Palette Shellac CND, which may surprise

Gel lacquer lately are increasingly in demand. Many girls prefer to grow their natural nails, which are then covered with a durable material, ignoring the build-up. CND Shellac palette lets you choose absolutely any shade of even the most demanding woman.

Palette Shellac CND, which may surprise

A little bit of gel-lacquers

Hybrid gel and polish went on sale recently, but managed to catch the fancy of many. And no wonder. Firstly, the coating lasts many times longer a simple nail polish. Secondly, it is easy to apply. There are no special rules and conditions to be observed during application, in addition to standard, on which a little later. Third, modern gel varnish, despite its relatively high price, a fully justified: they do not thicken as quickly as varnishes, spent economically, hold for a long time. And the color scheme is very extensive. So, CND shellac palette has about eighty different shades to choose among them is sometimes very problematic.

Palette Shellac CND, which may surprise

The brand and products

CND - American brand, which specializes in the production of whole series of products for nail service. From nail files and sponges, finishing nail gels. And shellac is its breakthrough in a sense. It was he who first appeared on the market as an innovative hybrid. The palette of CND Shellac originally consisted of only a few basic colors, but the line has expanded over time, forming a new and new color series. And until now, the collection is replenished.

Basic colors

All bottles with gel varnish CND available volume 7, 2 ml. This is a standard amount, which is sufficient to cover and does not dry during storage, and use the funds for a long time. The base includes shades of 59 tones. In this case, all of them can be mixed with each other to get more flowers if necessary. 12 shades are translucent, which is important for those who does not like to draw attention to your manicure. Of course, keep all the shades of the same for a long time - up to one month. CND Shellac, the color palette is very extensive, and includes a number of original colors: dark purple, black piercing (no stripes or shine!), A noble burgundy, deep blue and bright blue. There is a collection of basic shades and pearl. For example, lime. He was pleasant enough, not acidic, with a slight sheen. Naturally, there were some in the collection and without red flowers, which come in three colors: classic red, bright coral and rich crimson. Choose a few and those who prefer pink color. Striking as many as three, moderate - a few more.

Palette Shellac CND, which may surprise

Summer Collection

The manufacturer is not focused on creating only primary colors. In the summer of 2012 there was a separate collection of summer shades - Summer Splash, there are only four of the vial. But what is the color! Bright blue, like water in a foreign resort pool, fuchsia, as the color of fashionable bikinis, unsurpassed bright coral hue, like an ocean lobster and refined purple as the color of ripe grapes. Gel polish "Lobster Roll" is very nice. As, however, and the whole palette of CND shellac on the nails (photo fashionable shade above). The collection made a splash as fully meet the needs of today's girls in the summer. Until now, the shades are popular, because the base did not include them in its membership.

Palette Shellac CND, which may surprise

Forbidden collection of

It includes several shades of black, from blue-black to dark steel. Apart from them, there is still a rich dark brown, the color of milk chocolate and celadon color of ripe cherries. The name of the collection received - Forbidden ( "Forbidden"). Indeed, so rich and vivid colors in everyday life are forbidden! Too provocative and attention-grabbing. And of course, they can be successfully combined with the base collection. The palette of CND shellac on the nails will look more interesting. For example, if you combine them as performing design leopard, as in the photo above. Color Line has pleased many, and very successfully implemented so far.

Paradise Collection

It has only six colors. But no! Paradise Collection includes six bright, juicy, slightly acidic and very cause of colors: blue, green, yellow, orange, lilac and purple. These colors is enough to realize even the most bold design, which can only come to mind. CND Shellac palette looks fabulous and brightly-Rajski.


When applying the gel polish, there is one immutable rule - drying material only in the lamp UV light and nothing else. This difference from the usual varnish. But the material is simply applied: marigold saw round, zashlifovyvayut soft buff, cuticle push, gel varnish covering the entire nail plate. The second layer is applied only when the first completely dry. Naturally, the presence of base and fixer implied.