Pool "Neptune" in Samara, address, reviews

Many adults are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and teach their children to it. This requires good nutrition, exercise and give up bad habits. Many people attend gyms or fitness centers. In most cities there are all conditions. Especially popular are water sports, so the pool "Neptune" is visited by many people in the city of Samara. Those who only chooses a similar institution is useful to learn about its equipment, the services offered and feedback from visitors.


Features pool

The facility is a complete sports complex, where the main advantage is the water bowl. Its length is 50 meters, which is considered sufficient for the size of the competition. In this case, there are 22 tracks. In the deepest place designed for jumping, a depth of 5 meters.

Visitors are attracted not only a full bowl, but also water quality. Its characteristics are the pride of the institution. The water comes from private wells and purification runs using gipohlorirovaniya. Therefore, it becomes totally safe and devoid of odor.

Pool "Neptune" in Samara is a regular venue for local and regional swimming competitions. For the audience seats are provided.


about the services briefly

The sports complex "Neptun", in addition to the pool, the other sections are functioning. For this purpose, a fully-equipped meeting rooms. Visitors are invited to do:

  • shaping;
  • dances;
  • aerobics.

If you touch the water directly to employment, the pool "Neptune" (Samara) holds:

  • swimming lessons for children and adults;
  • initial skills training for diving;
  • aqua-aerobics classes.

In addition to the sports sections of the establishment features a Finnish sauna, where you can warm up.


Child Services

It is quite popular among the younger generation pool "Neptune" in Samara. Swimming lessons are conducted from 6 years. Groups for beginners recruited on a regular basis. The institution is staffed by professional trainers that output is not able to swim in the children's level professionals.

Only with the help of a doctor can attend to the pool Samara "Neptune". Register your child as possible after the announcement of a set of the group. To do so, produce a certificate, which is obtained by a pediatrician, and pay a monthly membership. When this certificate is valid the year, the next need to get a new one.

Groups are usually recruited in September. However, subject to availability coach can enroll the child in the other months. It should be noted that the pool is closed during the summer.

Sending a child to "Neptune" swimming pool (Samara) should take care that he was lying in the purse removable shoes, a bathing suit, cap, towel and soap.

Adult Entertainment

In addition to swimming training, the institution can be visited for free hanging in the water bowl or other sports. All sections have a fixed schedule, which should be specified on the phone. The size of the pool allows you to engage in it many water sports. They can also attend water aerobics, synchronized swimming and even scuba diving. The latter is especially popular, because once mastered the basics you can go to conquer the depths of the sea. The bowl may engage in multiple groups. This happens when a large influx of visitors, but the quality of the training has no effect because the size of the pool, this approach allows.

Many come in "Neptune" to just swim. To this end, the group provided with its schedule. Some quietly swimming, others train hard. In any case, the swimming pool will only benefit.

Those who do not want to swim, too, there is the matter of the soul. Adolescents and adult men can attend martial arts hall. Girls and women are recorded in the dancing, shaping and fitness. In this case, after a workout, you can fully relax. For this purpose a Finnish sauna and solarium. For visitors' convenience, all located in the immediate vicinity.


Prices for services

All prices recommended to specify the call. Pool "Neptune" does not apply to a modern fitness center, so the cost is relatively small. However, the staff tries to keep up with expensive sports clubs in the quality of services and the service provided.

institution management announced a global reconstruction of the entire complex. However, the exact date has not yet been declared.

lessons cost depends on the number of visits, sections and age. Thus, the one-time pass for an adult in the pool bowl is 350 rubles. If the child to acquire a subscription, the occupation will cost 270 rubles.

User Reviews

Pool "Neptune" in Samara reviews accumulated varied. Many people like the availability of activities for children and adults. Notes the work of qualified coaches. Children not only learn to swim, but also hosts a variety of events, which is a good incentive.

Adults say convenience attendance during child training. Possible at this time to spend time with benefits, go to aerobics or relax in the sauna. A special place worth diving tuition. In Samara few places where you can get the basic skills and "Neptune" offers a similar service.

However, there are quite a negative feedback. Visitors are not satisfied with uncomfortable changing rooms and showers. Sometimes there just is not enough room for everyone. This happens if the artist comes to free swimming, and children are not yet gone. Besides the cost to the training in the gym a few overpriced.



Swimming pool "Neptune" (Samara), the address is not the best for people visiting the city center. It is located at a distance, so its main visitors are the residents of the surrounding areas. However, there are those who come here by car.

Address: Samara, ul. Builders,. 1.

Nearby is a cozy park where you can walk after a workout. For those who live far away, this place is quite popular.