Hippodrome - it ... Definition, description, species and interesting facts

Those who had seen galloping horse, has confirmed that this fascinating spectacle. Wind in the mane of the horse is confused, causing it to flutter. In the light of the sun it seems to be that the horse is woven out of thin air. It hovers above the ground, without touching the surface of the hooves. Graceful movement. It is possible to admire, not looking up.

One of the places where you can see the horse in all its glory - this racetrack.

Hippodrome - it ... Definition, description, species and interesting facts


The complex is in the open air, intended for equestrian sports competitions, exhibitions and vyezdok horses. This is in a nutshell. A complete definition is as follows:

  • Hippodrome - a spectacular sports complex, where testing, training, exhibitions and auctions of horses. It also organizes competitions in classical equestrian sports.

His views

Most of us - lovers of horses. Go out to the stable, sometimes we attend racecourses. And if we know that the racetrack - this is the common name of the complexes for different competitions. Now we know.

What are racetracks?


  • For the races - horse racing.
  • For the race as trotting and other - running.
  • For the two types of tests - mixed.

Description of the racecourse

What is a horse racetrack? In its territory or close to it are the stables for horses and the necessary administrative services. Most of the major racecourses are equipped with all possible technical means, since the electronic scoreboard and ending Autostart. When cornering, the cross-country track make bends at an angle of 10-12 degrees. This is in order to reduce the influence of centrifugal force. Be sure to note the distance portions that are to be committed. Establish posts for guidance starts seats. Equipped with a separate route for triathlon (steeplechase).

Judges tower located opposite the finishing post. Spectator stands arranged along the finishing segment track.

Hippodrome - it ... Definition, description, species and interesting facts

Four zone

Hippodrome - a complex for equestrian competitions and horse shows. It includes four areas: economic, entertainment, sports and green.

Entertaining or performing entertaining includes an input, a spectator, cash, administrative, journalism and entertainment.

The composition of the sports or sports training includes two-dimensional and three-dimensional structures. The former include the race track and field site for training. Volumetric construction - this arena.

The arena refers to the planar construction. Is an area with obstacles. Catering field - can be large and small. It is completely empty, and the soil is sand.

The economic zone includes stables, a smithy, a veterinary station. They also include storage facilities for food and various equipment, spare water tank, in some cases - a hostel for workers.

The most famous racecourses

The list should start with the Central Moscow Hippodrome. He is one of the oldest in Europe and the first racecourse in the world, where the horses competing in races trot. In second place - Meydan. This racecourse is located in Dubai. It is the largest in the world.

In the US it is considered the most famous racetrack in Lexington.

In Spain - Madrid racecourse.

In the Czech Republic - Pardubice racecourse.

Hippodrome - it ... Definition, description, species and interesting facts

The emergence of the Moscow Hippodrome,

It arose due to the Count Alexei Orlov-Chesmensky, was fond of horses. "Trophies" has got to count after the Russian-Turkish war began thirty purebred Arabian horses.

The first trotting races were held at the Moscow Hippodrome in 1834. Equip it, the Count began to acquire overseas Arabic, English, Persian horses. He seriously engaged in cultivation. Count Orlov-Chesmensky brought such breeds as horse Orlov and Orlov Trotter.

Interesting Facts

Hippodrome and horse - the two main components of the horse races. However, their horses at one of the oldest racecourses not. To date, the competition is held between private horses.

Back a bit and talk about what happened to the racecourse XIX-XX centuries.

  • two-story building the racetrack was built in 1881. The Tsar's bed on its territory was considered mandatory.
  • to the king bed has a private entrance, as well as to places for the elite. Ordinary people are satisfied with rooms on the second floor.
  • First tote appeared on the racetrack in the late 1880s. The rate was one Ruble.
  • Hippodrome was popular among the nobility and the Moscow intelligentsia. In the XX century it was visited by actors and singers. Amateur racing was actor Michael Derzhavin.
  • What are "totoshniki"? Those who bet on the tote. Today feel "totoshnikom" can be anyone. The minimum bet amount is $ 100.
  • All the amounts received from the totalizator, directed to the development of horse breeding.
  • Hippodrome - a pilot base for horse breeders scientists.
Hippodrome - it ... Definition, description, species and interesting facts

Event Types

The main event, except the races, which can be seen in the walls of the racetrack - it's show jumping, dressage and steeplechase (triathlon).

Jumping - the most spectacular views of equestrian sport. Is the overcoming of obstacles of different height and difficulty, are on show jumping field.

Jumping horses must be flexible and be able to jump well. To date, the most popular show jumping Westphalian and Holstein breeds of horses.

Dressage is considered aristocratic sport. From the rider and horse is required uncommon skill. The animal must show the right moves in all gaits, and the ability of the rider is to teach your horse to this.

The most popular breeds used in dressage - Trakehner and Lusitanian.

Steeplechase and eventing. The most dangerous kind of equestrian sport. Its essence is to overcome the various obstacles placed in open areas. Jockey does not know exactly what obstacles to overcome his horse.

Hippodrome - it ... Definition, description, species and interesting facts

This is the highest death rate among athletes. Therefore, the jockey must have fast response and ability to make decisions in critical situations. From horses in endurance and the ability to jump well. In Russia, this direction of development is not as much as abroad.

The most popular breeds used in the steeple-cheze - Arab thoroughbreds.

Incidentally, an interesting fact about this species: it has 17 instead of 18 ribs, 5 lumbar vertebrae instead of 6 and 16 of the tail, while the other breeds of their 18.

Hippodrome - it ... Definition, description, species and interesting facts


Let us recall the main aspects of this article:

  • Racetracks are of three types. Trotting, horse racing and mixed.
  • They are divided into four areas: entertainment, sports, shopping.
  • One of the oldest racecourses in Europe - this is Moscow.
  • To date, tote rate is 100 rubles. This is her least.

The main types of equestrian sports - show jumping, dressage and steeplechase (triathlon).

Hippodrome - it ... Definition, description, species and interesting facts

For those who love horses and would like to visit the racetrack - the address: Moscow, street Running, 1. Not far from the metro station "Race".