50 facts about innate entrepreneurs

• 50 facts about innate entrepreneurs

How do you know that you - a born entrepreneur, if nothing is particularly important not to do? We are sure that you still all ahead!

Entrepreneur, writer and blogger Jason Demers allocated 50 rules, habits and character traits that will inevitably occur in natural-born entrepreneurs.

50 facts about innate entrepreneurs

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1. You are unable to sit still. You have all the time where something itches - you want to come up with something of such things, to do something great.

2. You always come up with ideas. They are good, there are bad, but they are a steady stream.

3. You note the flaws of others ideas. It gives you a natural way.

4. You admire successful business owners. Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates - here are just a few of your heroes.

5. You horrible rejoice in seeing a successful business. Whether it's a local bar or supermarket chain, when you see a well-arranged business, it makes you smile.

6. Do you constantly think about how one could improve the company's business, where you work.

7. You can not stand where you are told what to do. You annoyed when you have to obey orders.

8. You love to learn something new. All of these tutorials, articles, "how to do something" you just give birth.

9. Do I disassemble things to see how they work, how they are arranged. 10. Do you dream of wealth. Money - it is not everything, but you think about them a lot.

11. You do not give up easily. You meet in the way of serious difficulties, but you continue to move forward.

12. You disciplined: you define your schedule and stick to it.

13. You are not afraid of hard work. You give 100 percent.

14. Do you have a high tolerance for risk. You're not going to risk blindly, but do not settle for the available.

15. You get to know people with the largest possible number of people. You are not afraid to go out and meet new people for himself.

16. You are talking to everyone you meet. Strangers do not scare.

17. Are you recovering from a failure. You are faced with a crushing defeat, but it did not stop you, not hurt you to go back into operation.

18. Do you like to command. Do you like it when you feel the director.

19. You put in front of goal. Large, small - they fill your life.

20. You help people whenever there is a possibility. Are you interested in the common good.

21. You may encounter challenges in everything we do. And look for opportunities to challenge yourself.

22. Do you find ways to inspire people. Empowered by this inspiration.

23. You plan everything to the smallest detail. nothing happens without a plan.

24. Are you proud of yourself. Do you like the person who you have become.

25. You help friends solve their problems. You are well analyze these problems. 26. You effectively delegate tasks, allocate resources. This also applies to domestic work and business work.

27. You put deadlines for yourself. And it is not looking for an excuse to break them.

28. Do you like to tell stories and communicate to people their impressions.

29. Are you a competitive person. You even board games are always eager for victory.

30. Do you feel personally responsible. If you see a car on the side of the road, you stop and if you ask, you can do something to help.

31. you remove from your life that you do not have to work. Inefficient, annoying - all good-bye.

32. If you have any possibility of entering into negotiations. Flea markets, the salary - it is only the beginning.

33. Do you see the potential in people. You see them not for what they are now, and who they can become.

34. You are calm during the crisis. When trouble starts, you are able to think logically.

35. You remind people about yourself, when you want something. You do not give opportunities to evaporate.

36. You avoid wasting time. You have immunity to mobile games and idle chatter on social networks.

37. You convince people to switch over to their side. You're a good debater.

38. You make decisions rationally, not emotionally. For the most part you trust logic rather than emotion.

39. you do not forget about the emotions of others. And you feel sympathy for the people.

40. When you take up an interesting project you, you forget about the time. It flies by when you plunge headlong into business. 41. Do you often start new projects of interest.

42. Do you regularly update your house, car or anything else. There is always something with which you can mess that can be replaced or improved.

43. Are you crazy about new technologies. You are reading obsessively about how they can improve your life.

44. Every day you stay tuned. This is already a habit.

45. You devoured books. In each there is something new.

46. ​​You are listening to your inner voice and trust your instincts.

47. You are listening to the advice of others. You make decisions for yourself, but listen to the opinions of others.

48. You do not live in the past. When there is something wrong, you move on.

49. Are you willing to make sacrifices for the sake of what you want. You know that something has to give up to achieve great success.

50. You never give up the dream. You are serious about their aspirations. It's part of you.

Do you think that you - a born entrepreneur? If this portrait, you know yourself, it's time to get down to business.