10 facts about the happiness of the beloved childhood clown Slava Polunin

• 10 facts about happiness by Vyacheslav Polunin favorite childhood clown

Light, warmth and a lot of fun brings his every public appearance. Indifferent not is nobody - neither adults nor children, or grandparents.

In his famous recipes and touching "Asisyai" shares his wisdom, experience and love for his work. His divine talent to make people laugh and "touch" to the heart makes it unique.

10 facts about the happiness of the beloved childhood clown Slava Polunin

We publish simple recipe for happiness by Vyacheslav Polunin.

1. I have the law - called the "feet in the water." Every three to five years should sit on the bank of the river, lower legs in the water, do nothing, sit and think what you've done over the years? What for? Do I need it to do? Where are you going?..

2. Everyone should visit in India: an experience that greatly changes the attitude to life, gives a vivid example of the speed change and reorientation. Any need to be in countries where the joy of life is dissolved in the air, like bubbles in champagne, - in Italy, Cuba. In Cuba, I somehow many hours watching the guy hangs in the hotel lobby, curtain - he came, dancing, leaves, returns, included a tape recorder, tried on a ledge, back left, singing, snapping his fingers; He hung the curtain, it warps and fell - he waved his hand and went away completely satisfied; it is amazing, amazingly spent a few hours! 3. Go all along the same road boring, uninteresting, wrong. The horror of repetition: it was sitting, lying here, with this drink, eat with it, with this dance. Impossible. In short, you have to arrange a revision: you happy or not. This self-control is regular, mandatory procedure. As washing. And if you feel itching on the body of misery - it is necessary to eliminate.

4. It is necessary to understand exactly what and where in the wrong this time. And find the strength to make the step from this place - that's two. And it is always very painful. Very easy. And absolutely necessary.

5. To be happy need more internal work. Most people thought: that's finished, like, right "formula", I'm at it, and I will rely, because all the "smart" people do so. "Smart" people do not want to take the time to experience the world on their own. A fool wants povkalyvat. Well, why should not I step here? BUT!!! Wow !!! Now I understood. He makes mistakes, but he is living at the time. Uninteresting simply take all ready - it is interesting to live this every minute. These searches, mistakes and have a life.

6. To be unhappy - it's time to seek somewhere and do not notice that you are already there, where you want to go. Every day, you're in luck. But often people do not notice it. Here one thinks, if'll do something, make more money, take some altitude - in science, there, or in the community, then I'll be happy. He does not understand that is already in a state where there is happiness. Always. A fools and arrive. This is wisdom. Actually, clown task - to help a person to become a fool. Or cease to be unhappy. 7. Do you need just from what you have inside dzynkaet.

8. The longer I live, the more I realize that all "won" - this is when climbed to the top, is visible from everywhere. He hoisted the banner, won a medal, award, became famous in obronzovel monument. Nonsense. I'm interested in those who achieved something in itself. I now have more than a dozen friends, all of which - surprisingly happy people. And they manage to transmit this happiness no matter what their formal achievements, how much money they have, if they have any difficulties. They are stronger over the world. They are independent of the world, and help him to be happy ...

9. It is interesting to deal only with the fact that it is impossible. The rest - is uninteresting.

10. Be a fool - is to be happy. Fools - are those who in spite of everything are going straight to his happiness. Throw all unnecessary things and do only that which leads to joy.