Effective diet for 3 days: the menu, the calculation of calories, reviews

When you want to quickly throw a few kilos, comes to the aid effective diet for 3 days. This is one of the most popular and effective weight loss method that has come from the eighties of the last century. Its main advantage is a fairly quick results. you can lose up to five kilograms at the expense of low-calorie menu.

Terms of the three-day diet

Which diet would be selected either for weight loss, it should be subject to a few rules to minimize the negative impact on health.

1. The first thing to pay attention to their condition. Poor health and exacerbation of chronic diseases are taboo for any diet.

Effective diet for 3 days: the menu, the calculation of calories, reviews

2. In the daily diet should not be less than eight hundred calories.

3. Effective diet for 3 days can cause serious problems that are associated with increased irritability caused by hunger. Therefore better to start on Friday, when the mental and physical stress is minimal.

4. rapid weight loss you need to eat a little, but part (about five to six times a day at regular intervals).

5. During the diet is recommended to sleep at least eight hours a day.

If overall health is getting worse, it is better to go to a normal diet.

The basic principles of the three-day diets

The first rapid weight loss is aimed at reducing the volume of waist. This effect is achieved due to the contraction of the stomach walls which taper and reduced in cleansing the bowels and eating a small amount of food. It also helps to lose 5 kg express diet for 3 days due to the excretion of excess water throughout. Of course, a few days a significant portion of fat will not go away, but over time, the body begins to produce energy because of its reserves.

It is important to strictly limit the amount of food consumed. Therefore, any by weight of the dish should not exceed two hundred grams. Between meals need to drink water or green tea. Moreover, the amount of liquid should not be less than two liters.

How many calories you need to consume per day?

To lose weight, calorie intake from food should come a little less than with normal daily rate. Their number will depend on the lifestyle and shape parameters. For example, if the usual norm of 1800 calories, the diet at the time of food energy value must be reduced to 1500. This figure is taken not by accident. Professional nutritionists have long recommended a competent calorie calculation. For a comfortable weight relief is necessary to cut down the daily rate of ten to twenty percent.

So first of all before the diet needs to be done next. Determine your daily requirement of calories. Subtract from this number about fifteen percent. During the diet does not exceed this figure, then the results will be impressive.

Effective diet for 3 days: the menu, the calculation of calories, reviews

for example, Low-calorie menu,

It is of great importance to women's diet menu for weight loss. Suppose a girl you need to consume 1380 calories per day. Then her daily diet for three days will be as follows.

Breakfast will consist of 50 grams of oatmeal (it is 185 kcal), the average apple (70 calories) and coffee with milk with a teaspoon of sugar (40 calories). After a few hours to do a snack. It will be five percent of 100 grams of curd (120 kcal) and unsweetened black tea (2 kcal). For lunch is with boiled buckwheat chicken breast (300 calories), vegetable salad with butter (130 calories) and a slice of rye bread (55 calories). As a piece of cheesecake dessert allowed (260 kcal) and sweet tea (30 kcal). At snack fit again medium apple. Dinner will consist of vegetable salad without dressing (50 kcal), the two rye loaves (37 kcal) and unsweetened tea (2 kcal). If you calculate the calories, you can see that it does not exceed the figure in 1380.

Proceed directly to the diet, their features and menus.

Banana Diet "three for three"

Before the banana diet is recommended to hold a preparatory day. It lies in the fact that you want to exclude from the diet of any salty, fatty and fried foods. You also can not eat meats and sweets, including sugar.

The diet has given excellent results, better to buy bananas in the market and carefully selected. Unripe fruits are not suitable, because they contain digestible substances. If you are unable to purchase only those they need to be wrapped in baking paper and put in a dark place for a while. It is also worth to give up dried bananas in view of their increased caloric. Fruit should be well cleaned: in addition to peel remove all the white "strings". In the food consumed only pulp.

Banana express diet "three for three" more forgiving than its variant, which lasts for a week. With it you can lose a few kilos.

Effective diet for 3 days: the menu, the calculation of calories, reviews

Menu banana diet

If you follow the recommendations, the daily caloric amount to about eight calories. This will help to lose up to three kilograms in three days.

