Exercises on the delta. Broad shoulders. Body-building

Are you looking for exercises on the rear delts? You can not find a technique that will help develop large muscles of the shoulder?

Exercises on the delta. Broad shoulders. Body-building

This article will be discussed on how to develop and pump up the broad shoulders, and describes the different ways and the most effective exercises.

What is the structure of the shoulder muscles?

First you need to understand the structure of the muscles, in order to understand what you need to do the exercises at the delta during exercise.

The shoulder joint is a complex element of the musculoskeletal system, which are easily damaged. Therefore, training to be performed in such a way that the risk of serious injury was at a minimum.

Delta brachii may be the front, side and rear. That is, the shoulder muscles consist of three beams.

Front responsible for something to lift your hands up. Side (or average) bundles we need to be able to raise his hands to the sides. Rear, in turn, participate in lead hands behind his back.

In the process of life weight lifting is used mainly upper delta, which leads to its superiority in the development of the rest of the beams. Side beams can be trained, doing exercises on the middle of the delta. Similarly, worked and rear beams shoulder muscles.

The training must be chosen depending on the desired result

Strongmen, weightlifters do not see the need to do the exercises on the delta, which will involve only the side and rear beams. It is understandable, because when weight lifting, they almost did not participate.

Therefore, training to develop the deltoids for the purpose of increasing the power performance excludes any exercise on the rear delts. Average beams are not particularly important to strongmen. In turn, the body builders are paying a lot of attention, performing exercises on the delta, middle and rear beams. What is the reason? They allow you to visually expand and make more aesthetic shape that is one of the main criteria for assessing an athlete in competitions at various levels.

Due to the fact that training to increase strength and volume are different, this article presents two different complexes that contain various exercises on the delta. Using them in your training, you can develop and pump up the muscles of the shoulder.

The following trainings include proven exercises. For beginners it is recommended to consult a trainer and learn the proper technique for their implementation.

How do you want to start training on the deltoids?

You can not argue with the fact that before any training session should be thoroughly warmed up and hold a good charge. There are young athletes who do not consider it important to this stage in the training.

But the warm-up is an essential key element, because of its results will depend on how effectively will work delta. The muscle should be prepared for stress. If you want to develop and go up, make sure you are well worked out joints, muscles, Warm up so that in the first 5-10 minutes later a sweat.

If you think you have a heavy workout able to take power, and you can not do exercise to the full extent, the mistaken. On the contrary, the better the working muscles during the warm-up, so it becomes more efficient. And it will set new records without the risk of injury, avoid sprains or ligament. So, we proceed to the warm-up. Some prefer to use a body from top to bottom, and the other - on the contrary. Do as more suitable for you.

Starting position: standing straight, hands on his belt, his feet are shoulder-width apart. We begin alternately tilting your head back and forth and left and right. Do this 10 times on each side. Then move on to the roundabout. First in one direction and then the other. It will suffice to make 5 times clockwise and in the opposite direction the same number of rotations.

Then mash the shoulder joints. Rotate both hands, first forward, then backward. Perform swings to the side. So warm up for 2-3 minutes.

Exercises on the delta. Broad shoulders. Body-building

Warm up the back and waist is very important before heavy exercise. Put your hands on the body. Rotate the hips clockwise 10 times. Then a number of times in the opposite direction. While in this same position, try to maximize lean forward, then backward, left and right. Do this for as long as you feel like warmed waist.

We proceed to the warm-up legs. Press the legs together and place your hands on the kneecaps. Start doing a circular motion knees, which must rotate simultaneously in the same direction. Then stand with your feet wider than shoulder width and squat deep to pull the bunch. Then you can do 10-15 squats usual.

Sit on the bench. Take the right hand of toes of the left foot and rotate it in one direction or the other. It will be enough for 5 in a clockwise direction and the same amount in the opposite direction. Repeat with the other leg.

shoulder exercise program to increase strength

This program includes exercises on the front delts. First you need to perform a military press. It can only be carried out with warm up the muscles of the back, because it creates a large enough load on the spine and lower back.

To protect yourself, always wear a weight belt and tighten it tightly.

Legs or put on the shoulder width or a little longer, but then you need one of them to push forward for balance. You have to stand straight, not hunched.

Post you must put on the chest. Next, exhale squeeze the barbell up, stand still in this position for a second. On the inhale, lower it and return to starting position. Take a few breaths, then repeat.

Exercises on the delta. Broad shoulders. Body-building

Start with 10 repetitions. Gradually increase the weight of the rod so that the latter approach is to perform 5-6 times. Just do 4-5 sets.

