Diet Bormentalja: menu for the week, reviews, recipes, results. Principles of diet doctors Bormentalja

Such a method of struggle against excess weight, how to diet for weight loss doctor Bormentalja, was patented in the early twenty-first century. The author of this popular and really effective way to become a psychotherapist, PhD Valery Romatsky.

This diet refers to the duration, the period of the original depends on the weight of the person.

Diet Bormentalja: menu for the week, reviews, recipes, results. Principles of diet doctors Bormentalja

Principles of diet Bormentalja

The author considers her technique "bezzapretnoy". It is based on a combination of two things - is the impact of certain psychic techniques, coupled with a low calorie diet. Its main criterion is to eliminate the true causes of overeating.

As the author notes, the reason for being overweight is not that other, as an eating disorder. A feeling of discomfort that is often on a subconscious level is associated in people with a sense of hunger arises from everyday problems and stressful situations. To get rid of the discomfort the body begins to demand more food, especially one that causes a feeling of satisfaction, pleasure - a carbohydrate, sugar and high-calorie food. Thus, unconsciously formed a habit of "seizing trouble" remains with the person for life. To cope with this problem, in fact, one almost can not afford, need supervision and help of experts.

Diet Dr. Bormentalja requires a responsible approach - you need to take into account the state of health, and body type, as well as some other individual parameters of the person. This is done to accurately calculate the optimal weight for losing weight. In addition, one must clearly realize that really he has a problem, which he jammed. Often for understanding this requires a therapist's consultation.

Diet Bormentalja: menu for the week, reviews, recipes, results. Principles of diet doctors Bormentalja


- A primary principle of methodology - use absolutely any products. But every day is not more than 1000-1200 kcal. This means that if you do decide on a diet, you need to buy a notebook to count calories and kitchen scales. An excellent option is the app on mobile, so you will not miss any information. So, with the beginning of the diet, you should strictly follow the caloric content of each portion, and in any case not exceed the daily rate. You can afford and chocolate, and ice cream, but it is eaten calories you should be deducted from the total daily amount. With time comes the realization that it is better to spend these numbers on a complete meal than on a piece of sweets - is one of the important steps in the fight against excess weight.

- Prohibited products in this method no. But one of the important conditions of its compliance with a daily consumption of protein foods such as fish, meat and eggs. This is necessary due to the fact that a low-fat diet, and a lack of protein can adversely affect the human body.

- Is it possible to exclude from the menu of hot spices and seasonings, as they kindle the appetite.

- Once a week is recommended to make kefir fasting days. This is due to the fact that the body requires periodic shake. The fact that the low-calorie diets include "Economy Mode", which reduces the metabolism, which is why weight loss slows down.

- Diet Dr. Bormentalja excludes alcohol. Large sugar content and high calorific value of alcohol-containing liquids inhibit the process of losing weight.

- method based on the fractional food, eat food, including snacks, we recommend at least 7-8 times for 200 grams. We can not allow feelings of hunger. Gaps between meals do not exceed three hours, so the body is working without interruption continuously digesting incoming products. If the breaks are too big (this also applies to night time, between dinner and breakfast), the metabolism is inhibited. So the assertion of many that eat after six pm is strictly prohibited, is fundamentally wrong. Digestion - is also a considerable strain on the body.

- To extend the feeling of fullness for a longer period, it is necessary after a meal to drink a glass of hot tea. - indulging in the simple physical activity, you will only slow down the process of losing weight. Pace yourself it is not necessary, but the fitness sessions or yoga and walking or cycling should strongly come into your life with the diet.

- This material difference of 200 kcal was invented for a reason. 1000-1200 kcal - diet is possible, but it is best to stick to the middle. If present together with diet exercise, allowed the consumption of 1200 kcal, no more. When sedentary 1000 kcal - is the ceiling, do not let yourself eat more calories even at 10.

- If your lifestyle is too active, the system makes it possible to increase the daily rate by as much as 300 calories, ie, adding this figure to the average, you get resolved in 1400 kcal..

- If you are dieting you caught a disease, or the common cold, to the diet can add 200 calories and bring plenty of warm drinks constantly.

Diet Bormentalja: menu for the week, reviews, recipes, results. Principles of diet doctors Bormentalja


Bormentalja rigid diet, which is why it is strictly forbidden:

  • People who have not reached 18 years of age, and those over 60 years old.
  • Pregnant and lactating women.
  • suffering from acute infectious, chronic diseases.
  • In diabetes.
  • In case of violation of the menstrual cycle.
  • In the hormonal and psychiatric disorders.

