7 ways to stop feeling lazy and useless

The feeling that the only thing you're doing lately - it degradiruesh comes no matter how loaded schedule. Tell us how to cope with the feeling of helplessness and uselessness. Fortunately, it is often just a trap of thinking that has nothing to do with reality.

1. Write down everything that you do

7 ways to stop feeling lazy and useless

It is not a to-do list for the day - for you now is just another tool of oppression and an occasion for self-flagellation. Instead of scheduling try to record what you have done today. Any suitable classes: woke 9, from 10 to 13 playing a video game, with 14 to 19 watched TV shows.

It is necessary to understand what you're wasting your time. It may well be that during the "useless" lying on the couch you had time to throw things to the laundry, cook dinner, five times to wash the dishes and run to the store for groceries.

2. Try usually 5 seconds to motivate

The hardest part - not to perform some task, and force yourself to start it, so look for ways to motivate yourself. Sometimes, instead of inspiring speeches and persuasion is better to drop all thoughts aside and just do it. Try to start the countdown, reciting numbers in my head, and when you get to one, immediately begin to work.

3. Start small

7 ways to stop feeling lazy and useless

Run tiny problem that will make you feel at least a minimum satisfaction - it will be an impetus for further cases. Please clean the room and wash the dishes, sort the mail. Now forget about what has not found a dream job, do not read 20 books in the first half, did not make general cleaning in the apartment. Start by filling the bed - even such a small thing still more useful than destructive torture yourself with guilt. Just be more careful - often small tasks we are trying to distance himself from some unpleasant things, and such self-deception only exacerbated dissatisfaction. Try to perform a difficult task as soon as possible, then do not spend the rest of the day in negative expectations.

4. Give up too big to-do list

Sometimes the feeling that you're not doing anything or nothing do not have time, it arises from the fact that you plan to too many tasks. Accustomed to act to-do-list - to reconsider its approach to its development.

Put the top of the 3-4 most required tasks with them you have to start your day. Then inscribe what you can do if will power and time. Do not think that if today did not reach the optional part, spent the day productively enough. The main thing - to perform basic list.

5. Stop living on the principle of "all or nothing"

Always remember about the difference between "do nothing" and "not do everything I wanted." Often people become passive at the thought that there will give 100% to achieve a perfect result. But if today you can give only 10% - it's better than nothing.

I appreciate all that you do, not just significant achievements. And stop chasing perfection. Without high expectations you will be easier to start any task.

7 ways to stop feeling lazy and useless

6. Find a hobby

The feeling that you are lazy, useless and wasted lives his life, it may be because of the banal excess of free time. I feel that it is ready to dive into another existential crisis - to find a new hobby. Having regular leisure eliminates many of the problems in his head.

Especially well it works when you regularly learn something new. It does not matter, it's dancing, sports or doing embroidery, awareness, that went to the next training, learned movement or create a picture gives a sense of satisfaction and pride.

7. Help others

This tip works well for those who often feel useless and unnecessary to anyone. Around there are always people who do not hurt your help: emotional support, financial and physical. To find them, it is sufficient to show empathy, to distract from problems in his head, and see how they live and feel around. Help a colleague with a complex project, listen to her friend, to participate in a volunteer or go for groceries for an elderly neighbor. Small good deeds are very helpful to find meaning in life again.