How to organize a wedding is not like everyone else

How to organize a wedding is not like everyone else

The traditional feast, custom screaming "Bitter!" Ridiculous competitions and photo shoot in the familiar childhood places - not at all the things that make a wedding special and make of it fondly remember all the years that followed. If you dream about a magical Mediterranean or exotic wedding ceremony on the sandy shores of the ocean, we have 5 exciting wedding destination for you, where you can not only register the original marriage, but also to go on a romantic honeymoon.

What to do before the wedding

Official wedding ceremony abroad much more energy-intensive than symbolic. Before you run for the tickets to a selected point on the globe, request a list of the necessary documents for the wedding in the country's consulate or by a specialist engaged in triumph. Usually, for the official registration need the following documents:

- Russian passports

- birth certificate

- passport and a copy

- afidavit - a certificate from the registrar of the absence of legal impediments to marriage

- completed questionnaires - if the organization of the wedding takes place under the roof of the hotel

- a certificate of dissolution of a previous marriage and death certificate of spouse, if any.

Where to


How to organize a wedding is not like everyone else

The popular solar European country - a real wedding mecca. From ancient majestic architecture to perfect sandy beaches - the potential of the Greek wedding goes beyond the imagination. The mild climate, the endless blue sky, creating a stunning backdrop for beautiful wedding photos, and a lot of scenic spots, where you can exchange vows.

Cost: from 1465 euros.

Legal aspects: Before officially register a marriage, you will have at least a week to stay in Athens. Otherwise, you must be satisfied with a symbolic ceremony. What to visit: Santorini Island - one of the most beautiful islands in the world, with its snow-white architecture, picturesque villages, gorgeous sunsets and sandy beaches. Charming Nafplio aura in the east of the Peloponnese sure to win you over. Neoclassical mansions, covered with bougainvillea, a small area with a variety of stylish restaurants and the waterfront, ideal for a romantic evening stroll.

Located just two hours away from Athens, Spetses island is known for its natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere. Stay in one of the hotels of the island and spend the day on a secluded beach, before heading into town to enjoy local dishes in the restaurant or tavern. You can also spend a day on the study of the nearby islands or take a ride on a yacht in the Saronic Gulf.


How to organize a wedding is not like everyone else

to hold the wedding in Italy - a dream of many lovers, and you can understand why. Italy - the birthplace of the Renaissance, incredibly delicious seasonal dishes, stunning scenery and some of the best wines in the world.

Price: from 1700 euros.

Legal aspects: In the case of a civil ceremony to enter into a formal marriage can be selected in the municipality of the city or to get married in one of the medieval cathedrals. Civil marriages are more popular among foreigners: they are easier to organize than a religious wedding ceremony. Besides legally possible can only be a Catholic wedding - religious rites of other religions not officially recognized in Italy.

What to visit: Foreigners are allowed to marry, not only in the municipalities, but also in any vending location. Fairytale Venice with its canals and river trams, ancient palaces, probably the best place to hold a wedding ceremony, even if it is full of tourists. Amalfi coast - one of the most romantic places in the country. Hire a car and get ready to explore the unique Amalfi Coast, along with his partner.

From the Colosseum to the grand baroque Spanish Steps, the Vatican to Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome - a great place for a wedding. The most romantic part of the city - of course, Trastevere, with its colored houses, little squares and charming atmosphere.


Of the 17,000 islands of Indonesia Bali paints a romantic picture with its year-round summer, idyllic seascapes, breeze, green rice fields and cool rainforests. Natural beauty combined with a rich culture, unusual traditions and vibrant nightlife make the island an attractive destination for weddings. And if the couple want to secure the peace and quiet, Bali offers a lot of great places where you can hide from the world.

Price: from 1060 dollars.

Legal aspects to officially exchange rings, you and your partner should not only belong to one denomination, but have documentary proof.

