Feysbilding face: before and after. Gymnastics face: exercise

Condition of the skin is indicative of our age. Relatively recently introduced a new method of face correction. This trend is known as feysbilding. Technology has nothing to do with facial plastic surgery. This method gives women a real opportunity to correct facial features and throw age. It does not require large material costs.

Feysbilding face: before and after. Gymnastics face: exercise

The term "feysbilding" coined relatively recently. But the approach to the correction of the face based on defectology, neurology and speech therapy. Initially feysbilding face used for the treatment of patients with DSP, in stutterers and people who have suffered a brain hemorrhage. All these exercises are combined under one common name and reworked them in a universal form, accessible to anyone.

Many say that the specialists in this field are classified as beauticians and masseurs. But the person who is associated with feysbildingom, must understand the neuroscience. Also requires knowledge in such areas as the anatomical structure of the body.

Does this fashion?

As the saying goes, everything is new - well forgotten old. In the 60s of the past century, women, especially pay attention to their appearance, corrected defects on the face, using a set of exercises for the face.

In the early 2000s the fashion for feysbilding face increased again. I published a lot of literature on this subject, but soon the excitement subsided. All the matter in the nature of women, which are the hallmarks of giddiness and inconstancy of desires. Beautiful creatures are waiting for immediate results, and feysbilding requires patience and continuous training. Only in this case you will be provided with the result. A person literally consists of the muscles. But people use 10% of their amount. Basically, the process of the muscles as much as possible involved in food intake. Low activity of these muscles causes skin sagging, her wrinkled and flabby. As relaxed as a person quickly loses its youth and attractiveness.

In order to avoid many of the problems with appearance and were invented exercises for facial rejuvenation. They can be carried out at the computer, the mirror in the bathroom. They do not require your presence simulators and waste energy.

Do Instructor Needed?

The exercises in this method are designed for self-fulfillment. The effect of them will not take long. You can try to start with a certain area of ​​the face, and then gradually move to the development of other zones.

Nevertheless instructor advice the first time will not hurt. They'll really need. Tips allow not make common mistakes, as the amount of exercise is large enough. And not everyone can come to the anatomical structure of your face.

Under the expert guidance you will learn how to correctly perform the exercise, you asked about how long it is possible to use one or the other kind of employment. In addition, before and after feysbilding requires specific action to get the desired result.

What features can be corrected?

Feysbilding beneficial effect on the appearance of the paranasal folds. Under the influence of exercise can decrease or increase in the amount of cheek wrinkles and correct the shape of the face.

Due to complex exercises skin gets youth, increases its elasticity. However, if you are keen to improve your appearance, remember that this is not some exercise, and the whole complex, requiring you to perseverance and endurance. The number of exercises about 30. Usually the first week is getting used to implement them under the supervision of a specialist twice a week, you are doing it themselves, without outside interference. The duration of an exercise is 10-15 minutes. Include exercise in your daily routine. You can perform them during chores. With this method you are able to adjust the most that neither is a bad state, significantly change the genetic defects. Feysbilding face in its effect similar to Botox injections, but with the difference that it does not apply chemicals that can accommodate the desired result cause complications and disfigure the face.

Feysbilding face: before and after. Gymnastics face: exercise

Feysbilding face - a phased return to youth. The technique gives excellent results, has established itself as absolutely safe.

for the nasolabial folds Exercises

Let's talk more specifically, how to eliminate unnecessary nasolabial folds. Of course, it is better to do all the exercises with the youth, and then save the exterior appeal. Time, these exercises require little.

  • lips curved into a tube and say drawl


  • Loud and try speaking with a look around the mirror vowels A, O, N, Wu, E et al.
  • Inflate the cheeks to the max and keep the air a few seconds.
  • Open the mouth wide, lips should take the form of a circle.
  • With a forward jaw tightly bite the bullet.
  • cheek retractor inside.
  • puffed out his cheeks in turn.
  • Inflate his cheeks and release the air in short bursts. Feysbilding face: before and after. Gymnastics face: exercise

All the exercises should be repeated 15 times. It is not necessary to stop gymnastics, even if your nasolabial folds and in good condition.

Practicing cheeks

Exercises for the cheeks can be isolated in a separate complex.

  • The morning begins with a slap cheeks and chin with a damp towel, twisted in the roller.
  • Imagine that you pronounce the letter O. Upper lip push the teeth, index fingers fix on the upper area of ​​the cheeks in a perpendicular position to the nose and thumbs up on the outer corners of eyes. Look up, smile upper part of the cheeks. The position of the lips do not change. Thumbs keep an eye corners. This activity promotes the cheek upper cheek area. Feysbilding face: before and after. Gymnastics face: exercise
  • Now proceed to their lower region. Lips add together on the same principle, but the corners of the mouth tightens the lower teeth as would wrap them inside.

