"Anthocyanin" Hair color: an overview, composition, palette and reviews

There are many ways to change the image. The easiest - hair coloring. Most like to experiment, young people, repainting, lighten up, again changing color curls. Over time, harmful substances such as peroxide, ammonia and dyes do their work, and the hair becomes like a washcloth. They are dry, lifeless, devoid of shine. In addition, the hair can greatly "to poverty", having lost large amounts of hair that "offended" at the hostess for the frequent torture of paint, and decided to stay on the comb. Korean cosmetics manufacturer Sarangsae was made ammonia-free hair dye "anthocyanin". It is positioned as a direct dye acid, but still endowed with effect Biolaminirovanie. Let's talk about the product in more detail.

On the ink briefly

The pigment that colors the variety of colors, everything in nature is called anthocyanin. Thanks to him we have a berry red, orange, purple and other shades of different colors deciduous trees. With a variety of colors and paint it got its name "anthocyanin". The palette consists of forty-five shades, where you can find the most extravagant: red, green, blue, yellow and others. But if you are not ready for such experiments can not look in the direction of bright colors. "Anthocyanin" paint and offers a line consisting of natural colors such as brown and black. About palette talk a little bit later, and now continue acquaintance with paint.

Hair dye "Anthocyanin" is made on the basis of the very plant compounds - glycosides that help achieve a change in the color of leaves and berries when ripe. They allow you to create a real rainbow color from a variety of bright colors (if desired), or get rich and resistant shade of any color. In the ink does not contain ammonia, so it does not harm the hair. Vegetable base care of hair, and after staining procedure they look more healthy, well-groomed, shiny and beautiful.

The effect of lamination

Biolaminirovanie paint "Antotsionin" represents the sealing of filaments in each sheath that "heals" all damage. When exposed to the dye penetrate into the hair proteins, extracts of medicinal plants, and the top shell is formed from a protein that is "seal" is not only the curl section, but also the color.


If you use a paint "anthocyanin" then once there is an amazing result. What you will get from its use?

  • resistant uniform hue;
  • restoration of the structure curls;
  • iridescent sheen;
  • ends of hair that are stratified (whipped), sealed, and become invisible, stop break;
  • hair will be docile, fit well, and "live".

When using Biolaminirovanie during the application, as it does when applying paint palette "anthocyanin", the hair will become stronger, will recover the damage, the color for a long time will remain unchanged. Also laminated locks are protected against all kinds of mechanical damage (use of the hairdryer, ironing and other devices, adversely affecting the health of the hair), and from the effects of adverse environmental factors.

A variety of colors

As we have already mentioned earlier, the paint "anthocyanin" has in its palette of more than forty shades, to be exact - 45. Here every girl, well, or a guy can find exactly what you need. The range of colors there is blue, blue, yellow, red, pink (light to dark), lots of green, red, gray, purple, brown and black shades. Regarding the composition, it varies depending on the shade, but in each flakonchike contains a lot of natural, mineral components, is chestnut extract, purslane and oats.

paint Properties

Of course, everyone interested in what effect a particular product on the condition of the hair. As for the dye, it is all it is important that the color for a long time retained its richness, brilliance, not "molted" when shampooing and do not fade in the sun. Hair dye Anthocyanin meets all these requirements. Which affects the condition of the hair and on the resistance of the resulting dye color?

  1. Unique acid, which is part of paints, pigments allows to quickly absorb into the hair structure, tight foothold between the scales. For this "anthocyanin" changes the hair structure (it is not harmful) allowing color to be more complete and stable under the use of detergents.
  2. The shell protects the hair from harmful UV radiation. Thanks to this shield hair does not fade and are not damaged in the sun.
  3. Vegetable protein, which is one of the paint components, maintains the elasticity of curls, affects their appearance and behavior: the hair more manageable, and curls (if any) appear to be more accurate, each curl becomes more elegant.
  4. Antiseptic herbal prevents itching on the scalp.
  5. Paint moisturizes the hair and restores the natural acid balance.
  6. The composition of the dye is not an oxidizer and ammonia, so the hair is protected from the loss of its own melanin.
  7. In the "anthocyanins" - hair dye - does not contain chemicals that could adversely affect the health of the hair.

Looking at all these positive qualities, inadvertently you think about it, if it's true? Hair dye "anthocyanin", in the opinion of consumers, is fully consistent with the published specifications. How does manage to achieve such a dramatic effect?