What to visit: Gili Islands - an archipelago of three small islands in Lombok, located near the east coast of Bali. They are usually called Honeymoon Island thanks to the white, almost deserted sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, amazing sunsets and bars with live music.

One should visit the lake Bro, located at the foot of Tanaka - it is one of the twenty most beautiful in the world and owes its charisma and ancient Hindu temple complex Ulun Danu, dedicated to the goddess of the lake Dewi Danu. Locals believe that anyone who bathes in the sacred waters of the lake, will find youth and longevity. Exchange rings can be on one of the Balinese wedding chapels, offering spectacular views of the Indian Ocean. Chapels, rich in architectural diversity in Bali is very much from fully created from crystal to constructed in the form of a large blue diamond.

Wedding in Bali will be an unforgettable beginning of your married life. Order her organization, please visit Russian wedding agency in Bali An experienced team will do everything possible to make your wedding different from others, to develop a unique style and design, arrange an unforgettable wedding party and a professional photo shoot on a background of picturesque rocks, exotic plants and flowers, the endless turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and the stunning sunsets. You do not have to delve into the issues of the organization of the wedding, worry about the collection of documents and subsequent legalization of the marriage certificate.


How to organize a wedding is not like everyone else

Cuba is full of trivial romance. Revolutionary attractions, located on the island, reminiscent of the romantic ideals of Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and their rebel army. Dilapidated colonial buildings hark back to the era of aristocratic wealth and kind old man on a fishing vessel may conjure up images of the art of Ernest Hemingway.

Price: 1500 dollars.

Legal aspects: In Cuba, the official organization of the wedding ceremony is only possible on site.

What to visit: The city of Trinidad on the coast of the Caribbean is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most charming cities in Cuba. Where perfectly preserved quaint colonial buildings, and the whole city looks as if it is locked in the 18th century. Stroll through the winding cobbled streets to see the mosaic of architectural treasures: from the colorful colonial mansions to historic churches and bell towers of pastel with panoramic views. Cienfuegos - quite romantic place, and Palacio de Valle is a gem in its crown. Luxurious building, made in the Mudejar style, with a great seafood restaurant and rooftop bar with stunning views of the sea - perfect for sunset.

Once the largest mountain range in Cuba Serrra Maestra served as a refuge for Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries, but those days are long gone. Now you can explore the mountains by car or on foot, and even climb the Pico Turquino, the highest mountain in Cuba - at the height of the seat is quite romantic.


How to organize a wedding is not like everyone else

UAE - one of the brightest and most romantic places in the Middle East region, a fascinating world with its skyscrapers, luxury hotels, trendy shopping centers, and impressive long coastline.

Price: from 1450 dollars.

Legal aspects: The official registration of marriage in the UAE is only available on the Sharia law. If both lovers Muslims, it would take the bride's father's permission to marry in writing. At the creation of mixed marriages Islam imposes several restrictions. Muslim men are allowed to marry a girl who profess Christianity or Judaism, but not vice versa. To marry with the representatives of other religions, Muslims can only be on the condition that they convert to Islam and confirm the appropriate document.

What to visit: From luxury hotel resorts such as Burj Al Arab, to the highest Burj Khalifa building in the world - in Dubai most hotels are fascinating not only for its spectacular views, but also the perfect service: here offer free drinks and original surprises for honeymooners.

Abu Dhabi - a bright and young UAE capital, has been steadily stealing the hearts of travelers worldwide. This beautiful city will enchant you with luxury resorts, azure waters of the Persian Gulf and the mystical charm of the boundless desert away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai. Be sure to visit the largest mosque in the UAE - Sheikh Zayed Mosque. This is an exciting architectural marvel - not that other, as poetry in stone, with its stunning white marble, beautiful mosaics and intricate carvings. Al Ain is known as the garden city of the Persian Gulf, is one of the greenest cities in the UAE. A huge contrast with the capital, small houses, holding up the sky, mountains and endless greenery around - that's what this city offers traditional eastern exotica.