Catching the asp spinning, Bombardier and kastmaster. The best baits for catching asp

Asp is a major representative of the carp family. In the adult individual length can reach 80 cm. This is a very clever predator. He is cautious and agile. Most often, it is found in the rivers, but sometimes it can be found in lakes. Catching the asp requires real skill of the fisherman, because you will need a thorough knowledge of all disguise and habits of this creature. Further details about this.

Habitats asp

This fish is found in the open areas of water bodies. This is a significant fact. Basically asp held in the upper water layers. He was on the small fry hunts. Gudgeon, roach, dace, bleak are the main prey of this predator. In autumn asp lowered into the bottom layers. He winters in deep holes and do not bite.

It should be noted that preferred by asp are whirlpools under the rifts or places with a mixed flow. These sites exist around the islands and shoals. He also likes to swim near fallen trees or snags. Just in these places asp prefers to hunt their prey. It is important to know.

How to hunt asp?

This process is peculiar. If the field of view asp hit a flock of small fish, it swims near, without attracting attention. At the same time he keeps calm. Then, after waiting a moment, he quickly rushes into the middle of flocks. Thus strongly tail hit the water. Then grabbed the stunned fishes, swims farther, looking for a new school. This asp hunted throughout the day with intervals of 3 to 4 hours.

asp fishing spinning

To hunt this predatory fish, you need to have the perfect casting. Since asp - the fish carefully, the need to stop the boat from 80 meters in certain places. Oblov site should begin with the remote approaches, moving gradually closer and closer to the shore. Predator attacks its victim on the way to the shallows. If asp began hunting for fry, after the tail cotton immediately it is necessary to cast the lure a little further away from this place and do the wiring (quick), passed to the lure through the area where it picks up the stunned fish.

Catching the asp spinning, Bombardier and kastmaster. The best baits for catching asp

If the fishing asp spinning is carried out from the shore, it is necessary to disguise themselves well. Otherwise, he will see the fisherman, frightened and swim away to another location. The bait should be cast adrift up and carry across. I want to note one caveat. It lies in the fact that the wiring begins immediately after the bait touches the water surface. When fishing is done on a spinning asp, then this rod must be kept almost vertically. It is necessary to do so that the bait was almost near the water surface.

As the spring before spawning chub catch in the spinning?

In this case, there is the main condition. It is said that you need to look handsome in deep water, after the ice has gone. There is a high probability to catch asp spring as before spawning in shallow water, he does not go, and trying to stay on the depth and away from the coast (often at steep). Peck spring will be much closer than in summer. Namely, in the range from 15 to 60 meters from the shore quietly wait for this fish. It is in this place is sure to appear.

Catching the asp spinning, Bombardier and kastmaster. The best baits for catching asp


Catching the summer after spawning

In this process, as there are certain nuances. asp fishing is carried out in the summer in the "pot". This is a definite term. "Pot" called the place of schooling Jora. Going fishing this drinking bout, usually in the second half-year period. Food for asp becomes Malek, who has no chance of escape. First Predator beats, and then devour the victim. Therefore, this phenomenon is called the fight.

Catching the asp spinning, Bombardier and kastmaster. The best baits for catching asp

In this case, the fishing spinning asp summer on rivers (e.g., Volga or others.) Dictates the following requirements:

  • Compliance with the distance from the boiler to the boat. The best distance - approximately 80 to 100 meters. Podplyvaya close, risking to scare their prey.
  • The bait in this case throws on the edges of the boiler. Provision should thus be different Since individuals of various sizes varied behavior. And just for the big fish it is recommended to slow eyeliner along the bottom, but for the smaller species - with fast podmatyvaniem coils on the surface.
  • asp fishing in shallow waters also requires a unique approach. He is eagerly eats fry after spawning. Wiring is recommended on the surface. In practice, it is checked. In your arsenal of lures in this case it is necessary to include a spinner-turntables. It should be remembered that since the cast to be a long distance, it is necessary to select spinner is heavier than usual.

In compliance with these criteria asp fishing on the Volga and other rivers will be successful.

Catching the asp spinning, Bombardier and kastmaster. The best baits for catching asp

Bait and Tackle

A distinctive feature of fishing in specified fish is biting her. That is, at a time when the asp fast enough bait to pinpoint and pulls strongly bait. Therefore, in this case the rod will need a strong and flexible. Appropriate its size 2-3 meters. It is desirable to coil while taking lag-free spool in which the open and with a high number of gear. Fishing line should be selected according to the type of bait. It is important in this case. Due to the distant casts need to bait properly weighed. As a result, the thickness of fishing line should be adequate, that it did not explode. Monofilament suitable thickness of 0, 25-0, 4 mm. Also in this case, allowed a strong reliable platting. Then you can do it with a diameter 0, 14-0, 18 mm.

Spring fishing asp has certain criteria. That the process was successful, you need to follow the recommendations. Namely:

- Asp good will spring on the three-meter spinning. - In this case, the optimal lure weight is about 55-70 g

- In this case, use can inertial reel (50 mm spool). This is verified in practice. It would be a great long range.

- It's wise not to forget the fishing line wound right. This should be almost to the edge of the spool. Otherwise, the fishing line will not fly far enough. This greatly complicate your catch.

- A lot of people are interested in the strength of the fishing line. In this case, it is better that the thickness of 0, 2 to 0, 25 mm. Single or network - it does not matter. Fortress does not hurt, even in the asp, and the teeth are missing, that he would bite the line.

