Pools Samara: address, price

Swimming is considered one of the most useful sports. It helps to improve blood flow and heart rate, builds small muscles, maintain a healthy weight. A few laps in the pool to help with the overall exercise will result in the rate of breathing and muscle tone. In recent years it has become very fashionable to teach kids to swim.

Pools Samara: address, price

Because of great benefit and growing popularity in many large cities of Russia opens new aqua park and swimming pools each year. In Samara they are too. It is no exception in this regard and the city. There are about thirty companies in this category, to the more well-known are:

  • "Neptune";
  • CSK VVS;
  • "The Seagull";
  • "Dolphin".

In these basins are allowed to swim together with their children.

Aqua "Neptune"

Pools Samara different, there are new, such as "The Seagull" and "Dolphin", they appeared relatively recently. There are also old, who for decades (CSK VVS, "Neptune"). Unfortunately, the state of the last age of the sites affected. This is not very good repair, showers are in poor condition, but the pool itself no complaints. It has a high resolution (twenty-two fifty-meter track), there is a separate "splash pool" for children (five to ten meters). During training plays nice music here. Water is poured into the pool of own artesian wells, and chlorination gipohlorirovanie used for its purification. Also in the complex building works many sports teams and clubs, there is a cafeteria.

Pools Samara: address, price

"Neptune" is located on the street Builders, Building 1. The cost of one class - 250 rubles.


Perhaps the Air Force Pool (Samara) is considered one of the biggest swimming complexes in the city. It is located at the address: Volzhsky prospect, 10. It is part of a sports complex CSK, which included a hotel, a leisure complex, several gyms. restaurant, massage, sporting goods store, vertical solarium for clients of the complex. The adjacent area there is a paid parking lot.

As for the pools, they are two. Both tracks have a length of fifty meters, a width of twenty-five meters. The water is chlorinated and disinfected with ultraviolet light.

Pools Samara: address, price

The pools allowed children aged between five years (accompanied by an adult). There are special classes and sections for pregnant women, teenagers and mothers with infants, swimming lessons, water aerobics.

The cost of visiting - from two hundred rubles. For retirees and some categories of persons are special prices. As for a doctor's visit at the complex, the adult is not required here.

At what time you can visit the CSK pool (Samara)

Swim in the pool of the complex can be from 7 am to 10 pm, every weekday. For more information on complex operations, pricing and services can be found on his official website.

Pool "Seagull"

It considered as a new swimming pool, which opened in the city not so long ago, but has already proven itself. It is located outside of the Soviet Army, Building 141, at SSEU.

Pool "Chaika" (Samara) is not large, but it pleases visitors with its clean, which is very important, especially for the children's classes. Its length is 25 meters of track, all tracks eight.

Pools Samara: address, price

In the pool area has children older than 6 years old, but their long walks here a little, so that classes get practical individual. While young coaches teach children to swim, parents can be engaged on the adjacent tracks and watch the progress of their children. Besides the pool, the complex has a gym and a snack bar.


Like many other pools in Samara, "The Seagull" is open from 7.00 to 22.00 (on weekends - from eight in the morning until nine at night). Monthly subscription will cost 3200 rubles (one class - 200 rubles.).

sports complex doors are always open for athletes and people swimming. The goal of his team - to make the sport accessible to citizens and to involve both children and adults to swim.

Swimming pool "Dolphin"

Pools Samara presented another college and university. This is the "Dolphin". He has a lot in common with "The Seagull" - novelty, unimpressive size (six lanes 25 meters long), a young team coaches and very reasonable prices.

Pools Samara: address, price

The cost of one lesson in "Dolphin" is 200 rubles (without the possibility of transferring employment) and 250 (with the possibility of transfer). Swimming lessons are held only on weekends.

"Dolphin" is located at street Academician Platonov, 1 (Samara State University).

In addition to swimming pools, above, in Samara has several fitness centers are also ready to offer its services to lovers of swimming:

  • "Matryoshka Plaza";
  • "Planet Fitness";
  • "Botek";
  • Imperial Fitness;
  • Luxury Fitness;
  • "Sportzavod";
  • "Zebra";
  • Kin up.
Pools Samara: address, price

These and many other clubs offer their customers as advanced swimming lessons with the coach and group. One-time tickets for the swimming pool is not provided, you must purchase a club card, but the level and quality of services in these complexes are usually much higher.