The meaning of the diet is that a day should eat three fairly large banana and drink a liter of low-fat milk. This amount can be divided into several stages so as to be convenient. Fruit is allowed to knead and mix with milk. Get kind of useful cocktail. Milk is allowed to replace one percent yogurt.

Girls leave only positive feedback about the banana diet for 3 days. They point out that not only leave kilograms, but also significantly improves the skin condition. However, a similar diet should not be abused. Diet can be repeated after about two months.

Apple diet

For this diet you need to buy savory and juicy apples. It is desirable that the fruit was from the local beds. Since foreign fruit is coated with wax, which is harmful to the liver. daily ration energy value is approximately eight calories. The day is recommended to eat no more than 1, 5 kg of apples. They can be divided into four stages, the last of which must be no later than eight o'clock. That the fruit is not tired, the girls are advised to cook them in the oven and grind into a puree. Only in this way in apples would be faithful and beloved helpers during this diet for 3 days.

Nutritionists recommend to complement this fruit diet hundred grams of animal protein. This may be a low-fat cottage cheese, egg, white fish or chicken. Protein supplement will help not harm the body and to maintain excellent health throughout the three days.

Dietary apple-carrot juice

Drink diet is cooked very easily, if at hand is a juicer. Without it, it is unlikely to do Apples and carrots need to take in equal amounts, and squeeze the juice from them. It should have at least 1, 5 liters per day, which is about 800 calories.

Effective diet for 3 days: the menu, the calculation of calories, reviews

All the daily juice should be divided into six stages (250 milliliters). More in need not eat anything during the day. Only permitted unlimited amount of clean water, but at least 1, 5 liters. It is important in weight loss period not to overwork, heavy exercise is better to replace swimming and massage.

Judging by the reviews, it is realistic to lose with this fast diet 5 kg for 3 days because it cleans the body. Of the disadvantages women suffer only the appearance of loose stool. Therefore, the method is not suitable in the presence of chronic intestinal diseases.

Losing weight with the help of yogurt

This is another version of the mono-diet, which not only helps to lose weight, but also to rid the body of toxins and impurities (as evidenced by the many reviews). Girls like this method because of its simplicity, it is no need to do anything to prepare and make the proper menu by counting calories. On the day you need to drink about half a standard package of nonfat yogurt. The entire volume is better to divide into five or six receptions. It is important to drink it without sugar and other additives. With a strong sense of hunger is allowed to add a bit of unsweetened fruit on the menu. In addition to yogurt should drink at least 1, 5 liters of water. With this diet energy value of no more than 1000 calories. With the help of kefir express diet for 3 days to lose 5 kg is not difficult.

A balanced diet without hunger

Plan for weight loss menu is necessary on the basis of physical activity and characteristics of the organism. Many may come more or less balanced diet that includes a variety of products. Lose weight this way is much easier and "delicious."

It is important that the menu was designed for five meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon snack, dinner. According to the density they need to be distributed in the following percentage ratio: 25/10/35/10/20. This separation is perfect for the daily diet of 1,200 calories. Consider weight loss recipes in more detail by day.

First Day

Effective diet for 3 days: the menu, the calculation of calories, reviews

In the pan to put a slice of ham (50 grams) and pour one egg, mixed with three tablespoons of water. Scrambled eggs just a little salt and cook until ready. As suitable unsweetened tea beverage with cheese slice (approximately 30 grams).

Lunch will consist of slices of wholemeal bread, oiled vegetable jam.

For lunch, you need to make chicken burgers and stews. Vegetables can take any taste, more importantly, to extinguish them without oil and, if possible, without salt and spices. Of minced meat mixed with herbs and chopped onions, it is necessary to form two burgers the size of a fist and bring them to readiness for a couple.

A snack will be a handful of dried fruit or any one medium apple green. For dinner, better boil-ounce piece of meat or fish and cook a hundred grams of lettuce. Only non-starchy vegetables should be in his recipe. Losing weight for a few kilos then just provided.

