Mascara "Vivienne Sabo": Features, producer and reviews

What is the only makeup does not release company "Vivienne Sabo"! Mascara, blush, eyeliner, lipstick and lip gloss. What is this manufacturer was and where it came from? In this article we will talk about it. Our focus will be mascara. What are their views and what they say about these comments? This you will read in this article.


What do we know about the cosmetic company "Vivienne Sabo"?

Despite the fact that on every product packaging emblazoned the word "Paris", cosmetics, this has nothing to do with Paris. The idea of ​​creating a company with the euphonious French name belongs to Russian businessman. To advertise was composed a beautiful legend about a girl named Vivienne Sabo. Allegedly, she studied at the Sorbonne in the Faculty of Chemistry and was in love with the beautiful classmate Louis. World War II wiped out the young man from the book of the living. Following him, he died of grief and Vivienne. This beautiful legend was largely borrowed from the novel by French writer Claudine Beaumont "Paris, violets and love." But this does not mean that the products are "Vivienne Sabo" mascara that we describe here is bad. You just need to dot all the i. "Vivienne Sabo" - the Russian cosmetics, and this is due to its surprisingly low price. And what about the quality?



Eventailliste French word translates as "the seller fans." The title of makeup to reveal the secrets of its effectiveness. Mascara "Vivienne Sabo Eventalist" curls lashes so that they become like a fan. Beautiful provides flexural elastic pile brush with nylon bristles. She picks up hair and expertly curls them. A eyelashes to retain the shape of an opened fan manufacturer added to the formula mascara polymers and natural waxes. This composition makes the hair manageable. But resistant makeup is not a kind of "wooden" eyelashes. They seem very natural. Texture from "Eventalist" creamy, allowing uniform paint over the cilia. How can characterize reviews mascara "Vivienne Sabo Seller fan"? Even the biggest fussy was found in only one drawback. It lies in the fact that this type of mascara is available only in black color. Consumers liked the design of a golden tube with black lettering and a picture on the bottom. This stylish little thing - a real decoration of cosmetic. Brush thin, and if the bring it to the eyes of the curved side, you can paint over the most eyelash roots.


Ink "Vivienne Sabo Cabaret"

This legendary bestseller - a tribute to the Parisian way of life. After all, the world's first theater appeared in the capital of France. This mascara is suitable for those girls who want to create makeup to emphasize the eyes. The manufacturer promises the effect of volume of eyelashes, which is visible from afar. So beautiful actress's eyes, leaving on the stage cabaret.

But whether the effect creates a thick and long eyelashes mascara "Vivienne Sabo Cabaret"? Reviews claim that, if the paint with one layer of the eye, make-up will look very natural. "Stage effect" is achieved after applying repeated layers. Plastic brush elastic good grasp lashes and combs them, enveloping every millimeter thick creamy mascara. It is "grasped" in a matter of seconds. Ink smears do not ever and do not crumble. In addition, it is quite waterproof. Tool is available fragrance free and does not irritate eyes. This species is also only available in black embodiment.



Ink "Vivienne Sabo Cabaret Prime"

Not every first pancake comes out lumpy. Normal ink "Cabaret", without any doubt, is good. But the conscientious manufacturer always strives on excellence to excellent. Therefore, there was a "Premiere Cabaret". In this mascara texture was improved. It has become more elastic and easy. Improved plastic brush combs the lashes and distributes the paint evenly, without lumps.

In addition to the luxurious volume, this mascara also creates delightful bend. Glance it seems deep, mysterious, alluring. Golden bottle is made very nicely. This mascara is also available in a waterproof version. In such a case housing violet vial. Mascara "Vivienne Sabo Cabaret" reviews called perfect, but lamented the poor palette. Therefore, the "premiere" the manufacturer has released in five shades. In addition to black carbon, can buy purple, blue, chocolate and celadon.


"Dame de la Cour"

Dame de la cour means "mistress." From the history of France, we know how great the influence of such individuals had at the royal court. And the manufacturer promises that the ink "Vivienne Sabo Dame de la Cour" will be your favorite for many years. After all, it is multifunctional. Mascara does not only paint the lashes in coal black color, but also lengthen them, and give them the mysterious bend, and make it more bulky. Consumer reviews note that there is very convenient brush. Polymer brush thickly studded with villi. One stroke is sufficient to give the eyelashes length, volume and flirty bending. Reviews also praises a beautiful black bottle with gold vignettes on the body and the same cap. Mascara coats lashes evenly, does not affect the upper eyelid, does not create lumps and crumbles. But this kind is available in only one color - black.

"Eiffel Tower"

Mascara "Vivienne Sabo Tour Effel" is created for women, whom nature has endowed with rare and thin eyelashes. If you do not want to scenic effect, but on the contrary, want to look natural, this is the tool for you - assure reviews. The carcasses "Eiffel Tower" producer perfected the formula. Gum acacia Senegal, rice bran wax and collagen increase the volume of eyelashes several times, and thus do not aggravate them. This mascara brush is made in the form of the spinning spindles. This allows you to get to the roots, and paint over the corners of the eyes. Thick bristle brush hairs are separated and do not allow them to stick together. In addition, the manufacturer says that cosmetics cares for eyelashes. Part of the carcass collagen fills in the cracks on the surface of hairs and feeds them.