"Divazh" mascara: description, reviews

Divage brand was created by the leading Russian perfumery and cosmetic holding "United Europe" in 1999, 3 March. 3 years young brand actively developed in Russia, and since 2002 began to conquer the beauty market is the Baltic and CIS countries.

The brand

The success of the brand "Divazh" based on good quality, modern textures and acceptable cost. Production of all resources based on natural extracts and aromatic perfumes. It is also famous for its production of the original design of packaging, seasonal collections and novelties.

According to the manufacturer, "Divazh" - it is the luxury cosmetics, but at an affordable price. Therefore, the bulk of buyers make fashionable and stylish girls who want to be beautiful without harm.

volume. Separation. Care: Ink "Divazh" 90-60-90 Extra Volume & Length

Reviews for this product are quite diverse. Someone is not attracted simple design, someone was unhappy with the result. However, despite this, the carcasses of the army of fans was satisfied novelty favorite brand.

Perhaps the reason was the attention to the brand safety of the products. Divage produces total quality control, which can not but flatter women customers. It is for that mascara "Divazh" 90-60-90 does not cause an allergic reaction, and acts as a fitness center, it is loved by many women.

According to the manufacturer, the product extends and makes lashes thick in a few strokes of the brush.

Ink "Divazh" (pink) is available in several colors: brown strict, classic black, and blue light-headed for owners of gray and blue eyes. Volume of the tube - 10 ml. In its composition of ink has the following components

  • paraffin;
  • stearic acid;
  • glycerol;
  • palmitic acid.

Also, the product is replete with extracts from olives, macadamia nut and lemon. Carcase production was based on corn oil, sunflower seed. A as binder components used acacia Senegal and beeswax.

Useful quality and features of

  1. With a curative effect, mascara "Divazh" (reviews confirm it) stimulates the growth of eyelashes.
  2. Gives volume, bending and does not stick.
  3. With regular use mascara eyelashes are a few millimeters long.
  4. Due to the natural ingredients of the product has a firming effect and reducing.
  5. With special viscous texture created "Divazh" company experts, ink does not crumble and come into contact with water, it does not leave stains.

In addition to pink, the product is produced in a case fuchsia. However, the feature of the carcass is marking each tone:

  • 6101 - complies with the classic black;
  • 6102 - belongs to the brown hues;
  • 6103 - juicy blue.

If you paint over eyelashes brown tone, and on top of the product will take place under the number 6103, the result is a deep blue color, which does not give any one ink. Women customers, take advantage of this trick, said that sight becomes more expressive and with great charm.

Mascara False Lashes

According to the manufacturer, dreams are real, and become "Covergirl" will just mascara "Divazh" with the effect of false eyelashes. Specially designed trilateral polymer brush to paint evenly and give a lengthening effect. Appearance of the product in a fairly simple: sleek matte plastic case, equipped with a metering device, whereby during use on schotke not remain excess product. The lid closes tightly - until it clicks.

Consistency, as well as all similar products from "Divazh", ink is not liquid, but not tight. Producers in this case was able to find a "middle ground". The work is not capricious, and when applied does not leave fingerprints on the eyelid. As for the eyelashes, their product does not stick and does not create lumps.

The silicone brush classical form has a small bristles. This is the convenience: you can paint over both the upper and lower lashes.

Feedback from buyers, special attention should be paid to the stability of the product. Ink does not crumble and behaves well in rainy weather, but has no water-resistant effect.

hydrogel Lengthening mascara shiny lacquered effect Long Lashes

This product manufacturer writes the following information:

  • hydrogel texture lengthens eyelashes 4 mm, while not weighing them;
  • bending is fixed thanks to special waxes included in the product;
  • shiny black shade with a lacquer effect is based on the content of a special pigment developed "Divazh" company experts;
  • ink in its composition is castor oil.

And what about in practice? Feedback from buyers, the product is almost completely corresponds to the above advantages. Let's start with the pros. Mascara really black, curls and lengthens. On the one hand short tassels arranged teeth (for staining the lower lashes), and on the other - long (used as a comb). In this dignity over, so we go to the shortcomings:

  • Plastic brush during an unsuccessful application of scratch and stain the eyelids (unusual for "Divazh").
  • Ink absolutely can not tolerate wet weather. Caught in the rain or in the snow? Be prepared for the fact that you have to remove the stamped product from the skin.
  • When removing makeup impression that the eyelids are half of the tube. Therefore it is necessary to repeat the procedure several times makeup remover.

Mascara 90x60x90 Wonder Volume

Let's start with the advantages:

  • has a special brush pyatisfernuyu shaped to paint over how long eyelashes, and short.
  • In the structure there are nylon microfiber, creating the effect of setting up a cascade. Thus, the microvilli are glued to the eyelashes due to the wax, and thereby achieved elongation.
  • The dense texture does not allow product to flow, imprinted eyelids and crumble.

How to apply mascara "Divazh"? Reviews recommend shoppers cause the first layer of the base of the eyelashes to the ends and wait for complete drying. To consolidate the villi and impart expressiveness view the second layer must be applied only on the tips, thus making a zigzag motion.


In conclusion, we note that "Divazh" is one of the most popular international brands that have a productive and ongoing cooperation with the following manufacturers of cosmetics from Europe: Faber Castel, Croma, International laquers, Gamma Cosmetics, Intercos, Fiabila.