Vegetarian meat: what is the use of tofu and how to eat

Vegetarian meat: what is the use of tofu and how to eat

have the reputation of tofu exclusively vegetarian product, opponents of animal food it replaces meat, eggs and dairy products. But bean curd should be used not only in a vegan diet. It is a dietary product, which can find a place in almost any dish. Tell me more, what is tofu, than it is useful and how it is.

What is tofu

It is a product of soy milk. It is obtained by convolving the soy milk using the coagulating agent - magnesium chloride, citric acid, or calcium sulfate. The process of cooking reminds the production of cottage cheese or cheese, tofu so called "tofu".

Usually tofu white and absolutely neutral taste. It is well absorbs the flavors of other foods, so versatile in cooking.

Variety of tofu

Vegetarian meat: what is the use of tofu and how to eat

The easiest way to distinguish between different types of bean curd consistency. Hard tofu is dense enough. It is well suited for frying, smoking, roasting. This type of curd is divided into "west tofu" - more dense and less water content, and "Asian tofu" - not so hard and it has more moisture.

The second type - a silk or soft tofu. It most water, but it looks like soft pudding consistency. It can be used in dressings, sauces, desserts, for cooking lasagna, cocktails and other dishes. The softer and wetter tofu - the lower the fat.

How useful tofu

Vegetarian meat: what is the use of tofu and how to eat

The main advantage of tofu - a high content of high-quality vegetable protein. At the same time in this cottage cheese is very low in calories. We list a number of useful properties of this product:


  • Lowers cholesterol. The soy products many biologically active ingredients which regulate cholesterol in the body;
  • It increases the level of hemoglobin. The tofu is rich in iron;
  • Strengthens bones. Remember about dietary protein;
  • It improves liver function due to phytoestrogens in their composition.

Despite the fact that certain beneficial properties of tofu is beyond doubt, scientists are still arguing about the impact of the product on the body. According to some studies, soy in large quantities is bad for the endocrine system and may cause hormonal imbalance. As in everything, there is an important measure. Tofu - is the most useful option of soy consumption. Experts recommend no more than 30 grams of tofu per day.

How to choose and store tofu

Vegetarian meat: what is the use of tofu and how to eat

The most common tofu is sold in a sealed package. When choosing, remember the rule: "the harder - the fatter". If you've never tried tofu, take both types - solid and silk - and prepare different dishes with them. Often found on the shelves of tofu with a variety of condiments, bear in mind that with them curd loses its neutral taste.

Tofu must be stored in a container with water which should be changed every 1-2 days.

Furthermore, tofu can be frozen, only the first rinse and let drain. When freezing tofu yellow, but when thaws, it becomes white again, only this time more dense.

What to cook tofu

Vegetarian meat: what is the use of tofu and how to eat

As we have noted, tofu versatile. Own taste it does not have, so this cheese is equally well suited for starters, main courses and desserts.

You can start with the most simple: grilled tofu. Wring the excess water from the curd, and we will cut slices. Mix in a separate bowl of olive oil, soy sauce and spices. Brush the tofu obtained mixture from both sides and send it in a preheated oven for 30 minutes.

Tofu is perfect for hot sandwiches, it can be fried with vegetables and cereals, added to salads instead of eggs.

Bean curd is perfect for baking, it is added to cheesecakes, muffins, pancakes. The easiest dessert - baked tofu in the oven (without spices) and pour the jam or chocolate sauce.

Do you tofu and what dishes you like to try it?