6 successful people, whose career began with the failure of

Defeat - a part of any career, but who remembers this, looking at successful people? Sometimes I feel sad that I do not Stephen King or JK Rowling. But reading their biographies, you realize that the secret is not in luck, but the ability to give a damn about her absence. Here are some famous people who are well aware of what being a loser.

1. Sara Blakely

6 successful people, whose career began with the failure of

Sara Blakely earned billions for Waist tights, but to do so she had to persevere, bordering on stupidity.

In 29 years, Sarah has invented Waist tights. Creating the first prototype, she phoned dozens of factories in the country and was refused everywhere. Then she took a day off work and went to North Carolina, where he personally traveled all the factories and again heard "no". After one of the meetings called Blakely plant owner and ordered a test batch.

To make it, Sarah spent all their savings. Goods urgently needed to patent, but lawyers demanded for their services no less than three thousand dollars. Then Sarah herself sorted out in the patent case and made the documents.

Now it was necessary to convince the stores to put tights Sarah on the shelves. Blakely again take time off from work, he flew to another city, and made a brief meeting with the purchasing managers of large retail chain. To convince companion, Sarah dragged her to the bathroom and showed slimming underwear, which was put on it. When the contract was signed, Blakely comes into the store and quietly rearranging their tights closer to the counter.

This success came to Sarah after she sent their product to the editor of Oprah Winfrey. Leading called Waist tights revolutionary product of the year. All who spoke with Sara Blakely, note that it is eccentric and just raves about their product, telling about it at every opportunity. This crazy and perseverance helped her earn a decent state.

2. Lady Gaga

6 successful people, whose career began with the failure of

In 19 years, Lady Gaga, who was then still just Stefani, dropped out of college and decided to pursue a musical career. Father gave her the year that she has achieved something, otherwise she had to go back to school.

She recorded a few songs with his first producer Rob Fuser takes the pseudonym of Lady Gaga. The first contract of the singer turns failure: the label Def Jam breaks the contract after nine months. Then ends its cooperation with the fuser.

Only a year later Gaga says Vincent Herbert and attributes to the label Interscope Records, however, as a songwriter, not a performer. She wrote to Fergie, Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls, and now she has become one of the most influential personalities in the world, according to Time.

3. Steven Spielberg

6 successful people, whose career began with the failure of

Now this story is more like an anecdote, but Steven Spielberg twice denied admission to the film school at the University of Southern California. He was considered "too incompetent." Stephen went to a technical college, and made a film on vacation "Humbligny", after which the director enters into a contract company Universal Pictures.

4. Anna Wintour

6 successful people, whose career began with the failure of

While working as an assistant in the fashion department of Harpers & Queen, Anna Wintour told colleagues that would be Vogue editor and change log. And so it happened, but before that she had not just left the fashion magazines because of disagreements with management. In 1975, it is taken as a junior fashion editor of American "Harper's Bazaar" and fired nine months. Leaders considered that Wintour is not able to understand the American audience. She learned a lesson from this incident, saying:

I think everyone should be fired once.

5. Theodore Geisel

6 successful people, whose career began with the failure of

The author of children's books Theodor Geisel became world famous under the pseudonym Dr. Seuss. Today it is the biggest-selling English-language writer for the younger age group. In his book, the baby learn to read.

Before the first work of Geisel was published, he was denied the 27 publishing houses. Professionals publishing Theodorou said that his stories are not interesting.

6. Carey Mulligan

6 successful people, whose career began with the failure of

Carey Mulligan on an acting career discouraged all who can. Parents never supported her passion for the stage and up to the last hoped that their daughter will get a "normal" profession. She denied all the drama schools where she applied.

In 17 years, Carey attended a lecture cinematic actor and director Julian Fellowes. She asked, with what is best to start an acting career. In response Fallows told her to give up this idea and marry a lawyer. Mulligan later sent a letter to the director, in which he said that he considers his acting vocation.