Qigong. The 15-minute range - a way to longevity

Qigong - is the Chinese system, since ancient times is used for maintaining health. It combines body postures, breathing method, and purposeful action. Qigong in the Chinese language is made up of two words. Qi is "life force or vital energy that flows through everything that exists in the universe." The second part of the word is a skill that develops in the constant practice. Together, Qigong is regarded as the energy used to maintain the health and vitality.

Where applied in practice?

The practice of Qigong can be used as a martial art, medical or spiritual support. Styles, which are based on qigong, have three things in common: they are all connected with the postures (whether moving or stationary), breathing techniques and mental concentration. Some practices increase the Qi. Others spread chi energy, use it to clean and heal the body.

The practice can range from soft internal styles such as tai chi, external, vigorous styles such as kung fu. The slow flowing movements of most forms of qigong is easily applied even to people with disabilities and all ages, starting from childhood.

Qigong. The 15-minute range - a way to longevity

The cure for all ills?

Like any other system, qigong is not a panacea. At the same time, it is a very good practice, which can be used for both prevention and treatment of diseases. Rhythmic movements of qigong help reduce stress, allow you to increase stamina, increase vitality and strengthen the immune system. It was also found that even 15 minutes of exercise a complex Qigong improves the cardiovascular, respiratory, lymphatic and digestive functions. The followers of the practice believe that it helps restore youth and maintain health even in old age, and accelerates the process of recovery from the disease.

One of the most important long-term effects is that the 15-minute set of Qigong for longevity can do more than hour run. The practice helps to reconnect body, mind and soul. When these three aspects of our lives interact, man fills a positive outlook on life, which in turn makes it easy to eliminate a negative attitude towards it. The 15-minute set of Qigong creates a balanced lifestyle that brings harmony, stability and enjoyment.

The basic conditions for practicing Qigong

How and when doing any sport, even the 15-minute set of qigong requires a certain mindset.

Qigong. The 15-minute range - a way to longevity

In order to exercise complex was the most helpful, we must know and comply with the following conditions:

  1. regular classes. Whatever you do, it will have a positive effect on the body only when the regular version. It must be understood: the 15-minute set of qigong, performed daily will be more useful than an hour classes twice a week.
  2. The inner emptiness. Before each class need to let go of all thoughts, worries from his mind. Remain dormant during the complex to try to save their state and in their daily lives.
  3. The concentration of the stress-free - one of the main conditions when it is necessary to learn to listen to your body and mind. The concentration of thought should be easy, effortless, and all the movements are performed automatically, as it were. This is where the harmony of body and mind should appear.
  4. Set the correct breathing during the 15-minute set of qigong. Without the correct execution of this technique, the miracle did not happen. Qigong is not breathing - it is just another set of exercises, so you need to constantly practice his statement.

This is, of course, not all the aspects related to the implementation of the 15-minute set. There are many important points. But everything else comes with practice, it is necessary not only to understand the performance of the technique, but also to experience the power of qi energy.

Chi energy for weight loss

Very often, energy exercises are used to get rid of excess weight. The 15-minute set of Qigong for weight loss is very simple, there is no need for special equipment. The complex consists of 3 exercises: Exercise "frog", "Frog, making waves" and "Lotus".

"Frog". It improves blood circulation and metabolism. The second exercise is establishing proper abdominal breathing, which allows you to quickly get rid of the fat in this place, and also reduces the feeling of hunger. "Lotus" - relieves stress, restores the vitality of the body.

Together, these exercises help very effectively lose weight, it does not have to sweat up a sweat in the gym.

Qigong. The 15-minute range - a way to longevity

Just 15 minutes a day leads to longevity and health

The concept of qi - a difficult, complex and at the same time easy to understand everyone. In order to feel the improvement of health, filled with the power of the body, you can do 15 minutes a day. This is truly a magical set of movements, doing that can prolong their youth and maintain health for many years. Consider exercises:

  1. In a standing position it is necessary to draw out his hands before him, palm to palm, then bend your fingers and rub the nails each other out. This activates the energy of qi in the body. It is necessary to rub vigorously, while doing deep breathing.
  2. Then straighten hands and keep them on a short distance from each other. Feel the energy that is in his hands.
  3. put his hand on the middle of the abdomen after the activation of qi. Take deep diaphragmatic breaths. Chest thus must be in a calm state, should move the belly. During exhalation, the stomach should aspire to the spine and body to relax.
  4. The next step - the breath of the spine, which helps rid the body of stress, increases the elasticity of the spine. Raise your hands to the level of the shoulders, inhale, looking up. Then gradually round up his back, his chin to his chest and breathing out.
  5. This is called tapping. Squeeze right hand into a fist and start pounding on the left under the collarbone near the shoulder. Then expand the palm of his left hand and the right hand over start slack slap on the inside of the arm to the wrist. Then tap on the shoulder surface of the brush, but from the outside. Then change hands.
  6. This is followed by stretching the neck muscles clamped. Raskinte hand in hand, the fingers should be spread out. The head gently and slowly tilt the shoulder. In the process, you should feel a pleasant tension on the other side. Taking a deep breath, slowly roll the head on the shoulder from the back side to the front. A few times, perform an exercise through which you can get rid of the stiffness and stress.
  7. For the awakening power stretch your arms in front of you, turn palms to him and tap his wrists together. This step will allow to feel the energy of qi, resist the influence of others.
  8. Open the hands and arms out to the side. Taking a deep breath, reducing shovels, spreading his hands even wider. During exhalation connect hands in front.
  9. Then place the hand palms facing each other. Continue to gently pull together and take a short distance palm. You should feel your body as electromagnetic waves activate the qi energy flows.
  10. The final stage. Imagine that you have collected a lot of power in his hands. Now put your hands on them. Dropping them along the body, imagine how you distribute energy throughout the body. Close the channel its revenues from what started: Couple hands on his stomach and breathe deeply.

This small, 15-minute set of morning qigong charging will cause your body to work more productively, to feel the power of qi, adjusting the body to health and longevity.