Erik Morales: biography, photos and interesting facts

Erik Morales - the greatest Mexican boxer. Everyone who had seen combat this man was in love with his technique and desire to win. Fights with Erik Morales was something fantastic, spectacular and interesting. He possessed the highest boxing intellect, his technique combined with aggression in the Mexican style. Besides Morales rarely use defensive skills. When it was all: the inimitable technique, speed, excellent work the body and strong legs.

Erik Morales: biography, photos and interesting facts

Erik Morales fights are known to many people, could easily spin the opponent to change direction and attack. He subservient boxing versatile rack, aggressive cutting and thin perefehtovka.

Biography Morales

At birth, the boy was given the name Isaac Ezdrika Elvira Morales. He was born in Mexico in a town called Tijuana in 1976, on 1 September. Later, at the peak of his boxing career he earned him the nickname "Tijuana warrior." The boy grew up in a wealthy Mexican family in a decent house, where there was a boxing gym, the head of which was the father of Eric. Most recently, the house has undergone remodeling and floor area has been increased. Erik Morales often trained in this area. In addition, the house is located online resource office, based on the news. This office also belongs to Eric.

Erik Morales: biography, photos and interesting facts

Jose Morales, Erik's father, as a young man engaged in boxing and participated in the battles among the lightest weight. Currently engaged in coaching. We can say that the whole family Morales - ardent supporters of boxing. The youngest member of the family also enjoys the sport. At the age of 5 years I started boxing and Erik Morales. Biography of an athlete quite colorful in terms of fighting. He won the title of his native country as much as 11 times.

The debut bout

In 1993, March 29, Erik Morales, first appeared in the ring as a professional boxer. The fight took place in Mexico in the hometown of the athlete. The battle of two boxers turned colorful, Erik defeated his opponent in the second round via knockout. After one year Ezdriku managed to defeat the experienced Mexican boxer Jose Valdiza and the first to win the title, although local importance.

Jose Valdiz during the first round of a good "compete" Morales, but Erica was able to collect all the will in a fist and to complete successfully the fight by TKO. It was a spectacular boxing, Erik Morales showed everyone what he can do.

Erik Morales: biography, photos and interesting facts

The title and the Mexican champion boxer, the

Boxer Erik Morales became a full-fledged champion of his native country in 1995, when Jupiter Enrique crushed. The young man received a featherweight title when on points ahead of Juan Torres. For the first time Eric was fighting with a rival is not on the territory of his native Mexico, and in Las Vegas.

Four times as Morales was able to confirm its status as a champion for the fourth time his opponent was Acero-Sanchez Hector. The judges unanimously awarded the Mexican victory thanks to knockout suffered in the sixth round. Erik Morales, the best fights that took place at the peak of his professional career, in 1996 he received the title of the boxer of the year.


Every year the number of fans Morales art. On fights with his participation has come more and more people. Failures have occurred in boxing it is extremely rare. In 2001, Erik won his rival champion Guti Espadas Jr.

Erik Morales: biography, photos and interesting facts

But the greatest suffering defeat. In 2002, June 22, Morales had to say goodbye to their title. Hosted a fight with Marco Antonio Barrera, who won the battle on the number of points. In addition, later rematch, which also lost to Morales. Both the first and second fights were so entertaining that viewers at the end of boxing stood up from their seats and applauded for several minutes. The judges decided unanimously in favor of Barrera, but the audience claimed that the victory should get all Eric, because he is constantly ahead of his rival, and, of course, dominated. In the final round in the hall there was a buzz, people were jumping out of their seats in anticipation of the denouement.

The defeat in the battle against Barrera has led to the fact that Erik Morales decided to change his weight category and perform at featherweight. Soon he was able to win Poldi Ayala and win the title.

Following the victory of Morales decided again to fight with Barrera, but, alas, there was defeat.

The greatest fight in boxing history

Every boxing fan looked forward to the fight, the participants of which will be Erik Morales and Manny Pacquiao. Athletes showed what is called a class in the ring. For 2005, this match was the most memorable. During the fight the two boxers clashed heads strongly, bringing Pacquiao was cut. Battle continued after medical examination. The losers turned Manny Pacquiao, he succumbed to his opponent on points.

Erik Morales: biography, photos and interesting facts

A year later took a second fight between Morales and Pacquiao. Maybe Manny was confident in their own abilities through enhanced training and vitamins for athletes. It is worth noting that the native of the Philippines looked confident in the ring, than the last time. The fight Morales tried several times to violently attack the opponent, but ran into his merciless blows. Pacquiao used his signature trick with a right hook. In the third round Manny stabbed Eric and shook it, then tucked the opponent off the ropes. Morales steadfastly withstood all attacks Pacquiao, but his strength gradually left. During the last attack Filipino Eric was sent to the canvas. The referee had to stop the fight.

The two-year break

After the defeat of Manny Pacquiao was clear that Erik Morales will not be able to regain his strength, and his career came to an end. He was lost the battle and the championship David Diaz. "Tijuana warrior" has decided to take a break from the sport and said that his boxing career is over. But in less than two years, Eric realized that without boxing life has no meaning. Athlete back in the ring and won the fight with Jose Alfaro.

The year 2010 was successful for the athlete, he won two fights in a row and proved that knowingly returned to the ring.

The following year, Erik Morales fought Maidana. The whole fight boxers showed the same level, the attacks were similar, the defense did not yield to each other, but the victory was awarded to Rene Maidana.

Lifestyle athlete

In addition Boxing Erik Morales is interested in computers. It is rare to meet a boxer without a laptop or tablet. Also, Eric - the manager and promoter of the company engaged in the organization of boxing matches in the United States and Mexico.

Erik Morales: biography, photos and interesting facts

athlete Life is pretty simple. He is married to a woman named America, in marriage, the couple had three children.

In his native Mexico, Morales is the control of Parks and Recreation. Throughout his wages boxer lists to the Department of Tijuana, to increase funding for the town. It is a kind of charity.