This exercise is fairly simple in terms of technique. But the more you will be working weight, the greater the likelihood that the equipment can be damaged. This should not be allowed as an improper execution can cause shoulder injuries or back, given the high load on these parts of the body.

Push the weights

For the second exercise, you will need two equal weight dumbbells. It is desirable to have available a dismountable shells or several pairs of different weights (8, 16, 24 kg).

Exercises on the delta. Broad shoulders. Body-building

Exercise is the base for the kettlebell sport and called like this: push weights.

Get comfortable, take two different weights, and let down their arms on his chest without moving his hand. In this case, the hands should be kept to the chest, and his hands - look at each other.

Despite the apparent simplicity, many push weights perform properly.

The first movement - a small podsed, then on the rise at the same time push the kettlebell with both hands up. In the process of straightening podsyadte hands again. Once the arms are fully extended, straighten your legs. Fix for a few seconds and then lower the weight back to the chest. This exercise in addition to the development of the shoulders can improve your muscular endurance. If there is shortness of breath, increase the intervals between bursts. Be sure to perform a push weights to tighten their belts to reduce the load on the lower back.

Push the weights need to perform 3-4 sets of 10-15 times.

These two exercises will be enough to significantly improve the power performance in a relatively short time.

shoulder training program for bodybuilders

Unlike the previous program, this includes not only exercises on the front delts. It includes the work of the other beams.

In addition, training implies preponderance of isolating exercises.

The first thing you need to maximize all the warm beams to the rest of the exercises had more effect. To do this, perfectly suited two dumbbells weighing 10-12 kg.

Take them into two hands and become straight, feet shoulder width apart. Pick up one by one to 5 times with each hand dumbbell in front of him to head level. Then with both hands simultaneously, perform 5 swings to the side, bringing the dumbbells up to shoulder level. Then, lean body until parallel to the floor. Elbows print out and do likewise swings upwards, utilizing the rear beams your shoulder muscles.

Exercises on the delta. Broad shoulders. Body-building

Press of dumbbells sitting

This exercise should perform very first. Sit on a horizontal bench. it is recommended to carry out in order to reduce the load on the spine, leaning back on the bench at an angle slightly less than 90 degrees. For hedging can be worn athletic belt.

Place convenient feet on the floor, so there was a sense of absolute balance. Take dumbbells, raise them to the level of the shoulders so that your palms facing upwards. In this initial position sports equipment can slightly touch your shoulders. On the exhale, squeeze the dumbbells up, straighten your arms. Fix for 1 second and then lower them to the level of the ears. Then again lift the dumbbells upward. And so the first approach, perform 12-15 repetitions. Do not try to lift the biggest weights in the gym.

Exercises on the delta. Broad shoulders. Body-building

Gradually increase the weight of dumbbells and do 3-4 sets. The latter approach is to do superset, performing 8-10 presses with more weight quickly, without rest, take the dumbbell 25% lighter and do the maximum number of times that happens.

Ups dumbbells standing in front of a

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Alternately lift the dumbbells upward to eye level or slightly higher. At the time of lowering the hands down try to resist the action of gravity and tense muscles-antagonists, holding a dumbbell in the air.

Perform 3-4 sets of 10-15 times. The latter approach do superset, similar to the previous exercise.

Wiring dumbbells in hand

Considering the exercise on average delta, we note that the most effective, perhaps, is the layout of dumbbells in hand.

Exercises on the delta. Broad shoulders. Body-building

The starting position is the same as in the previous exercise, but your elbows should be slightly withdrawn outward. Begin with both hands simultaneously raise hands to the sides, bringing them up to shoulder level. In this case, the elbows should always be higher than the rest of the hand.

It is best to perform this exercise trisetom, that is, one approach consists of three. For example, follow 8 swings with a weight of 12 kg, then do not rest with 8 swings weights of 10 kg and also without rest Mach 6-8 with 6 kg in weight.

Do 3-4 sets in such a way.

oscillating rear delta simulator "butterfly"

This exercise effectively develops rear beams shoulder muscles. Sit face to simulators. Set the handle in such a way that they are at the level of your deltas. Grasp them and start to take his hands back.

Perform 3-4 sets of 12-15 times.

There are other exercises in the middle of the delta, but it is both simple and effective.

exercise regularly, and achieve the desired results

Delta - the shoulder muscle that requires special attention in the training. Remember that the shoulder joint is very easy to injure.

It is necessary to draw up a training plan and follow it strictly. Whatever you may have used effective exercises without regular employment goal can be reached. Therefore, always try to find time to exercise, and you have to pump up those shoulders what you want.