Pool "Youth" in Stavropol

If you decide to go in for sports, but to perform strenuous exercise laziness, and go for a morning jog is not the time, the swimming - this is exactly what you need. Here you can to choose for themselves the visit, and experienced coach will help pick up the load for you. Especially in the pool "Youth" Stavropol you can not only improve their health but also to relax.


Swimming Benefits

Swimming - it is one of the sports that benefit almost everyone. Many go for a swim to relax, someone is trying to deal with being overweight, but someone it helps to cope with back trouble.

Almost every city has sports facilities and swimming pools. Pool "Youth" Stavropol works precisely in order that children and adults could visit it for pleasure and to maintain health.

Many parents send their children to the pool so that they become calmer and more disciplined, adults come here to maintain health. For many children, the pool becomes a good prevention of back and many other diseases.

If you decide to use the pool "Youth" Stavropol, then you should know that with him in class should have a swimsuit, slippers, hats, soap and towel. Also to visit the pool need help from a therapist. Remember that the people who visit the pool, always characterized by the harmony of shapes, calmness and good humor.


How does the pool

The pool is open for a long time. But despite the fact that it works from the Soviet era, it is a modern complex for the whole family. The pool has qualified trainers and instructors who teach to swim quickly, not only children but also adults. Also here everyone can visit the fitness club.

The pool "Youth" Stavropol subscription cost varies from 1850 to 4000 rubles. The complex is located on the street Suvorov, 1 Opening hours: Monday-Friday from 7 to 21, Saturday and Sunday from 8 to 21.

Visit this complex Everyone can learn to swim, improve their health and lose a few extra kilos. The staff set out to make your life brighter and stronger health.