A few tricks that will help you not tired of playing sports

A few tricks that will help you not tired of playing sports

The eternal problem of self-training - it is a question of motivation and a natural subconscious fear of overwork. Forcing yourself to do, do you think that you can stop at any time workout if you become hard. But the most amazing thing is that no one is forcing you to stop and you are not being chased by an angry lion. All the motivation and energy that need is already inside you, just need to find the right approach. We'll show you how with simple tricks in a new way to look at an independent fitness and avoid becoming a victim of unjustified circumstances.

Start small

Of course, to strive for great goals - very rational and right, but instead of getting yourself conquer fatigue, overcoming the exercise of the exercise, it is better to start from achieving small results. Put in front of a small and achievable goal in the short term, and you are released from the mental exhaustion which provokes laziness and a natural rejection of the process. Start having fun and encourage yourself for what you have managed to achieve in this exercise, and the result will not wait long.


Psychological fact that our body is able to go beyond the limits of the possible only when the mind is not distracted by extraneous tasks. Athletes who only think about what they need to run a certain distance in a specific time, succeed much faster than those who are trying to reach global targets, constantly reminding himself that to be done. I set a goal, focus on it, imagine that in addition to the three minutes that you spend trying to achieve the perfect twine, there is nothing in the whole world: just you and the goal.

Take yourself on camera

A few tricks that will help you not tired of playing sports

Do exercises on the camera may seem silly and infantile stunt, but this board is very much valuable. When you train, knowing that the lens is aimed at you, it creates the same feeling, which is always present, if you are engaged with a coach or friend. You will begin to try to involuntarily, and thinking about what you take off, distracted by the constant experience that you're tired, but you have to endure. Besides, when you're done and revising their training, will be able to assess their efforts and identify any deficiencies, over which need to work, or have fun on how well you have got to perform this set.

Find your mantra

To whisper or mentally survive one or another phrase, perhaps, meaningless for someone, but it works. The only thing you will need to take care of, so it is to find your mantra, one that will be effective just for you. Do not underestimate the effect produced on our consciousness and inner sense of motivating or inspiring phrases. It could be anything, a favorite quote or phrase that describes you in that state itself, in which you want to come. The main thing - to add a sense of individuality and personal experience. Our thoughts are material, and people have long ceased to laugh.

Use magic "later"

Continuing the idea of ​​the magic phrases, it is important to note that what we say to ourselves during exercise, is our inner motivation and attitude. "I popyu water a little later," "I'll make a break soon." These "fast" and "later" usually never comes when you focus on what your set is not over yet, but that's what you want, you're currently also not denied.

Take breaks

A few tricks that will help you not tired of playing sports

If you feel that the forces gradually leave you, or for some reason do the exercises become more difficult, take a break. It is best in independent fitness to work in a pyramid. First you doing exercise for one minute, then for two and at the end - three. After a short break, come back to the next set. The gradual increase in load - it is a trick used by all athletes because it works on the gradual disclosure of your potential and intrinsic motivation.

The following program

Choose the most suitable program of training and follow it - this is the advice that has two obvious advantages.

Firstly, you need to perform specific tasks, without burdening themselves with unnecessary thoughts, and secondly, properly designed program helps to achieve visible results. Follow the instructions drawn up by experienced trainers, you will quickly notice the changes and not to harm their health, which is very important. Psychologically, you will lie on a lot less responsibility, because you are following the instructions clearly.

If you do sports for reasons of a healthy lifestyle, rather than achieving world records, remember that in this case it is very important not only to objectively evaluate yourself, but also enjoy the process, focusing on the positive results that you have achieved.