Young mother: how to balance family and career

Young mother: how to balance family and career

With the advent of the child's habitual life is completely different, and the balance between the other important areas turns into a real challenge for the young mother. The constant lack of time, the stress of change are forcing many women dramatically change the way of life. But, as practice shows, it is not necessary to give up favorite activities, because motherhood - is not necessarily a one step, which you can climb to success. We decided to find out with how life changes after a baby and find out how to balance family, work and other important things.

1. Aspirations vs. Achievements

First of all it is necessary to remind ourselves that a permanent and perfect balance between the child and the things you love does not exist. It is impossible to be 100% successful at work and fully devote themselves to their families. But most importantly, it's okay. Much more important is to strive to ensure that each new day went as well as possible. At work, try to be productive, but at home to be sure that the child is fed on a schedule for a family dinner prepared and have time to relax. But also do not expect that it should always be. You need to plan to spend days just so, strive to implement the identified cases, but not to be disappointed every time a perfect balance has been found.

2. Focused attention

Young mothers have a tendency to lay on too many responsibilities, and eventually break from what has to literally juggle work commitments and family matters simultaneously. Sometimes balance work and time with your child, talking on the phone or checking email, for example, can lead to increased levels of stress, distraction. At this point, neither the child nor the case do not get your full concentration. Make it a rule to separate these two important areas of your life. If you take the time to work, in the work area, without being distracted no matter what; being a child, do not let work or other obligations interfere. This attitude will allow you to feel what you are doing as much as possible a lot for each of the required areas of your present life, without exposing any of them suffering.

3. Thanks himself

Young mother: how to balance family and career

If you do not have time to do what, in your opinion, should make an ideal mother, do not begin to reproach himself. Irritability, which accumulates in frustration, will poison not only you but also the people around you. Even when everything goes wrong, you need to find time to relax and forgive myself for all the failures. The only way to preserve his energy for a new day. Be grateful to yourself for what you are doing so much. Inner Balance - is the key to success, both at home and at work.

4. The celebration of even small victories

Regardless of whether you achieved great success at work or simply have completed all of the to-do list for the day, it is important to celebrate his victory. Even if the time and place is not quite appropriate, take the time to evaluate your progress. When you pay attention to even the small victories, you become aware of that ahead of you are waiting for even greater success and stop worrying about trivial ups and downs.

5. Priorities

When the situation at work or at home becomes unbearable, the ability to think about their priorities - lifeline to restore balance. At the end of a hard day, when you feel worse and can not be, remind yourself what is more important to you - family or career. You must find the strength to leave problems at work beyond the threshold and realize that this is not the end of your own personal light, but only a temporary trouble. The ability to combine work and family - it's a great achievement for a young mother, but it is always worth remembering what is on the list, then everything will happen naturally.