial safety cushion

4 ways to leave the toxic work

The situation in which an employee can not leave work to find another job because of fear is widespread. Ensure yourself a financial cushion, set aside funds for the most important points of your expenses - payment of apartments, gasoline and a minimum set of food. If you go and just did not turn up anything suitable, you're still not going to panic that would have to eat noodles soluble or returned under the wing of the parent. And when you will not have to worry about money, you can focus all energy on searching for a new job. In addition, a sense of relief will block all the anxiety that you are feeling right now.