Also, the diet is not recommended for sportsmen because that entails a decrease in muscle mass and a general lack of energy.

Before you use this method of weight loss, be sure to consult with a specialist!

Diet Bormentalja: menu for the week, reviews, recipes, results. Principles of diet doctors Bormentalja

Advantages and disadvantages of

This method of losing weight, doctors Bormentalja diet reviews is very impressive. Keeping everything exactly, not to lose weight is simply impossible. weight reset each individual, but always in fairly rapid pace. Another huge advantage of the system is that there are no forbidden foods. There can be anything, not going beyond what is permitted daily amount of calories.

Despite the impressive dignity method has its drawbacks. These include:

  • The weakness that accompanies virtually throughout the diet.
  • The deterioration of mood and decreased performance.
  • Due to the severe calorie restriction is often the phenomenon of decreased immunity, and this can lead to a number of troubles in the form of various diseases. There is also a threat to the development of anemia and various hormonal disorders.
  • Another unpleasant feature that accompanies diet - loss of physical tone flabby muscles and sometimes loose skin. It is for this reason to neglect light physical activity is not necessary, and maintenance of skin tone will contribute to the physio and spa treatments.
  • Many people do not like the constant counting calories. Lesson is very laborious, to deal with it the power of the people organized and disciplined.

The main difficulty of technique is in serious addiction to a drastic reduction in calories and accompany this feeling of hunger. In order not to lose the motivation, at this time to have individual counseling therapist. Communicating with people who also follow this method, too, has a positive effect on the general mood - emotional support, especially in the beginning, is a must.

Even easier to go the process, if we look at one of the clinics of Dr. Bormentalja such have almost all major cities. Professionals working there, will provide every possible support necessary. Typically, the initial phase consultation of experts weekly, then - monthly, and the last runs both fixing activity. Here the support person in a difficult period, and fix obtained successes and learn different methods and techniques to help you cope with a complex diet.

Diet Bormentalja: menu for the week, reviews, recipes, results. Principles of diet doctors Bormentalja

Table calorie

Counting calories - This is the main point in this system, doctors Bormentalja diet menu for a week or every day will be a specially designed table calories.

Table calorie foods per 100 grams of food:

Diet Bormentalja: menu for the week, reviews, recipes, results. Principles of diet doctors Bormentalja

The main advantage of it is that it points to the caloric content of the finished product use, exceptions are only cereals, they are considered in the dry state.

on the table Tips

1. Do not forget to record the calorie content and the number of components for the first time prepared dishes. In the future, if you want to repeat his cooking, you do not have to count again.

2. Quite a complex and sometimes tedious diet doctor Bormentalja. Menu for the week made up, facilitate the daily tedious calorie counting process. It should paint what you eat for a few days in advance. At the same time, try to make breakfast carbohydrate, so you'll be much more active throughout the day. At lunch better to eat more protein foods, and for dinner, leave the lightest products, such as vegetables.

Diet Dr. Bormentalja - menu for each day

This is only a rough menu, following the table, you can diversify your diet other foods and dishes.

The first option:

8.00 - 70 grams of boiled chicken, 50 grams of buckwheat, one tomato, coffee without milk and sugar.

11.00 - Two crackers and green tea.

14.00 - boiled potatoes - 120 grams, half a bell pepper and tea.

17.00 - roast beef with parsley and dill - 100 grams, an orange.

20.00 - 130 grams of salad of tomato and cucumber, half a glass of nonfat yogurt.

The second option:

8.00 - 100 grams buckwheat porridge, cooked in milk and coffee. 11.00 - a cup of yogurt with three small crackers.

14.00 - soup, cooked fresh cabbage, - 200 ml, one slice of bread, salad and tea.

17.00 - a handful (25 grams) of almonds.

20.00 - chicken baked with cheese with tomatoes - 200 grams and half a cup of yogurt.

The third variant:

8.00 - fat cottage cheese - 100 grams of coffee.

11.00 - walnuts - 6 pieces and one apple.

14.00 - 100 grams of white fish baked with carrots and egg, a slice of bread, a cup of yogurt.

17.00 - glass of tomato juice, 100 grams of boiled beef, 100 grams of salad from cabbage and canned peas.

20.00 - one cucumber, tea.

Here is a seemingly easy, and the second - quite a difficult system - a diet Bormentalja. Menu though can vary, but many eat in any case will not work. Do not worry ahead of time. In the article there is a selection of tasty low-calorie dishes, as well as require a diet Bormentalja. Recipes are quite simple and clear.

