Protein - Protein is ... for a set of muscle mass: reviews

There is an opinion that proteins are extremely harmful to health. Apparently, people just draw a parallel with the group of steroids. In fact, protein - it's just protein, allowing to strengthen the muscles and is a food additive.

The general concepts and definitions of

For any body's protein is a vital component and contained in almost all foods. A protein - a concentrated substance, preferably in powder form. Furthermore, it is one of the main sources of amino acids in the body and contributes to the provision of additional proteins independent cells. This is why protein is so popular among athletes, especially bodybuilders, as they help to strengthen and build muscle naturally.

In severe acute stresses the human body needs a lot of protein, which can not be obtained from food. Sportsmen use proteins to replenish the missing amino acids as a standard nutritional supplement. However, the most common mistake among bodybuilders - it is a limited diet. Do not think that the proteins are replaced with foods. Many young athletes deliberately refuse to eat, preferring additives, but the latter should be taken only with a full meal.

Protein - Protein is ... for a set of muscle mass: reviews

It is important to know that proteins are quickly absorbed in the body, in which a lot of carbohydrates. Scientific evidence shows that any of the additives should be in harmony with each other. The ideal proportion of protein and carbohydrates - 1 to 2, and only 10% of the fats should occupy. This optimum ratio, which makes the metabolism stable. It is clear that such a diet will get a proportion of unrealistic, so take the concentrated additive.

What are proteins

By kinds of proteins are divided into the following:

- serum;

- soy;

- egg;

- milk;

- meat and others.

Protein - a protein, so it can be obtained from any of the products, where they (the proteins) the maximum number.

Protein - Protein is ... for a set of muscle mass: reviews

The cheapest option is soy, but many people did not want his body to take, this gives rise to an upset stomach. In addition, by itself it has a very unpleasant smell. In medicine, it is most often prescribed to women.

Whey protein is the best for bodybuilders, as it has a useful property - rapidly and completely absorbed. Naturally, the quality will always be more expensive, but the result is fully justify the investment.

Other types of proteins are very rarely used, so they are hard to find.

How to obtain a concentrate

Entirely these additives are organic, so when they are created not use any chemical methods. The main advantage is that the protein - it is a natural protein obtained by extracting from a substance concentrate. In a conventional food contained in small amounts, it is not always enough for exercise.

Allocate concentrate using special technologies, removing ballast components and substances from natural products.

When to use additives

In fact, they can be taken at any age, as they do not cause harm, but on the contrary, strengthen the muscular system. As a child, there is no need to take protein concentrate. Similarly, in old age, but not all the elderly can use it, as there is the risk of complications in the kidneys. For teenagers reception of such additives will only be a plus, as is the restructuring of the body, and the immune system is particularly weak. Important: even the best protein should not be taken if a person is susceptible to allergies. In this case, we recommend a consultation with a doctor.

Protein - Protein is ... for a set of muscle mass: reviews

Are there harmful proteins from

As already noted, the negative effect from the protein concentrate may be in humans with renal failure. This is a major sign that you need to give up the idea with additives. Research has shown that small doses of a substance does not affect the internal organs, but there is a risk of renal damage in case the rate of protein in the body is exceeded.

Most allergens are soy protein. Guest experts say that this additive can cause side effects in men, because it contains large amounts of phytoestrogens, similar in effect to the eponymous female hormone.

When receiving any supplements have the risk of complications and harm to the body, but only if you do not comply with the dosage. This applies to the protein. Some people are afraid of the presence of nitrogen in it, but it very quickly excreted in the urine. In case of excessive consumption of the concentrate possible complications in urinary system. It is important to understand that when a large amount of protein in the body a person needs to experience severe physical stress. Then the problems with excess protein will not be exact.

The use of additives

The fact protein is harmful or not, we have talked in the previous section. Now consider its favor, which is certainly present. The protein in the body is the building material for all muscles. However, to increase their mass without high concentrate having a protein virtually impossible.

Protein - Protein is ... for a set of muscle mass: reviews

To date, each of the types of protein supplements is useful in its own way. If you use them properly, you can forget about tiredness and diseases. For a good digestion extra protein you need to take it as soon as sleep and exercise. When to use it at night, there is a risk of negative impact on the kidneys.

Comments about protein supplements

People involved in professional sports, in one voice insists on the use of the concentrated protein. The advantage of such additives is still in the fact that they are practically no carbohydrates and fats.

Currently, there is no bodybuilder who has not passed a full course of protein. According to the athletes, these supplements are universal for any organism and contribute to the accelerated development of muscle mass. In addition, protein helps easier to bear significant loads. Any fitness trainer with confidence confirm that a more appropriate natural supplements for beginners and professional athletes could not be found.

The benefits of whey protein

This supplement is considered to be the most effective and useful. No wonder whey protein included in the mandatory part of the diet of many bodybuilders and other athletes. Increasingly, this concentrate are ordinary people who have decided to give up bad habits and strengthen the immune system.

Studies proved that the correct use of the additive promotes remission of cancer in the early stages. Also, these proteins help fight HIV disease, decrease cortisol levels, improve brain function and liver, increases serotonin, regulate blood pressure. Athletes say that after regular courses whey concentrate is markedly reduced stress and improved mood after hard training. Some doctors recommend these supplements for the prevention of hepatitis. In whey concentrate seen high nutritional value, that helps athletes cope better with the diet. It also contains a sufficient amount of useful amino acids BCAA, which is why protein for gaining lean muscle is so important.

Protein - Protein is ... for a set of muscle mass: reviews

The defining feature is the addition of the ability to regulate the immune system by increasing the level of the most important for the body tripeptide GSH. It is worth noting that the secreted protein glutathione is also an additional antioxidant. Reduced GSH levels more often associated with severe fatigue after long training, so after they recommended to use whey concentrate.

Amazing results in today's sports has long been proven that this supplement is essential for all professionals.

Variations whey protein

For general development you need to know that this supplement has 3 types:

- concentrate;

- Protein ionic filtration;

- isolates.

The first type is a powder, the protein content of which not more than 40%. This is the best protein for practicing acrobatics, as it includes more and lactose, and the most important fats that are useful for the joints. In addition, there is a small percentage of non-denatured protein heavily mined. Such an additive is said to concentrate. In recent years, the level of pure protein in the protein greater than 70%, and lactose, respectively less.

Protein - Protein is ... for a set of muscle mass: reviews

The second type is called ion exchange. When you select a protein, it passes through a special filter. It has a high level of protein, and from all other species is the most natural. Most often used in sports. Isolated, in turn, are most concentrated protein supplement (96%). In the production of this protein is extremely expensive, because it is quite difficult to minimize the fat and lactose, without loss of biological activity. Properly extracted isolates are able to help the body fight cancer.

The prospects of serum additives

Protein - Protein is ... for a set of muscle mass: reviews

At this point, you can designate a number of possible stages of protein. This mainly affects the ion exchange. Now many institutions around the world are anxious to make the whey supplements are available on an industrial scale, that is to include them in food production. It's clear that such products will be more expensive than usual. And rightly so, because the protein - food for the body and for the quality and wholesome food is always willing to pay more.