Alexander Shchukin - bodybuilder with a good sense of humor

Alexander Shchukin has long been inspired by the Cubs in this challenging sport like bodybuilding. In life, he tried his hand at many sports sections before you came to bodybuilding. Only thanks to his work and discipline he has been successful in this sport. Alexander Shchukin, bodybuilder, often recorded on video their training, which describes in detail the rules of the spectators and the program of its activities.

A career in bodybuilding

Alexander Shchukin - bodybuilder with the experience. He began his career in 2011. In the championship in St. Petersburg, he managed to take 5th place in the category "Men up to 100 kilograms." Alexander then still only acquainted with the world of bodybuilding. Already next year Shchukin became 3rd in the tournament of the Northwest Federal District in the category "Men are more than 100 kilograms." In 2013, he was at the Moscow Cup, took the 2nd place and Cup in St. Petersburg 6th. 2015 for Alexander was successful. At the Cup of Russia this bodybuilder became the 4th, and the championship and the Cup of St. Petersburg 3rd.

Alexander Shchukin - bodybuilder with a good sense of humor

Life is sport

Alexander Shchukin - bodybuilder who is interested than many. Previously, he was engaged in various types of martial arts, and even took part in professional fights. Now Alexander, in addition to their favorite sport, occasionally appeared in films and is the face of a famous brand in the field of sports nutrition, as well as Fit-Health stores. He regularly shoots video, which shows how to properly perform a variety of exercises and reveals the power secrets. Many beginners regularly follow the advice of the professional in the field of bodybuilding, as Alexander Shchukin.

Alexander Shchukin - bodybuilder with a good sense of humor

Train Alexander

Schukin Alexander - bodybuilder who spends in Hall 1, 5-2 hours. During this time, he spends workout, making the main part and is engaged in stretching the muscles at the end of the workout. Newcomers pay little attention to the warm-up, and in fact it warms up the muscles and prepare them for the upcoming load. The main part of Shchukin performs basic exercises such as bench press, deadlift, squat and others. At the beginning of this training an athlete for a long time engaged in building mass, and only then move on to the terrain. Fans bodybuilders are most interested in records management power. Alexander Shchukin presses bench press 215 kilograms in the deadlift - 330, as the squat - 300. This athlete is not going to stop there. Its main objective is to obtain a professional card from the International Federation of bodybuilders. After that he will be able to perform at many prestigious competitions. A card will mean that the work of Alexander Shchukin recognized worldwide.

Alexander Shchukin - bodybuilder with a good sense of humor

Tips for beginners athletes

Alexander Shchukin - bodybuilder in training which does not spare himself. He always says that the result comes only through pain. For muscle growth is necessary to take the maximum weight and do 3-5 reps. But such training is only suitable for trained athletes. Newcomers should not take more weight in the first days of classes. To begin, you need to prepare the muscles. It is best to consult a professional trainer, who will select the program depending on your level. Retraction in the training should take place smoothly. Otherwise you can get seriously injured and retire for a long time. Only after completion of the initial program should move on to the more perfect. Schukin Alexander - bodybuilder, whose biography has developed successfully. Now he is a popular figure. Fans love this athlete for his sincerity and great sense of humor. Alexander is hardworking and is always striving to conquer new heights. Perhaps ahead of this popular athlete waiting for higher achievements.

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