CHudinov Fedor: ups and downs

Russian school of professional boxing today very confident gaining its momentum and regularly brings in light of world and European champions. One of these men, who went from being a simple amateur to the present world champion among professionals, is Fyodor Chudinov. About him and talk more in the article.

facts only

Fedor Chudinov was born on September 15, 1987 in the Russian city of Bratsk in Irkutsk region. Acts middleweight champion and is a master of sports of international class. His brother Dmitry Chudinov, as a professional fighter. At the age of ten, Fyodor with his parents moved to Serpukhov near Moscow, where he has been actively engaged in boxing at the age of 12 years. His first coach was Alexey Galeev.

CHudinov Fedor: ups and downs

Amateur performances

Fedor Chudinov an amateur boxer has spent 170 matches and only lost 10 times. One of the key defeats was a fiasco in a fight with Maxim Koptyakovym on Russian championship in 2008, with the result that our hero was awarded a bronze medal and reached the final of the competition. But after spending an excellent job on my mistakes, Fyodor soon was able to win the Junior World Cup, after which he received an offer to go to the professionals.

overseas appearances

In 2009 Fedor Chudinov, along with a sibling are in the United States. In this country, they took care of the promotion company Red Stars Boxing. It was in the United States and began his professional career Fedor. Already in his debut match, he was able to send the first seconds in deep knockout his opponent then - Sean Kirk. The total number of fights conducted initially in the US, for Fedi is five, but in 2010 there was an athlete serious conflict with his promoter, in which the Russian was still forced to return home and join Vladimir Hryunovu.

CHudinov Fedor: ups and downs

The path to the top of

In his twelfth professional fight Fedor Chudinov came to the ring to fight for the title of interim champion. He opposed his New Zealander Ben McCulloch. To the delight of the Russian public, their darling was able to win your opponent by knockout and get the belt.

Less than a year Chudinov again fought for the title. This time he had to come together face-to-face with this living legend of world boxing, Felix Sturm. Fight lasted all reserved for this round, the results of which judicial decision was in favor of the representative of Russia.

This was followed by a successful defense of the belt in a fight against the Briton Frank broth, which was held September 26, 2015 at the London "Wembley". The bout went 12 rounds and ended with the imposition of the judicial verdict.

CHudinov Fedor: ups and downs

Loss champion belt

Fedor Chudinov - a boxer who, unfortunately, many have yet come to know the bitterness of defeat. In the rematch against Sturm Russian was literally "robbed" by the judges, which is not surprising, because the fight took place in the homeland of the Germans, and as you know, in Germany difficult to win on points at the local fighter. Team Fedor and he filed a protest and called Felix win "shameful." But two months later it was announced that the Storm used a dope, and he was forced to give up their titles, as against him criminal case was opened in Cologne. However, times have not been returned to the Russian citizen back and was declared vacant.

May 27, 2017 took the fight for the title between Theodore and George Groves. In the early rounds of the fight took place with a sufficient level of competition, but gradually the superiority of the British grew, and in the sixth round, he was able to seriously get his punches Chudinov. Russian boxer continued to fight, but a lot of missed punches that eventually led to the premature stop the fight, and Groves has become the new WBA super champion. Fedor Chudinov Boxing in the evening was not up to par. Thus, the boxer from Serpukhov today goes back more than 16 professional fights, of which the last two he lost.

CHudinov Fedor: ups and downs

Life outside the ring

Russian athlete, like many of his other colleagues, is not a public person, and not too spread about his personal life. Reliably only know that he is married, and his wife's name is Anastasia.

Fyodor good friends with his older brother, and on many sporting events, they often appear together. In addition, our hero can also be regularly found in the company of well-known biker club "Night Wolves" and its head surgery. Incidentally, because of such warm relations Chudinov with these extraordinary and charismatic motorcycle he had a conflict with the representatives of the German customs, who suspected that he imported into their country biker symbolism of this club, is strictly forbidden in most European countries.

Fedor is also a very big fan of KVN, and he is frequently invited to judge the game Serpukhov League KVN.