Diet Bormentalja: menu for the week, reviews, recipes, results. Principles of diet doctors Bormentalja


- Baked meat (117 calories per 100 gr.). Put 150 grams of chopped onion half-rings in a pan, add 10 grams of sunflower oil. Over 300 grams of onion put sliced ​​into thin plates of chicken, further - 130 grams and 150 grams of mushrooms tomatoes. Lubricate the last layer of 50 grams of cream, grate 100-gram slice of cheese. Bake for 40 minutes.

- Salad "Uganda" (128 calories per 100 gr.). The structure of this salad includes: one small banana (100 grams), a handful of raisins (20 g), low-fat chicken ham (40 g), oatmeal (20 grams), cream (100 ml), lemon (40 grams) and lettuce.

Raisins rinse and soak, banana cut into small cubes and mix with cereal, chopped ham and raisins. Squeeze the lemon juice and zest, grate, mix these ingredients with the cream. Pour salad dressing obtained, let it brew for half an hour. Serve on lettuce leaves. - Vegetable Stew (26 kcal per 100 g.). To prepare this dish, take the tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini 300 grams, one small onion, one medium bell pepper green spoon of flour and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil.

Rinse and clean all vegetables. Onions cut into quarters rings and pepper - julienne, everything else - the small cubes. Heat the oil in a pan, put the onion, fry up a pleasant shade, add the tomatoes, simmer 5 minutes. Then lay out the rest of the ingredients, boil out all together for five minutes. In a separate vessel, combine the water, flour and salt, pour the liquid to the vegetables, stir and boil until ready.

Diet Bormentalja: menu for the week, reviews, recipes, results. Principles of diet doctors Bormentalja

- Pancakes (95 kcal per 100 g.). The components of this dish: 0.5 liters of milk, the same amount of water, a cup of oatmeal, one egg, two small spoons of sugar and a pinch of salt.

Boil water, cool, connect it to the milk, add oatmeal. Cook from the resulting mass sparse mess. Cool, wipe it through a sieve or runs in a blender, add the remaining ingredients, mix and bake thin pancakes on a dry frying pan.

- Lazy cakes (115 kcal per 100 g.). For this dish you will need 300 grams of sauerkraut, one onion and a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil and one thin Armenian lavash.

Fry the cabbage with onions melkonarezanym. Cut the pita bread into four pieces, put in the center of each stuffing, wrap the envelope and fry until golden brown.

- Banana (78 kcal per 100 g.). Mix 200 grams of skim curd with a glass (120 grams) of the classical non-fat yogurt, add chopped into small cubes one banana, berries and 10 any sprinkle all one small spoon of cocoa. - Borsch (44 kcal per 100 g.). Ingredients: 2 liters of water, half a kilo of chicken backs, 120 grams of beets, onions and carrots, 200 grams of potatoes and cabbage, two tablespoons of tomato sauce, a spoon of vinegar and vegetable oil.

Needed is the second chicken broth, therefore boil two liters of water back to the boil. Drain and re-type the same amount of water, boil for 25 minutes.

Vegetables, clean, chop the onion finely, beets and carrots grate. Fry prepared vegetables in a frying pan in vegetable oil, add to the sauce and vinegar, cook for 10 minutes. Put the fried chicken to the broth, put the shredded cabbage and diced potatoes, salt. Boil for 20 minutes.

These are diet recipes Bormentalja offers. Learn how to properly count calories, you can create your own no less interesting and delicious dishes.

In addition, you can change the diet for your favorite recipes by removing or adding some components. Familiar dishes help you migrate calmer burdens depriving a huge amount of food. Do not forget to reduce portions, chew food thoroughly and for a long time - it will contribute to satiety.

The results of

It is worth noting that, despite the complexity of this technique, as diet Bormentalja, reviews and the results are really impressive. Around the world recognize this technique as one of the most effective. Usually the lost weight is not coming back. And to lose weight on this system starts with the first day of use. The approximate weight of the reset, depending on the constitution of the body and the initial mass, in the first week - from 2 to 6 kilo, then - from 7 to 13 kg per month.

Diet Bormentalja: menu for the week, reviews, recipes, results. Principles of diet doctors Bormentalja

from the diet Exit

It is not necessary to leave the diet before the required weight is secured. Number and approximate reset period will calculate the clinic expert or dietician. If you observe exactly all recommendations period usually does not exceed six months. When the ideal weight is reached, allowed to increase the caloric 1600-1800 kcal per day.

The main thing is that the propagators of diet Bormentalja, - the destruction of improper eating and getting rid of psychological dependence on food. The man, realizing it after passing through the system will be able to continue to maintain a health-conscious lifestyle by controlling your appetite and habits wisely and carefully.