Types of relationships and their development

The author - Sylvia Salo, writer, speaker, and life coach.

Types of relationships and their development

There are 4 types of romantic relationships, that we may encounter. I made this list based on his experience and on what I saw, working with its clients, as well as on the fact that I understood, referring to his own soul, and discussing the topic of mental attitudes and types of romantic love.

Throughout life, we do not necessarily have to meet all 4 types of relations, if it is not necessary for our spiritual growth. Sometimes we get stuck in a relationship longer than necessary, or feel sad for too long about the unexpected break with those who makes our heart beat faster.

In any case, every person we meet - our teacher. Regardless of whether we have a relationship or not.

I like to think of the relationship as a divine tasks designed to teach us something important. Each person serves as a mirror of our soul, and we can see who we are. The more we turn away from his reflection, the brighter the shining mirror, attracting our attention.

I sincerely believe that the quality of any relationship depends on us. We can make the relationship productive and long, if we wish, and of course, if the desire is mutual.

So, 4 types of romantic relationships.

Those who live near the bridge

It is assumed that such people are preparing us for the upcoming "crossing the river", so we are entering a new phase of our lives. This type of relationship is fairly short and intense.

From the standpoint of the soul, such people are called upon to help us get out of the place where we are in the new best place. They have to get our attention so much that we wanted to take this step, and the best way to achieve this - the mad infatuation. As soon as we step onto the bridge and make a few first steps, these people begin to disappear from our lives. Often, they leave as fast as they appeared. We are confused and do not understand why they leave. The reason is simple - they have fulfilled their brief but significant mission, and can be free.

Usually, after "living near the bridge" leave our lives, everything seems very confusing. Perhaps with their help you move to another country, Willing to work or find a new hobby.

Absolutely only one thing - they always bring change.

Many of my clients have met their spouses after the break with the "living near the bridge." Why? Because before the meeting with the "living at the bridge," they were not in a place where they could meet their current partners. Something had to change - mentally, spiritually, emotionally or physically.


This is one of the most common types of romantic relationships. Such a relationship can last a very long time, perhaps even a lifetime. I call these partners "passengers" because they accompany us to the long period of his life.

"Passengers" - outstanding teachers, as they are more diligent than others, reflect the fact that we need to change.

Many of these relationships are accompanied by love based on fear. This means that we have a lot of fight, as if come from different realities. They put pressure on our most painful point, if it brings them pleasure. And, of course, being a "passenger" in someone's life, we behave well. This type of relationship is far from relaxing. On the contrary, it is associated with the control, codependency, envy, anger, comparison and other "charms".

The importance of such relationships important because they help us to look into the eyes of his old mental wounds and emotional trauma that we are now able to heal. With the "passengers" we are losing our old dysfunctional family behavior patterns that will eventually let them go.

The durability of this type of relationship depends entirely on our willingness to deal with all the problems that are "passengers" opens in us. After that we are ready to move on and find someone with whom you will not need to experience it all over again.

Soul Mates

Soul mates - people with whom we come in contact on a much deeper level than anyone else. They do affect our soul to the inmost depths.

They all seem natural and easy. We feel with them on the same wavelength and understand each other perfectly. We rarely fight, and if it still happens, then quickly come to a reconciliation.

They seem to combine our best friend and the best lover. Of course, they do not necessarily have to be romantic partners. These may be friends or family members.

Kindred Spirits is also great teachers, but they are usually taught by a joy. With them there is no more need for a painful lesson.

, the heart of

This type of relationship is the least common. Not everyone needs in the meeting with opening the heart. We can open your heart chakra and change the lives of their own, if the universe give in training. If we do not give in, the universe sends us this "bomb". Opens the heart creates the biggest shock and transformation in our lives, because they reveal our heart just for a few seconds, which we look them in the eye.

We feel that we almost alone, sharing with them all: a similar life story, thoughts, emotions, dreams and plans.

When meeting with them, our heart chakra is opened so wide that we can feel all-consuming unconditional love. Yes, unconditional love exists not only for the creator, we can feel it, too. I'm sure most of us are not able to feel it all the time, because its intensity can swipe at us. But in some moments (days or weeks), we can feel it. It all depends on our ability to strengthen their spirit, it can be learned.

Imagine that unconditional love is locked and well hidden deep within our being, and opens the heart can quickly and easily get there.

I met with opening the heart in 2011, and it caused a great shock in my life that led me to what I'm doing now.