Habib Allahverdiyev: career and biography

Habib Allahverdiyev, whose biography is described in this article, the master of sports of international class of Russia. Lezgins by nationality, he has Russian citizenship. Bronze medalist of the World Cup for amateur boxing, repeated champion.


Habib Allahverdiyev, a photo of which are presented to your attention, born 8 December 1982 in the Republic of Dagestan, in the mountainous village of Kurush. The family moved to Makhachkala, when Habib was only three years old. His father died early, in 1991, and his mother was left alone with four children. Raised all alone, I worked in a factory. Then due to reductions in lost work.

Habib Allahverdiyev: career and biography

The woman was lucky - she was able to find a bakery. After that, even if the food in the house has always been. When Habib and the other kids have grown up, they began to make their own mother and freed from the exhausting work. Brothers themselves became a family.


Allahverdiyev Habib started boxing at the age of ten. The first teacher was K. Kurbanov. In boxing Habib section takes only six months, then the gym was closed due to dampness. The coach remembers his best disciples and found Allahverdiyev in school two years later. He offered to return to the boxing section. At that time, a new gym has been opened. During this time, Habib had already started playing football. But dropped it after the invitation and returned to coach boxing.

Habib Allahverdiyev: career and biography

Since 2000, Habib became involved in the school of Olympic reserve. His coach was Zuber Jafarov, Honored Russian master. Habib from the beginning of training realized that you need to focus on the tactics of the opponent. Boxer sure that there is always a chance that we must be able to take advantage of.

The amateur category

Fighter Habib Allahverdiyev, whose biography is rapidly began to fill with events that took part in amateur competitions from 2000 to 2007. During this time he managed to win:

  • Junior Championships;
  • Cup of Russia;
  • Open Championship of Serbia;
  • World Games soldiers;
  • Russian Championship (three times);
  • World Cup - got the bronze.

Category professionals

During this time, Habib was able to achieve a high level. And in 2007 he moved into the category of professionals. His debut in professional boxing took place on 10 March. Habib won in the first round, sending the opponent in the knockout. In May 2010, the judges decided unanimously to assign the title of WBC Allahverdiyev for his victory over Karen Tevosyan. In September 2011, Habib was the winner again, but at the World Championships in the lightweight champion. Allahverdiyev fought with American Nate Campbell. In February 2012, Habib won a victory over Ignacio Mendoza. As a result, she got the WBA belt. In the summer of 2012 he became the champion of the world according to the IBO. Habib Allahverdiyev kayo South African K. Mabuza.

Loud victory

In November 2012 a memorable meeting took place in the ring with a Dominican Joan Guzman. He is a former world champion once in 2 weight classes. Boxers fighting for the victory in the junior welterweight division. After eight rounds of Haussmann was seriously injured, and the fight was stopped. The victory went to the Russian boxer. It was the first loss for Guzman for his entire career.

Habib Allahverdiyev: career and biography

In July 2013 Allahverdiyev Habib traveled to competitions in Monte Carlo, where he became a world champion. For the title fight I had the Frenchman M'Baye Suleiman in dvenadtsatiraundovom match. Habib was able to win only in the 11th round. In April 2014, in the same competition Allahverdiyev lost Jessie Vargas, American. The bout took place in Las Vegas. As a result, Habib lost his titles.

with Broner Fight

In October 2015 he hosted a fight with Adrien Broner, an American. His punches were more accurate than those of Habib. The victory went to his opponent. He won in the 12th round. Judges recorded a technical knockout. So Habib and got another title.


Once Allahverdiyev Habib married, just moved to live with his family in Kaspiysk. Wife - a distant relative. Met young men accident on someone else's wedding. Habib married immediately after returning from the competition, which took place in China. Spouses are bound not only the passion and love, but also mutual respect.

Habib Allahverdiyev: career and biography

Almost immediately after the wedding Allahverdiyev son. A subsequent three daughters became parents unplanned, but very joyful gift of fate. Habib teaches children to be honest, do not touch other people's things. With her son Allahverdiyev hardest, as he himself admits that the boy is growing hooligan. But when he comes home from combat, can not get enough of their little girls-daughters.