    20 fingertips commit rotational motions in the lower part of the cheeks. We look up and straining the lower region of the cheeks. If the exercise is correct, then you will feel the warmth of the light.

  • In order to strengthen the muscles as well put lips way we know, it is necessary to press the upper lip to the teeth. We tried to smile, pushing the cheeks up to 20 times.

    Last smile extend, expand the oval mouth and imagine that your cheeks are raised up. At the same time, too, his hands moving up, as if pushing them.

  • Exercise to train the sides of the cheeks is that we need to draw an oval mouth, cheek muscles firmly pressed to the cheeks. Cheek pressed her hands and raising his hands to his temples, imagining that your cheeks are moving in the same direction. Do the exercise for cheeks until, until you feel pain in the muscles.
  • Performing exercises for the cheeks, it is important to consider that a mandatory final event is raslablenie.

Reduce the large cheeks

If you are the owner of large cheeks, then their shape can successfully correct:

  • vigorously Spin the neck in opposite directions 15 times
  • Lift your head up and try as much as possible to turn it to the left. Freeze in this state in the minutes 3. The same must be done with the right-hand side.
  • Turn your head left and up, start moving the lips, imitating mastication. Relax on 3 minutes and do the same, turning his head to the right.
  • Turn head to the right, looking up. Raise the lower lip at the top with a force. Fix a state of minute by 3. Do the same with the left.

Strengthens oval face

Exercises to tighten facial contours will allow to adjust its contours.

Feysbilding face: before and after. Gymnastics face: exercise

To start lyubogouprazhneniya for facelift oval sit evenly. You need to tilt the head back, wrap the lower lip of the lower jaw. Mouth depict oval. The lower jaw should be pulled forward and slightly to tighten it up. Stay in this state until the moment when you start to feel pain. Exercises facelift oval complement the massage cream.

Practicing forehead

On the forehead of our emotions throughout Lifestyle wrinkles. Avoid unpleasant "slips" will feysbilding: exercises for the face. Exercises contribute to their smoothing:

  • We sit on a hard chair, put on his forehead a hand, higher levels of eyebrows. We begin to move the eyebrows, lifting them up and down. Hand prevents these movements
  • index and middle fingers of both hands push the nose. Slide the eyebrow, pretending dissatisfaction. Use your fingers to apply pressure.
  • to visualize the movement of the ears to the crown. To facilitate the presentation of these sensations imagine that your glasses slipped down his nose, and you are trying to prevent this by maintaining their hand. Feysbilding face: before and after. Gymnastics face: exercise

Exercises for eyes

The most charming, which can be in a woman's face - it's her eyes. They are said to be the mirror of the soul. Their size and shape due to the state of the circular muscle. It is responsible for the expansion and squinting eyes. With this muscle also need to work.

Feysbilding face: before and after. Gymnastics face: exercise
  • , have to get used to keep them open wide to create an attractive eye contour. It is necessary to fix this state for 3 seconds. Then you need to relax.
  • In order to strengthen the upper eyelid offer the following exercise: put your index fingers to the bone in the upper corners of the eyes. The skin at the same time should not be stretched. It should only hold. We open and close our eyes, as it were, against the resistance of your fingers.
  • Put your index fingers on the extreme corner of the eye and start the pressure of the upper eyelid to the lower eyelid. Feel your muscles. After each pressing should relax.
  • The eyes unopened, index and middle finger gently put on the upper eyelid. We make an attempt to lift the eyelids and fingers resist.
  • Exercise for the lower muscles of the century. It removes puffiness. Three fingers are attached to the bone under your eyes, look up and tightens the lower eyelid, zazhmurivaya it.
  • Make a similar exercise with closed eyes, but the eyes themselves look still goes up.
  • The same can be done with his head bowed and his eyes closed. The exercise is performed in the same way as the two
  • set forth above

  • exercises to strengthen the lower and upper eyelid. It improves muscle tone. It is necessary to open his mouth, looking up and blinking rapidly. Perform this exercise 3 times a day. The duration of exercise for 3 minutes.

Conclusion: feysbilding before and after

Regularly performing facial exercises, reviews of women to show, you can achieve good results.

Feysbilding face: before and after. Gymnastics face: exercise

But keep in mind the time that type of person, skin condition in humans at an early stage significantly different. And if one exercises brought quick results, it does not mean that the same will be another. The experience of women who have decided to fight against aging, confirms that it is possible to make your appearance younger than his own efforts without the high cost.

I would like to wish you all success and fit beautiful people!