How to choose a nutrition program for your lifestyle

No matter what the goal is in front of you - to remove a few centimeters in the hips, gain muscle or just start to eat, plan a healthy diet can help achieve the desired result.

We talked to the chief of the company's brand GooD FooD Academy Alexandra Kutuzova and explain how to choose the right diet, based on the individual needs to adhere to the system lifetime.

For those who lose weight

How to choose a nutrition program for your lifestyle

The strict restrictive diets do not produce long-term results - a healthy diet is broken, the body is not getting the right amount of nutrients, leading to nutritional breakdowns and additional weight gain.

The real key to safe and successful weight loss when inactive lifestyle is a healthy balanced diet.

Studies show that healthy eating fiber can help you lose weight or keep it at the optimal point. Increase its content per meal is very simple - add a bit of beans in the vegetable salad, eat oatmeal for breakfast or a snack farm yogurt with nuts and dried fruits.

High-protein foods - lean meat and fish, eggs and legumes - help prevent unhealthy snacking and control your appetite throughout the day.

You do not even need to give up sweets - bring pleasure and favor low-calorie desserts such as lemon cheesecake, cottage cheese casserole or panna cotta with cherries.

Choose a nutrition program for weight loss

For those who want to gain weight

How to choose a nutrition program for your lifestyle

There are many reasons why girls want to gain weight, and the same number of misconceptions about how to do it. If you suddenly lost weight, unhappy with her figure and want to round shape, or actively work to increase muscle mass, adjustment of the basic principles of food will help you gain the necessary weight, without damaging the piece. Eat small meals, but often - at least five times a day, giving preference to food protein, complex carbohydrates and polyunsaturated fats. In your daily diet should include poultry, fish, seafood and eggs - they help strengthen the immune system and accelerate muscle growth.

To replenish the energy each meal should include a sufficient number of fiber rich in carbohydrates. It can be a variety of salads, vegetables, casseroles, stews or soups with seasonal vegetables.

In addition, you should dilute your diet dairy products, healthy desserts without sugar. Curd cheesecake, yoghurts, fruit desserts, or oatmeal cookies help gain a little weight, increase muscle and not get bored on a diet.

Choose a nutrition program for weight gain

For those who are involved in sports

How to choose a nutrition program for your lifestyle

For girls who are actively involved in sports, a healthy diet is important to maintain muscle mass. You need to eat at least four times a day and make sure that the diet was attended by carbohydrates, protein and healthy fiber.

Compensate for lost energy can be at the expense of fresh vegetables, fruits and whole-grain foods such as millet porridge, buckwheat noodles, bulgur or oatcakes.

Protein products do not give a lot of energy, but they are essential for muscle growth and repair. Give preference to lean beef, lean fish, chicken without the skin, turkey, eggs, beans and nuts.

Do not forget about dairy products low in fat, they contain calcium necessary to maintain strength and bone health.

Choose nutrition program for sports

For those who do not eat meat

How to choose a nutrition program for your lifestyle

Pesketarianskoe menu may be a good nutritional alternative for women who have decided to completely give up eating meat.

The basis of this power system is based on fish and seafood - sources of easily digestible protein, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, trace elements and vitamins of group B. They improve metabolism and help maintain optimal weight around, strengthen the immune system and help to strengthen the bones and joints.

You can combine a fish protein diet with useful vegetarian dishes and light desserts: rice, bulgur, pasta, mushrooms, fresh, steamed or baked vegetables, yogurt and cheese pastries.

Choose a nutrition program without meat

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