Happy life of Mark Twain

Happy life of Mark Twain

Quotes from the books of the great author will change your life once and for all.

November 30 marks the 178 years since the birth of Mark Twain. So today we remember one of the wittiest writers of the early twentieth century, which owes much to modern literature.

You are probably familiar with Mark Twain because of its world-famous book "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer." He also was a talented speaker, satirist and teacher. Writer through a lot: from the crazy success of his novels and friendship with the oil magnate, to the ruin of his publishing company and the death of three children and a wife. We can say with confidence that Mark Twain had a special outlook on life. Perhaps that's why people still quote his remarks.

Before you wise counsel of this extraordinary man, who can help make your life better.

"A man can not be satisfied with his life, if he is dissatisfied with a"

If you are dissatisfied with themselves, their behavior and actions, then, most likely, most of the time you will suffer from a general feeling of discomfort. But enough people are calm and get an inner freedom to do what he really wants. You must allow yourself to be what you want. Do not look for approval from others. Seek approval from yourself. Overcome the internal barrier and do not do samoedstvom. This is no easy task, and in order to deal with it, it may take time.

"Age is only in your mind. If you do not think about it, it does not exist "

Thus, the constraints in most cases exist only in our minds. We think that we are not the same, it was too late doing things you love and that changes - it's not for us. We can say with confidence that there are hardly any situations where too late to start doing what you really want to do.

"Mankind has a truly powerful weapon, and it is - laughter"

Humor can draw any serious situation into an occasion for laughter. And when the mood improves, and work becomes easier, because you do not dwell on bad things calm down and feel a surge of strength. Calm person is much easier to find the best solution to the problem.

"Anger - it is acid, which is more harmful to the vessel in which it is stored than to those on whom it pours"

Anger - destructive and useless thing especially for one who covered them. In anger, you lose control of the situation and believe in yourself first and foremost. A person to whom it is directed, may not even be aware of your feelings. Getting rid of anger will make your life more pleasant and easier.

"I do not proclaim to all around that world in your debt. Peace to you do not owe. It was up to you, "

Many people tend to think that everything should please them, for whatever reason, or even without it, or that the universe is simply obliged to give them what they want. But a lot happens for some unknown to us laws, and if everything is not the way you want - that's nobody's fault, try to do everything possible to get what you want yourself. This world is not seen, so do not fall even from the worst inequities.

"A man who has new ideas, will be considered a crank until the idea until it will not be successful,"

The new is always scary. The reaction of people is characterized not by you, but what are these people. It is their inner feelings, expressed in words and judgments, which they do. Even in the worst situation, sooner or later you will be left alone and will be engaged in their own affairs. Thus, do not frighten ourselves with phantoms, and do not be afraid to do what you see fit - many great people and innovators received recognition after the complete alienation.

"The pessimism - it's just a word, which is called wisdom nervous"

What is happening it is largely determined by the fact, on which to focus your attention. You can wallow in their problems and to create an image of the sufferer and victims. Or you can to focus on something positive and see how your life changes for the better. Involuntarily focusing on problems, you close your way to positive changes. You can start with a basic - stop thinking about the problems and make room for joy.

"The best way to shake themselves - is to shake someone else"

Perhaps, in this council is a contradiction: how to help others if you yourself feel unwell? But it is true, because by helping others, we help ourselves - people feel better by knowing that it was for someone savior. Positive feelings are transmitted to other people, and so you will do good again, encouraged by the help that you have had. And thus a positive spiral will continue to grow and continue.

"Twenty years from now you will be more sorry about that did not do than about what they had done. Therefore lift the anchor and swim away from the safe harbor. Catch the tail wind in their sails. Look. Dream. Take the opening "

Excellent quote! There is really nothing to add. Unless the board to write it and hang it on the refrigerator or on the bathroom door, to always remember what life needs. We have nothing more to add, except that another writer saying:

"The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated"