Swiss "Stellar" cosmetics (Stellary): review, reviews

Not so long ago appeared in the sale of cosmetics "Stellar". Novelty immediately appreciated the beauty bloggers and ordinary women customers. Products won the hearts of women, not only for their quality but also a wide range. news creators took into account the latest trends in the art of makeup and requirements of buyers. This article will look at what constitutes a cosmetic, which offers products manufacturer and that women think about it.


Description Cosmetics

Name Stellary cosmetics translates to English as "stellar". This decision implies that the use of products every woman will be able to independently create a desired image without going to a beauty salon.

"Stellar" Cosmetics has the following features:

  • is created using modern technologies of hypoallergenic component;
  • even such a trifle as packaging, deserve special design and practical implementation;
  • soft texture and ease of application of cosmetics allows to compare it with similar class "luxury";
  • range is divided according to the principle tsvetotipa, this solution greatly simplifies the search for the appropriate means. Swiss

Cosmetics Sales

All products of Swiss cosmetics "Stellar" can be viewed on the official website. There is also a detailed description of each product and a list of stores where you can buy goods. Sometimes the manufacturer conducts promotions and discounts organizes this information, too, is on the site.

Cosmetics made for four major tsvetotip women:

  • Winter (brunette) - designation of the color palette - W;
  • Spring (blonde) - designation of the color palette - Sp;
  • Summer (brown hair) - a designation of the color palette - S;
  • Autumn (haired) - designation of the color palette - F. The

With this distribution required palette selection becomes easier. Especially if the products are selected for a gift. Buy cosmetics can only be in the shops "Magnet Cosmetic". Brand stands with current probes palettes and always expect their customers.


Advantages and disadvantages of

Cosmetics "Stellar", as well as any product has its positive and negative sides. Among the comments of experts can be found mention of these virtues:

  • products tsvetotip represented by four women: if you can not pick up the makeup, you can use the navigation on the site and to determine the desired shade and color;
  • composition is enriched with essential vitamins and amino acids that care for sensitive skin;
  • a wide palette of colors and textures;
  • resistance makeup;
  • Cosmetics affordable cost Swiss brand Stellary Cosmetics AG;
  • a nice texture and use the latest technologies to create products.

The only drawback is the lack of an online store. In other moments cosmetics competes goods not only for its price range, but the "luxury".

Lipstick Stellary

Lipstick "Stellar" has a very rich palette. Consider the options:

  • Classic - Lipstick - applied easily, smoothly and tightly covers the lips. The composition includes vitamin E and shea butter. Palette 12 includes hues (from W01 to W12) for all tsvetotip.
  • Cream Lipstick - Creamy Lips - will create the effect of sensual lips. As part of the cocoa butter, shea and grape seeds. Palette 16 includes shades depending on tsvetotipa.
  • Lipstick Balm - Fruity Lipstick - characterized by a fruity aroma and a pencil shape. Palette 10 includes shades.
  • resistant lipstick - Long Lasting Lipstick - Candelilla wax in the composition provides a stable coating. Palette tsvetotipu fitted to and includes 24 color.
  • Liquid Lipstick - Shine Lipstick - has the effect of gloss and good durability. With convenient applicator is easy to apply. Palette includes 6 colors.
  • Matte lipstick - Matte Lipstick - provides a uniform coating, has a fruity aroma. Palette includes 6 colors.
  • Radiant Lipstick - Glow Lips - with the effect of diamond brilliance. It contains a part of vitamin E. The palette chosen by tsvetotipu and includes 8 colors.

Reviews of lipstick "Stellar" confirm the claimed quality of the product. Also women customers pay attention to the diversity of the palette. Many positive about the texture and flavor of lipsticks.



An integral part of the makeup is mascara. "Stellar" offers women quality product and constantly updated collection.

In the store you can find such mascara:

  • Mascara Wild Volume - make-up means for obtaining the maximum volume effect. It has a thin brush and is available in one color - Black 01.
  • Mascara Ultra Long Black Mascara - a means to achieve the maximum lengthening eyelashes. The brush has a different diameter and ideally help to paint over all cilia.
  • Mascara Glam Volume - will help to create recycled cilia, by the use of a curved brush.
  • Ink "Rich Volume" - provide a hypnotic gaze through the maximum volume and the separation of the cilia, it is promoted by a special thick brush.
  • Ink Deep Black Drama - fill cilia deep black shade and create an elegant bend.
  • Black Star Mascara 3 in 1 - at the same time lengthen, section and tighten up all lashes, even the smallest. Characterized special packaging that protects the ink from the heating, cooling and premature drying.
  • Ink Angel Look - curved nylon brush to help create a real angelic look with volume.
  • Mascara Lash Award - a tool that will create the effect of false eyelashes, providing panoramic volume and density. The structure includes a gel and a wax that envelop every hair.
  • Ink Skyscraper - a tool that perfectly lengthen and tighten each cilium. Convenient brush will create a perfect look for one touch.

Reviews of the cosmetics "Stellar" confirm that it is comfortable to use and helps to create a spectacular image. Also, the product is of high quality, which is reflected in the fact that the ink does not crumble and does not leak after some time. Especially pleases shoppers value of the goods.



Shadows "Stellar" is available in four types:

  • Eyeshadow set Nude - set eyeshadow 6 brown. Available matte and pearlescent options. Shadows can be applied dry and wet methods.
  • Duo Eyeshadows - double compact shadows that have a high concentration of pigments. Can be applied dry and wet methods.
  • E-Clipse - monoteni which presented options: matte, glossy, pale pearl. They can pick up on tsvetotipu.
  • Eyeshadow set - shadows sets that consist of three monochrome elements. There is a choice of tsvetotipu.

Reviews eyeshadow mostly positive. All women like palette and texture of the product. Also isolated resistance and ease of application. Makeup is produced naturally and lasts all day long. The negative reviews are the most common opinion that the goods can not buy in all stores.


Differences from counterfeiting

On sale you can find fake cosmetics Stellary. It extends "from hands" or via the Internet. Sometimes women customers do not know what to look for, and catch the poor-quality goods. Experts advise to always check the original criteria for cosmetics:

  • Certificate confirming the quality. The easiest way to identify a fake is the requirement of a certificate of quality. At the point of sale is present be sure, and the seller must provide his first request.
  • Proper packaging. When you buy should just look at the packaging. It should be sealed, with no damage, the correct form. Inside each box, the manufacturer reserves the corporate image. All plastic parts should be well treated, without streaks and irregularities.
  • Barcode. That it reflects the country of origin. Europe - a code of EAN-1 of 13 bits. You can have barcode verification program to confirm or deny the authenticity.
  • Point of sale and cost. It is worth to buy cosmetics only proven shops that are licensed to sell it. Cost can vary several times, even if the manufacturer arranges discount or promotion.

It is possible to say that the "Stellar" takes a firm position among budget options cosmetics. She recently appeared on the market, but many women have tried this product and were satisfied.