Hair pH decreases over time, making them a negative charge. The paint is endowed with a positive charge. Remembering the lessons of physics: what happens to the particles of different charge? Of course, they are attracted to each other like magnets, and tear them apart becomes very problematic.

Perhaps the use of multiple colors to get a trendy gradient. This staining is in which one color smoothly into the other, and perhaps a few. Get this effect is very difficult for self-coloring, so you should consult a professional hairdresser.

If you have natural hair color is dark or you want to change the blue color to green (for example), before staining paint curls "anthocyanin" must first become discolored. Of course, this does not give the hair health, but you can get the desired bright hue.

If you do not use a clarifier, it is only a hint of turn.

Are there disadvantages?

We have so much to tell about the positive sides of the dye, but we can not miss out on one important point: the negative properties. If you painted in extraordinary color and he will quickly grew bored, then I have to wait long. Painting "anthocyanin", in the opinion of people who used it, it is very resistant, and retains the richness even after three months from the date of its intended use. If you want to change the color, you will need to trimming a level to which managed to grow back natural strands, or wait until the pigment does not become less intense. On clarifier ink hardly reacts. If regrown roots completely clarified, the main mass of hair, dyed "anthocyanins", only changes the hue, ie red may become pink. There is another option to change the bright color - painted in a darker shade, but all the same paint "anthocyanin". Like any dye of natural origin such as henna, it is difficult to output. Therefore before painting a good think about how long you want to stay in the image. If in doubt, it is better to give up the bold colors.


If you have dyed your hair yourself, forget everything you know! staining method "anthocyanins" radically differs from the familiar to us, so before use, carefully read the instructions. Thus, the staining technique is as follows:

  • Rinse hair with shampoo.
  • Dry hair.
  • Wet the hair a special water "anthocyanin", it will help more evenly apply the dye, and its consumption will be less.
  • Wait until the hair is a little dry.
  • Apply dye brush to lightly wet strands.
  • Put on a special hat head for coloring or bag of polyethylene. It is necessary for twenty minutes to warm up his head in the driers. We are sure that the house you do not have this machine, so you can take advantage of the warm air dryer.
  • Do not rush to turn off the dryer after time, put it on a cold mode and ventilated head for five minutes. It is very important for high-quality color.
  • That's it, you can shoot with a bag over his head, rinse hair with warm water. It is not recommended to use shampoos with this procedure, you have a head wash and pigments necessary to gain a foothold in the structure of curls.

In fact, everything is much easier than described in the manual, so feel free to start the procedure!

The chemical and physical properties, the amount of packaging

Paint stored in an aluminum tube container of 230 milliliters, allowing to acquire a package medium length hair and thick. The dye can be used within three years from the date of manufacture and, if time permits, one tube is used several times. "Anthocyanin" should be stored in a tube, it does not matter, you have opened it or not, and this is a great advantage for the girls with short hair.

Tube itself is in a cardboard box on which the specified periods of storage, precautions, and guidance.

The paint has the form of a viscous gel. He colored or colorless (shade of "00" for treatment and lamination). The smell when you open the tube sharp, someone writes that resembles drugs flavors. When placed in a mixing container becomes weaker as the paint is able to be oxidized by reaction with air. When applied to the hair feels light and pleasant floral fragrance that will turn staining relaxing treatment. Under the influence of water does not occur any reaction dissolves well.

The price of hair dye "anthocyanin"

It should paint a pack of six hundred to one thousand rubles, depending on the supplier. It is relatively inexpensive, as one tube is enough for a few stains, and it is stored for a long time. In addition, the paint gives a rich and lasting color to hair, treats them laminates. I think everyone will agree that it is much cheaper than color in the cabin in an extravagant color, and then use the service Biolaminirovanie.

Reviews Consumer

All those who took the paint "anthocyanin" were satisfied with the result. Girls and boys write that because of this product could achieve the desired bright color effortlessly and visit expensive salons. Color is stored for a long time, it does not wash, does not burn, and the hair looks more attractive, well-groomed and healthy.

Natural colors too pleased, write, do not often have to be painted, to "burn" the hair with ammonia.

The price of the paint "Anthocyanin" is also not embarrassed anyone. It is said that for this amount of dye is not a pity to pay the required amount, the more so because he is resistant.