The second day

At breakfast the second day you need to cook porridge. To do this, 50 grams of dry flakes pour boiling water, add a pinch of salt and let stand. You can cook porridge using cooking. From oatmeal to eat cucumber, tomato and drink unsweetened tea.

At lunch permitted to take any low-calorie fruit and low-fat yogurt.

For lunch, prepare two hundred grams of mashed potatoes exclusively on the water, no milk and butter. To submit him a hundred grams of beef goulash, stewed with carrots, onion and tomato paste. You can add salt and pepper to taste. You also need to eat a hundred grams of any vegetable salad.

At lunch permitted to eat casserole (about two hundred grams). To prepare cheese mix with one egg, add a little salt and bake in the oven.

Dinner will consist of chicken and vegetable stew (approximately two hundred grams). Breast, cut into pieces and fry in a bit of a minimal amount of oil. To put it stew seasonal vegetables and cook until ready.

The third day

Effective diet for 3 days: the menu, the calculation of calories, reviews

Diet Menu 3 days (the last one) will also be different. For breakfast, you need to eat eggs. Tomato cut into rings and arrange on a frying pan. Separately, mix two eggs with herbs and pour the vegetables. Add salt and pepper to taste, you can. Bring a dish until done.

Lunch to eat 50 grams of cheese and a slice of whole-wheat bread.

Lunch will consist of vegetable soup (250 g). To make it better to take the cauliflower, beans, peppers, carrots and onions. These vegetables cook until tender in lightly salted water. Eat soup with two slices of rye bread.

As a snack to take two hundred grams of cheese four percent. For dinner, bake 150 grams of fish and stew vegetables. To prepare the last meal you can take a ready-made mix, which is sold in a package frozen. The fish is lightly rub with salt and spices. Wrap in foil and bake in the oven until cooked.

If you follow recipes, this effective diet for 3 days calculated, will lose up to five kilograms, as the experience of many girls.

A low-calorie diet express

Most nutritionists agree that this diet is not effective and useful. However, it is possible to resort, if you want to throw two or three kilos in a short time. Women like a diet, because it is enough to observe only three days to see the results.

Reduced diet do not need to comply with to and from. It is permissible to vary, replacing some other products. For example, instead of tuna can take the cheese, instead of broccoli cauliflower fit. Carrots replace beets, grapefruit - orange, cracker - toast, egg and meat - tofu, and ice cream - low fat yogurt.

Menu for rapid diet

The first day of the diet will contain about 1030 calories. Breakfast consists of toast with peanut butter (one teaspoon), half a grapefruit, and unsweetened black tea. For lunch, prepare one hundred grams of tuna, the dried slice of bread and coffee. For dinner, eat a chicken or any lean meat (50 grams), one hundred grams of boiled green beans, an apple, a portion of vanilla ice cream and drink a glass of carrot juice.

Effective diet for 3 days: the menu, the calculation of calories, reviews

In the second menu of the day about 1140 calories. For breakfast, eat a toast, boiled egg, half a banana and a cup of coffee or black tea. Lunch consists of one hundred grams of tuna and eight saltine crackers. For dinner, cook two slices of lean beef, one hundred grams of broccoli and half a cup of carrot juice. For dessert you can eat half a banana and 50 grams of vanilla ice cream. Last day of the diet for rapid weight reset contains only about 900 calories. Breakfast includes unsweetened black tea, a slice of Cheddar cheese (30 grams), one apple and five saltine crackers. At lunch you need to eat only one toast and one boiled egg and a cup of coffee. Dinner will be more dense. It will consist of tuna, cauliflower, melons (all take a hundred grams), a glass of carrot juice and 50 grams of ice cream.

After such a low-calorie diet women express note that it was not unbearable hunger, dizziness and irritability. And most importantly - on this diet in any person is guaranteed to take two kilos in just three days.

For a good result is important and wellbeing not drop and does not exceed the previously computed daily caloric. After an effective diet for 3 days, experts recommend also to restrain the appetite. Even after a slight hunger, as a rule, any person begins to eat everything and without stopping. And it can hardly return reclaimed centimeters at the double rate. Therefore, to increase the caloric content and increase the amount of food should be gradually, stretching the process for a few days.