What is karting? Karting: basic rules

"What Russian does not like to drive fast?" - says the proverb, though it rightly attributed to everyone who drives a car or riding on smooth coating motorway. Traffic Regulations approved by the high-speed mode and the penalty for reckless drivers. And if you can not, but really want to take off, it is probably the best and safest way than go-karting, is not found.

It all started with the trolley

It is believed that the first prototype of the modern map was a trolley for transporting bombs during the Second World War. US military pilots had fun so arranging the race on these carts.

What is karting? Karting: basic rules

And all this would have remained on the fun the level of, if not the designer of the company, "Curtis KRAF Company", which is specialized in the production of racing cars. Art Ingle was the name of the designer and former pilot, presented to the public in 1956 in a race car with a sleek open motor, dubbed truck. Translated into English the word sounds like a cart. Later cars came to be called maps, and kart racing.

The two US based manufacturer: "Go-karting Company" and "Inglz-Borelli". map production begins expansion in the developed European countries. For example, bought a British businessman Automap five in 1958, Americans have grown to 1960 hundred companies producing cards. Then UK launches "carting" magazine.

The first card in Russia

The first domestic card came out of the walls of the Kursk city palace of pioneers in 1960, thanks to an experimental laboratory of small cars and master Leo Kononov. Another point was the promotion of the Kharkov Palace of Pioneers. There worked successfully section kart Edward Vitaly Kostenko and Enina. So wildly popular acquired kart that this sport had to admit at the official level. Federation of Automobile Sports of the USSR in late 1960 takes patronage over it and creates the first position and the requirements for karting, classification and rules of the competition. First All-Union race took place in Riga in 1962, and in 1963 Moscow adopted the first USSR Championship in karting. Acted Combined system: circuit race and race around the track.

What is karting? Karting: basic rules

The first national champions steel Koshits A. Stepanov and in categories 175 cm 3 and 125 cm 3 respectively. By 70-80 years of karting becomes absolute choice of young people. In DOSAAF involved about 130 thousand young men and women, adults and children. For this purpose built 180 trails and 33 thousand cards.

The emergence of federations

In May 1960, the International Federation of Motorsport has decided that karting - the same form of motor racing, as Formula 1. The International Commission on the kart has been established that the competition is held. Debut championship was held in 1962 in the capital of Italy. In 1992, to replace the Federation of Automobile Sports of the USSR came to the Russian Automobile Association (RAF), which was later, in agreement with the International Federation of Motorsport Karting Association has allocated RAF to support and promote the national sport.

Device modern maps

The car has two pedals: the gas and brake. The brake pedal is sensitive enough, and the course is harsh in comparison with the usual car. No depreciation. Vibration caused by the engine speed, which is attached to the frame. Dynamic move the car gives drivers a pleasure that karting becomes a popular pastime.

What is karting? Karting: basic rules

A distinctive feature on different photo-kart so that you will notice a different inversion of the wheels on the front axle when cornering. The more twisting the wheel to the left, the more the left wheel is turned out larger than the right. With the right eversion there is the same analogy. Light weight and ease of steering does require sufficient physical training. Even after a small tracking very tired muscles in the arms and shoulder girdle, and attempt to keep the car at a speed causes the entire body to work in a static voltage. Another feature of the card - it's his all-season. On winter tires spikes and protectors such that carting and winter wonderful to deal with. Moreover, in the Nordic countries generally spend the winter, and the competition on the car.

Classification of machines

What is karting from a technical point of view? This dynamically growing sport, requiring new technologies, ergonomic solutions, power and enhanced security measures. And mechanics worked and are working on it constantly. A variety of specifications and capabilities developed in a single classifier cars. Officially, it goes like this: "Classification and technical requirements for race cars cards".

What is karting? Karting: basic rules

There are four groups:

  • Group 1 It includes maps "Formula A" and "Formula Super A". Similar specifications with little advantage second. KF-1 and "super card" refers to the first group, different engine capacity.
  • Group 2 The second group includes "Intercontinental-A-Junior", "Intercontinental-A", KZ1, KZ2, "Rotax Max" and others.
  • Group 3. "Pioneer", "Cadet", "Micro" - it's all cars registered in the Russian Automobile Federation.
  • Group 4 Various variations class "Izzy Maps" are characterized by an engine capacity of 50 to 125 cubic meters without a gearbox. There is also a "Izzy Shifter Kart" with a 6-speed manual.

Competition classes

Classes in which the athletes compete, directly depend on the type of card:

International classes is a map KF2, KF3, KZ1, KZ2, "ROTAX MAX" Izzy map. "The cars participating in international tournaments.

National classes ( "Pioneer", "Cadet", "National Junior" and others.) Are carried out at the state level, all cars registered in the RAF.

What is karting? Karting: basic rules

Children's classes begins the class "Micro" and end class "Izzy Card 60". Harakterzuyutsya age groups and a high-speed mode.

Amateur classes participate in competitions in rolling cards, ie every karting center can arrange a championship with its own prize. A feature is the lack of receipt discharge.

Factory classes represent a match on the car manufacturer.

The basic rules of

National sports rules Karting dated 2006. All the rules of the eight main points. They say that the official competent organizer is the Federation of Automobile Sports. All the rules of karting competitions for local scale should be agreed with the FAS, have correctly completed documentation. The following are features of the direct arrival. The document says that the rules start signal for participants to be determined.

What is karting? Karting: basic rules

indicates the start of the line, which can be a stroke or a place. To the starting line with a characteristic feature of the place, in front of which all cars are built. The starting line from the course is the starting point of timekeeping. Describes the requirements for the location of the light tower. In the event of a breakdown of traffic lights at competitions use signal flags. The following basic rules karting timing problem set: the definition of time to control the races, the timing of each driver and the timing of a better time or a better range.

Not only professional athletes, but also fans should know about the rules of cornering in karting. True predetermined trajectory when cornering speed allows you to save map and squeeze the maximum out of the car. Turn the need for a gentle curve track. If you choose a short path or the inner side of the track, it is necessary to reduce the speed. Professionals advise to enter into a turn slowly and accelerate away. Tactics in turns depends on the track itself. If odnin turn is followed by another, then immediately have to think through all the way, slowing down at the first corner.

Children karting

On the question of what kart for children and whether it is necessary, we can safely say that it is almost the perfect start to practice motor racing. Since it began, Michael Schumacher, Mickey Hakini. In addition, you can engage in a 6-year-olds. Allocate appropriate classes: "Micro" (6-9 years), "Mini" (8-11 years), "Super Mini" (11-13 years old), "Izzy cards".

What is karting? Karting: basic rules

Features children's karting, perhaps composed in weight and litrazhnosti car. For local competitions speed limit card reaches 40 km / h. The maximum speed of 100 km / h is permitted in class "Supermini" for participants 11-13 years old.