Strength training with own weight: the description, characteristics and efficiency

On a full workout at the gym need to spend large amounts of money that can afford not everyone. To save and not to try to find the most suitable room, people are trying to find the strength exercises with its own weight, which would be a worthy substitute for visits to sports clubs. In fact, there are many such exercises, and the best of them are represented in the article.

Strength training with own weight: the description, characteristics and efficiency

The advantages and disadvantages of training

Strength training with its own weight, as a rule, are selected based on the individual characteristics of each person. Athletes claim that such training has positive features far more than negative, so the number of fans increases every day.

Any exercise with its own weight can be safely attributed to the category of the available studies on price parameters. People who regularly conducting training sessions, it is not necessary to purchase expensive monthly subscriptions in special halls with equipment. Another advantage is the simplicity of complex activities.

Anatomy of power exercises bodyweight clear to all, without exception. After an easy set of coaching several muscle groups, you can do both at home and on the street, without asking for advice from professional trainers.

Muscles grow during exercise, of course, will be, but not as fast as it does when engaging with special equipment. In addition, when the muscles are already accustomed to loads, their development will slow down, so you have to complicate your home workouts.

The basic rules of

Before you perform an exercise with its own weight, make sure it must be remembered about the five main rules:

  1. Breathing. During exercise, not only beginners, but experienced athletes can just forget about breathing. As a rule, people make an effort to exhale and inhale - to perform an easy part of the exercise. This method is the most common and is suitable for almost all cases.
  2. The correct execution. Forgetting about the performance technique, a good result is almost impossible to achieve. In order to obtain the desired effect and to protect themselves from unnecessary injury, you need to ensure proper implementation. This may help family members or friends who look from the outside and point to the right or wrong movement. If there is next to no assistant, then perfect replacement becomes a mirror in which the athlete, looking at his own reflection, he realizes that he does not.
  3. Power exercises are not done in a hurry. Any exercise with its own weight, with the exception of cardio, you need to do slowly. This rule does not mean that necessarily need to pause during sit-ups or push-ups, you should not only try to perform strength exercises as soon as possible. That slow movements will provide muscle growth and strengthen muscles.
  4. Maximum layout. When a person can not do a single repetition, so the training was successful. Too overextend yourself or bring to an injury that occurs due to non-compliance with the proper technique, it is not necessary. About the number of repetitions performed to worry as it is not necessary, because it is better to pay attention to the maximum potential, which must be carried out each exercise.
  5. Cardio. To begin strength training you need with an easy run. Kardionagruzki good influence on the functioning of the cardiovascular system, as well as speed up the metabolism. To follow strength training was held at the proper level, it should be given just a 20-minute run.
Strength training with own weight: the description, characteristics and efficiency

training for the upper body

Exercises using own weight for the development of muscles in the arms, shoulders and chest are the most simple and effective, as the results are visible almost immediately. But you need to learn the proper technique for accelerated progress. Otherwise, power will be wasted.

Strength training with own weight: the description, characteristics and efficiency


Pretty simple strength exercises using own weight included helping muscles to work to achieve a greater effect. One of these exercises are pull-ups.

First of all it is necessary to pay attention to the width of the grip - it should be about shoulder width apart or slightly wider than longer. You need to catch up slowly, while controlling the muscles.

On the inhale should stretch your hands and body lift body up so that his chin turned over the bar. Pausing in this position for just a second, you should exhale and fall down, but at the same time relax your arms is prohibited.

For once recommended approaches about 4, in each of which 5 (for girls) to 10 (for men) repetitions.

Strength training with own weight: the description, characteristics and efficiency


Quite effective exercises to help work out multiple muscle groups, which include the deltoid, pectoral muscles and triceps.

At first glance it may seem that push-ups from the floor very easily, so people do not pay attention to the correctness of the implementation. But in fact, many beginners make mistakes, because of which you can easily get injured.

Perform push-ups without additional weight must be in stages:

  1. Having emphasis lying, hands should be positioned precisely on the shoulder width apart and palms - under the shoulders.
  2. On the inhale you must bend your elbows and straining the muscles in your arms, slowly lower the body as close as possible to the ground, but not relaxing it. It should be possible to strain the abs and keep the body straight body. Lift the shoulders and pulling his head forward are prohibited.
  3. Breathe out, you need to straighten the arms, thereby raising the body to the starting position. Curb weight is necessary to raise his hands, instead of using the lower part of the body.

It is recommended to do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Strength training with own weight: the description, characteristics and efficiency

Reverse push-ups

The ideal exercise that will suit people who want to pump your upper body. It is necessary to perform, using the hill (a chair or bench). Reverse push-ups use all the same muscles as regular pushups, just a little more load given to the rhomboid muscles of the back.

Perform each exercise as follows:

  1. With his back to the chair or bench, you need to bend the legs, hands placed on the edge of the hill.
  2. legs stretched forward and moving the weight on your hands, you should inhale and bend the arms, sinking down to the formation of parallel shoulders and sex.
  3. After the second delay need to exhale and straighten the arms.

The number of sets and repetitions is the same as in the previous exercise.

Strength training with own weight: the description, characteristics and efficiency

Training lower body

When cardio and exercise for the upper body were successful, it is necessary to start studies with the lower part. This may seem odd, because the muscles of the buttocks and legs have been involved in the previous exercises. Although it is worth noting that other exercises designed it to work through the legs and buttocks, make it possible to pump all of the muscles of the lower body, which include those who do not get enough load for cardio. Among them:

  1. Squats. Standing straight, you need to stretch your arms forward, keeping your back straight, bend legs until thighs are parallel to the floor, then return to starting position. It is recommended to do 3 sets of 20 repetitions.
  2. Zashagivaniya the hill. Placing one foot on the hill and straining it, you need to pick up the second and then in the same sequence on the lower floor. The minimum number of repetitions - 10-12 for each leg.
Strength training with own weight: the description, characteristics and efficiency

Anatomy exercises bodyweight by Bret Contreras

Many athletes love not only to practice, but also to pay attention to the literature associated with the sport. Book author Bret Contreras, entitled "Anatomy of power exercises using own weight" is perfect for people who look after their physical form. The publication complexes are described in detail in which weights applied as a person's own weight. In these trainings is always included and the exercises described in the article.