What is a skin condition, and from which it depends

Consider the concept of "skin condition". What you need to know, what is it?

The main condition for the beauty of any person - a youth of the skin. If people want to as long as possible to remain attractive, they need to know what the turgor.

What is a skin condition, and from which it depends


In today's world, where everything is literally obsessed with youth and beauty, it is necessary to have a clear view of the components of the beauty of the skin, one of the "components" which is its elasticity and smoothness.

What is turgor and how it relates to tone? The tone of the dermis, or, in other words, its turgor - is filling the internal fluid cells. If the water in the body sufficient quantity, and our skin looks smooth and supple.

Biological turgor definition reads: is the internal pressure in the cell, on which the voltage of cell membranes.

How to determine the tone of the epidermis

This is fairly easy. It is necessary in any area of ​​the body to take the skin between two fingers and pull it a little. It is best for this suitable areas on the hands or face, because it is here that most human thin skin, which first responds to changes in the water balance in the body. When we remove the fingers after the pinch, the skin beneath them immediately takes the original look. This means that from the tone of your body's all right. But if your skin for a few seconds left in the raised position, not smoothed immediately, which means that the skin turgor reduced.

What is a skin condition, and from which it depends

The reasons for reducing the elasticity of

The older the person, the harder the skin to retain moisture within the cells, its turgor decreases. But even at a young age may be a significant decrease in elasticity.

The most common reasons:

  1. Lack of water balance. What is turgor dermis? This is primarily her enough moisture. If you drink enough fluid, the whole body suffers. Especially noticeable lack of moisture in the skin - it is not enough flexible. Primarily dermis necessary to humidify by continuous drinking water, not less than two liters per day. Some new followers of a healthy lifestyle argue that drinking water should be in the amount of five liters a day, but this position is not proved by official medicine. Moreover, medical research paper states that a person should drink two liters per day of any liquid, not just water. This may include, tea, and milk, and even soup.
  2. Age-related changes associated with a decrease in sex hormones. Especially noticeable decrease in skin elasticity in women significantly after the onset of menopause.
  3. What is turgor and bad habits? No matter how trite it sounds, but smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages at times reduces the elasticity of the skin.
  4. Ultraviolet light dries the skin, and hence turgor decreases significantly. To preserve youthful skin from the sun should be abandoned. Even the use of sunscreen does not guarantee full protection from the effects of dangerous sun rays. Will have to choose - even tan and dry skin or noble pallor and high elasticity of the skin.
What is a skin condition, and from which it depends

As a conclusion

On your skin you need to take care of from a young age. Then it for a long time to be young and beautiful.