Footballer David Beckham's life

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Footballer David Beckham's life

In the "Manchester United" I had to plow every day to fulfill his contract. Now in English football it's different: you have played ten games in the Premier League and has already ride on a huge car and sorish money. Maybe it sounds too like an old man, but it pisses me off.

Sometimes I wake up and think: "What a wonderful morning" - and going to shave his head.

My mother worked at night to the hairdresser and have time to keep track of three children. She instilled in me a love for work and clean. Maybe I would have been easier to sit on the couch and watch TV in the evenings, but not keep track of whether children will make a litter.

People look at my tattoos - and there are many religious images - and then asked: "You must be very religious man?" I respect all religions, but I do not count myself to any, I just try to live according to conscience and to respect people.

When my kids are going to punch a corner, someone thinks: "It's Beckham's sons. Perhaps, in their twisted plans kick into the top right-hand corner. " And they go and smear.

I believe that someone in heaven watching over us.

Once in New York, I saw a huge poster, where I was posing in shorts and I was overwhelmed very strange feeling. And then came some guy and said, "Oh my God! Yes, you have the size of a member of a rocket. " Grandpa taught me one important thing: always take it with a "Alka-Seltzer" and everything will be fine.

Before you move into a hotel room, I have to unpack all sneaker, bathrobes, magazines decomposed in places. I'm obsessed with order. It should be everywhere.

In the "Manchester United" went the happiest time in my life. I played with great players at the club, which he dreamed of since childhood.

I am proud of Victoria (the wife of an athlete - Esquire.): She left the Spice Girls, the best-known women's group in the world, to become a successful fashion designer, and she succeeded. In my opinion, it's unbelievable.

I was told recently: it is always necessary to wait for something to look forward, come what may. Otherwise, you become stale and you do not need to live.

As a child I was sure that I grow and run the London Marathon, but 26 miles - it's still too long distance for me. It will drive better on the bike.

If we still lived in LA, I would seriously think about returning to the field, but we are in London, and children like school around here.

Advertising underwear is not very convenient - no one likes hairy legs.

Nowhere else I will not feel comfortable than on the field. I played football 22 years old, but at age 38 won all the things only dreamed of.

I have no time for hobbies. My hobby - it's my job. And yet, perhaps it is my children. Journalists still can not forgive me this sarong (long skirt -. Esquire) at the World Cup in France.

I do not think that there is something sexy smell of a woman who had just emerged from the shower.

Kids love when I cook him pasta.

When we go to the movies or shopping, everyone will know Brooklyn (son of Beckham -. Esquire), and "that guy, which his photographs."

I do not think I have something different from the other hard workers and fathers.

I miss football every day. Sometimes it seems to me that even now I can vlegkuyu back on the field. Even at fifty I'll look at England and think: "God, I, too, so I am able." Well, I have a fellow realists, when I tell them that itches me in one place, so you want to play, they say, "Scratch and shut up, David."

I have a right to a couple of glasses of red wine at the weekend, but I'm not drunk, I have everything under control.

The only time my father told me that I was doing everything right, this is where I scored one hundredth goal for England.

I'm not ugly, I do know that.