Also at various ways fishing lures and baits for asp can be of different embodiments. Let's discuss them:

  • Kastmaster. A suitable weight - more than 30 grams. Catching the asp on kastmaster is quite popular. In this case, it provided wonderful cast long distances. This species is one of the suitable baits that will catch sherespera.
  • On the asp-spinner spoons proved itself perfectly (in practice). The weight of such baits should be between 30-45 g
  • Fishing in Devon bait. It showed high effectiveness in catching big fish. Why this species is not very popular - is unclear. But keep in mind that sometimes the Devon fishing line twists. This can be avoided by means of a swivel in the gear for catching asp. It is important to know.
  • The jig-bait for catching asp. They are quite acceptable. However, a metal spoon in the asp, however, proved to be more effective than rubber.
  • sled / Boat. This gear require habits and skill. Catching the asp on the ship is also popular. This gear is very distinctive. It allows besides asp and chub catch more.
  • Bombard. This lure looks like a gear with a large float. Its effectiveness is very high. Catching the asp on Bombardier is common. In this case, you can very well do without problems long casts. Furthermore, this gear will move on top. That "bombard" itself is a float with a high lifting capacity.
  • lures and poppers. You can not and should not take into account. Some fishermen fishing performed on asp popper or wobbler. Nevertheless, they can not be called "hits" during the process. In certain situations, lures data show a good side. Carrying out the wiring, it is recommended to create the illusion of chub infrequent pochirkivaniya along the bottom. This technique is more attract a predator to the bait.
  • Fly, Streamer, birdcall. They are also acceptable. Often bead is of secondary importance relative to the primary lure in front of which it is attached and on a leash. The distance between them should be about 50 cm. In this case, it should be remembered swivels. It can help you to avoid twisting the fishing line. A very effective option - a spoon, spinner, having an attractive plumage. Birdcall for this fish is as follows: an attractive, brightly colored bead and a double hook. The tape drive also has an original look. It is a species of fly that has a dense plumage.
  • Fishing with live bait. As you know, this predator prefers bleak, verhoplavku and other fish trifle. For its filing (no larger than 5-6 cm), there are a large number of effective tools. This tackle bottom fishing in the shallows, and the float rod, and bombard, and one of the spinning lures.

Let us disguise fisherman

Asp in the spring, as we know, is spinning very reluctantly. Shyness is a characteristic feature of his absolutely. It is necessary to take into account all this time. Approaching by boat closer and closer to the predator, you should consider the fact that the pack will continue to drift away to 75-100 meters away from you. Asp in the spawning period is not very shy. However, this is not a reason to relax. Masking in this case is optional. Simple rules - camouflage uniforms and faded colors. But the bright colors in the outfit totally undesirable.

Catching the asp spinning, Bombardier and kastmaster. The best baits for catching asp


Which parts of chub fishing with spinning will be effective? Basically, you should pay your attention to stretches of 2-6 meters depth. It is easy to find here in the shallows of a predator. That is right near the jets. It is important to know. Asp loves those places where it joins the inflow into the main stream, so there was deep water. Also this predator and like areas where the water is fresh. It is acceptable to feed asp. This situation is the same in the spring, in the summer. A little later, when the asp spawn, he will leave the shallows. Then his habitat will snags, which will begin a serious hunt for the fry.

Catching the asp on Bombardier

It's a pretty interesting process. During that, when carried out on a fishing asp Bombardier, there is a high probability that can catch and some other predator (pike, perch, ide or catfish). Therefore, if you do not asp shoals meet, then you will not be left without a catch anyway. For catching very well suited slabotonuschie or floating bombard. The weight of from 20 to 35 grams. For bait suitable rotating small baubles and not heavy lures. This is due to certain conditions. It is that easy bait is impossible to throw away. And thanks to the hard Bombarde possible to make an accurate and good throw.

Catching on kastmaster

This device is very suitable for bait asp. Original game kastmastera forces of predator greedily snatch at the bait. However, it happens that he can ignore it in the upper layers of the water. At the same tactic can be changed. In this case, try kastmaster drop to the bottom and then slowly lead him down the river. It is that this method is very successful. As a result, catch a chub on kastmaster is popular. Especially in the autumn.

Catching the asp spinning, Bombardier and kastmaster. The best baits for catching asp


To catch a chub to be successful, you need to become familiar with where his favorite parking and probable place of hunting. Let's start with the fact that he likes to swim on the border of the intensive course and a relatively quiet backwater. Find places easy. For example, always at the spillway, there are small cycles or dead zones where there is practically no current. It is these very places and prefer to ambush their asp. He is hiding in tihovode on the spillway, picks up the sick or wounded fish.

Basically asp so fed after spawning. However, he does not spend his strength and gaining weight. As it happens in the summer, that the asp is always worth next to a stream in the area of ​​relative tihovodya. Not a bad option - it is a site with a reverse flow.

At shallow coastal areas it hides backwater so that his back and the upper fin is visible above the surface. Catching the asp in such places is mainly carried out on the spinners. They should throw up the river. It is necessary to carry out rapid wiring.

In inexperienced fishermen sometimes gives the impression that asp tail thrashes almost across the pond. Therefore, many may wonder about where to begin fishing. The answer in this case is quite simple. Carefully inspect the pond, you'll see that the corresponding tail strikes occur in virtually the same places. Choosing a point of frequent beating host shoals and stretches, try as inconspicuous as possible and quieter approach it by 30-40 meters. If on the coast there are no natural shelter, you can go into the water. If everything was done correctly, the successful catching chub provided. One has only to follow the directions exactly.

Catching the asp spinning, Bombardier and kastmaster. The best baits for catching asp


All The aforementioned information will be fully useful for the novice fisherman on the question of how it is necessary to catch a chub and what tools are needed for this. But do not forget that the success of this process depends on the proper approach, compliance with all the rules and, of course, the desire.